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Housekeeping/e-Ramble: Oh, the Irony! Book: Kindle Effect 0 comments

Oh, the irony! I just came across this book: Kindle Effect: A Medical Thriller Special Edition . The book is only available in paperback! To be fair, the book description gives no indication that the Kindle Effect is in any way related to the e-reader from Amazon. To me, the irony is amusing. You can check out the book by clicking on the cover below.

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Book Review: The Elevator 0 comments

This book is fun ride that goes straight to the top.
The Elevator is set in Tampa Bay, where a hurricane is approaching. The story take place almost entirely within the span of one day. Three women are all racing against the hurricane and become trapped in an elevator together in a downtown building.

Click here to purchase The Elevator by Angela Hunt

Gina is determined to confront her cheating husband. Michelle prepares to deliver an ultimatum to her feet-dragging boyfriend. And Isabel, the housekeeper, is hiding from the authorities. It’s easy to figure out the connection between the first two women, but Isabel’s link keeps you guessing.
The story includes flashbacks to fill out the characters’ personality. Even in the confined space of the elevator, the plot takes several ups and downs. I read this book in a span of about 24 hours, so eager to find out what happens. And was still surprised with a two plot twists that make Angela Hunt such a master storyteller.
The Elevator is a great suspenseful read just light enough to keep it moving and entertaining on every page.
It is now selling for $5.04 on the Kindle, which I know is just a smidge over our bottom line for cheap, but I enjoyed this book so much I wanted to share it.

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Book Review: The Shape of Mercy 0 comments

The Shape of Mercy is a rare and enjoyable combination: a book that is both warmly familiar and enticingly fresh. It is one of my new favorites.
The story begins with Lauren Durough, who has left a life of privilege to attend a state school and live in campus housing. Lauren answers a job post to help elderly librarian Abigail Boyles transcribe a family treasure – a 300-year-old diary written by Mercy Hayworth, a victim of the Salem witch trials.
The book intertwines the contemporary and historical stories. Author Susan Meissner deftly shifts between the stories, giving the focus just where you want. At first, Mercy’s story is much more intriguing. The journal accounts of the Puritan colonies brought me back to The Witch of Blackbird Pond – a book I haven’t read since middle school, when I loved it so much I read it several times over.

Lauren’s relationship with her parents is strained by her guilt over their affluence. She enjoys losing herself in Mercy’s life, which unfolds throughout the book. But just as Mercy’s story is ending, Lauren’s takes off and walking the journey with her is thrilling and enlightening. Lauren discovers Abigail may be keeping her own secrets; she can’t figure out her cousin’s friend Raul; and most of all, she discovered who she could be in the shape of Mercy. An oh-so-subtle theme emerges to make the story linger long in your mind.
This book is perfect for adult readers, but would also be appropriate for young adult and middle school audiences. I got it when it was offered free on Kindle. It’s now priced at $9.29.
Click here to purchase The Shape of Mercy

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Housekeeping/e-Ramble: WOW! What a Day for Prices! 0 comments

Today has been a hum-dinger of a day for prices at Amazon in the Kindle Store. Three of the books that we posted for today have already gone back to higher prices. More than 50 indie authored books suddenly have been offered free. What’s going on?

Don’t we wish we knew!

Please, always, confirm the price before hitting the one-click buy. All prices for posts that day are confirmed at 6:00am Central time each day and then again through the day. But Amazon could change the price at the same time or shortly after we put up our post. This is frustrating as you miss great books at great prices.

We’ll keep looking for the books and keep putting them out there for you. We would encourage you to visit often, buy a book if it interests you because the price can change anytime, and try not to let the ones you miss upset you. Sometimes books will show up several months later at the cheap price again. We’ll keep an eye out for you.

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