Mourning Becomes Cassandra is a book about a 31-year-old woman whose husband and toddler die in a car accident and she must pick up the pieces of her life. And it’s funny.
It’s Christian fiction about believers who go to church and share the gospel with their friends. And use swear words.
We featured this book on Daily Cheap Reads and after contact from author Christina Dudley, I decided to read it.
The story picks up a year after tragedy tears apart Cass Ewan’s world. She moves in with two friends and earns her keep preparing meals for her friend’s brother – the womanizing atheist who owns the house. As Cass walks through her grief, the toughest thing for her to deal with are family and friends who insist on reminding her of her loss.

But her single, fun-loving friends are just the ticket to starting over. She also takes on a mentoring project to a drug-using, overweight teenager who lives with her 21-year-old boyfriend. Cass also picks up a job with a video game company with a cute fellow mentor.
Cass is refreshingly honest — in her grieving, her anger at God and the peculiar culture of church singles groups. This is a character-driven novel where all the characters come to life and are true to form throughout the story. It is a bit long, but once the plot takes off, it moves at a good pace.
The book has a chick lit tone. It is certainly Christian fiction, but beware that some language is crass. I found it worked well in most cases to add to the story. One thing that bothered me: It is set in progressive Washington, but two of the male characters were named Roy and Wayne. It just seemed out of place.
Overall, this was a great read and I enjoyed it. It’s still available at the cheap price of $2.99.