Today has been a hum-dinger of a day for prices at Amazon in the Kindle Store. Three of the books that we posted for today have already gone back to higher prices. More than 50 indie authored books suddenly have been offered free. What’s going on?

Don’t we wish we knew!

Please, always, confirm the price before hitting the one-click buy. All prices for posts that day are confirmed at 6:00am Central time each day and then again through the day. But Amazon could change the price at the same time or shortly after we put up our post. This is frustrating as you miss great books at great prices.

We’ll keep looking for the books and keep putting them out there for you. We would encourage you to visit often, buy a book if it interests you because the price can change anytime, and try not to let the ones you miss upset you. Sometimes books will show up several months later at the cheap price again. We’ll keep an eye out for you.