Several weeks ago I read What Nathan Wants, written by Ruth Ann Nordin, an independent author. I would like to say that Nathan doesn’t fit the stereotypical male of what he wants, he expects to get. I would like to say that, but I can’t. He’s a guy who operates under the mantra, “If I want it, it’s mine.”
Nathan Rudolf is a wealthy travel agency owner in Omaha, Nebraska, who brings his business decision skills into play when it comes to whom to marry and have a family. The heroine, Amy Watson, is a woman who is content to keep her world on an even keel. She isn’t looking for a relationship, a husband, or a family.

Nathan uses an old-fashioned ploy, plus enlisting her family and friends, to force Amy out of her world. In response, Amy takes a strong stand for herself to help Nathan realize that marriage isn’t a business.
A contemporary romance with a familiar plot line, What Nathan Wants is a quick read that moves at a good pace. Overall, the book is a pleasurable read. The characters are believable and likable, except for the villainess, but who ever likes her? The ending chapters are happily-ever-after, but include real life, too.
The author self-describes the book as rated R. Don’t let that stop you from reading this book. The few scenes of married intimacy can easily be skipped by clicking NEXT PAGE a couple of times. Today you can purchase What Nathan Wants for $2.39.
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