While searching for the best cheap buys to post on the site, I came across this offering from Kensington Books for well-known author Fern Michaels. I am not recommending you buy this Sneak Peek, but I wanted to draw your attention to this type of publication.

For $3.19, the description states that you will get a special bonus piece from the author relevant to a publication soon to be released – Exclusive, the next book in the Godmothers Series.

Included in this Sneak Peek is a collection of excerpts from two books which have been out of print, but are now available for the Kindle.

Why would a savvy Kindle buyer purchase an e-book of excerpts when we can download samples for free?

The description states it is “the perfect opportunity to find out why everyone always raves about Fern.” We’ll pass, thank you. Free samples from Amazon meet our need for determining if an author is worthy of raves.