Did you notice the pop-up ad on the left side of the screen? Did you see the advertisement wedged between our posts, asking you to click on the link? Did you get distracted by the voice on the video ad?

You didn’t?

That’s because these things are never on our site.

At kindlecheapreads.com, we are two cheap chicks committed to keeping this site all about Kindle. You won’t see pop-ups drawing your attention away from the books. No posts pushing something totally unrelated to Kindle or the e-book in the post. You won’t need to filter out the noise of ads to find what you want on our site.

We are keeping it Kindle: the books you can read on your Kindle, accessories for your Kindle, Kindle in the news; authors who have books available for Kindle, and our random thoughts about Kindle-related topics. We provide Amazon widgets for the Kindle and accessories so you can link quickly.

We may one day feature a small blurb about our great technical-support company, Kerusso Tech. To be honest, the site wouldn’t be here without them; it wouldn’t look this good; and it wouldn’t be this organized. They deserve credit and probably more than we’re paying them.

Everyday. Keeping it Kindle, keeping it cheap.