Once upon a time…

It’s how some of the greatest stories start and it’s also the phrase Amazon uses to welcome readers to a whole new world of books. And it sure is a lot of fun!

New to the Kindle experience? Thinking about getting one but not sure? Here’s how I got started.

Kindle For PC

I noticed that Amazon was offering free books for the Kindle. The cheapskate in me hated to pass up on free books, but it wasn’t feasible for me to buy a Kindle reader. Then I learned about one of the great features of Amazon – free applications. You can read Kindle books on other formats. I downloaded Kindle For PC to my computer. For free. You could do the same with Kindle for Mac or the iPhone. If you have email and an Amazon account, you can set it up in a minute or less.

Then, I started buying free and cheap books, which are a lot easier to find now with dailycheapreads. Since I work on the computer all day (well, work and facebook) I had no interest in reading books on the computer, so most of them just accumulated in my account. Then, when the price of the Kindle dropped, I was ready and bought one.

Love at First Sight

My long-awaited Kindle arrived the next day with free shipping. The packaging was wonderful, not just secure but creative. I pulled the tab labeled “Once upon a time” and the fun began. With any new electronic comes the labyrinth of set up. Not so with the kindle. I pulled it out of the package and illustrated instructions were right on the screen face. Kindle uses e-ink technology that means the picture will never “burn” into the screen.

Here were the directions: #1. Plug it in. #2. Turn it on.

That’s it. When I turned it on, all 60 books I’d ordered over the last four months were already loaded on it. I didn’t have to connect it to the computer, send an email or anything.

Now, when I find a book I like on dailycheapreads, I follow the link to Amazon, hit the “buy with one click” and the next time I turn on my Kindle, make sure the wireless is on, and the book automatically loads to my Kindle. This thing is easier to use than a library card. And more fun!

Ever After

Don’t you miss cuddling up with a book? they ask. Sometimes I still read paper books, but I don’t miss them. I knew I’d like the convenience, but what I didn’t expect was how attached I’d get to my Kindle. Opening the Kindle is like opening the door to the library when I was a little kid — all kinds of adventures are waiting inside. It’s a thrill to open it up and have dozens of books to choose from to read, not just the one book laying on the nightstand.

Once upon a time…. And I’m still reading toward the happy ending.