I decided to read Fireworks by Elizabeth White for a fun summer read. I was not at all disappointed, and even pleasantly surprised at the uplifting story in this romance novel.

Former ATF agent Susannah Tait arrives in Mobile, Alabama, with an assignment as an insurance investigator to prove that pyrotechnic artist Quinn Baldwin was responsible for a million-dollar fireworks explosion.

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Susannah starts out in fine fashion, but is a bit disarmed by the Southern hospitality of her landlady, as well as the unexpected kindness of the object of her investigation. Quinn is a true Southern hero, with a shyness, thrill for the danger of fireworks and a grin you can feel right through the pages. It is quite fun to discover with Susannah some of the pecularities of life in Mobile, as Miss Elva Kay assures her, some ladies have a special dish just for potato salad.

Even though Quinn is attracted to Susannah, he takes a firm stand that he will not act on it because she is not a believer. What ensues is a hilarious and completely believeable plan by Quinn’s friends to share the gospel with Susannah. Her conversion testimony is one of the best I’ve ever read in Christian fiction.

But there is still the matter of her investigation and her deception to Quinn and all of his friends, which makes for several entertaining plot twists.

This novel by Elizabeth White, sprinkled with just enough phrases with fireworks double meaning to keep you on your toes, was a bang-up good read. I downloaded this book to my Kindle when it was offered free earlier this year. It is now selling for $5.99.