This book is fun ride that goes straight to the top.
The Elevator is set in Tampa Bay, where a hurricane is approaching. The story take place almost entirely within the span of one day. Three women are all racing against the hurricane and become trapped in an elevator together in a downtown building.

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Gina is determined to confront her cheating husband. Michelle prepares to deliver an ultimatum to her feet-dragging boyfriend. And Isabel, the housekeeper, is hiding from the authorities. It’s easy to figure out the connection between the first two women, but Isabel’s link keeps you guessing.
The story includes flashbacks to fill out the characters’ personality. Even in the confined space of the elevator, the plot takes several ups and downs. I read this book in a span of about 24 hours, so eager to find out what happens. And was still surprised with a two plot twists that make Angela Hunt such a master storyteller.
The Elevator is a great suspenseful read just light enough to keep it moving and entertaining on every page.
It is now selling for $5.04 on the Kindle, which I know is just a smidge over our bottom line for cheap, but I enjoyed this book so much I wanted to share it.