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Housekeeping/Saturday Morning Pricing E-Ramble 0 comments

Good morning, wherever in this world you might be. Here in the Midwestern United States, I’m enjoying a sunny Saturday morning and spending a bit of time looking for cheap reads so we can offer you a wide variety of e-books at great prices.

The last few weeks have been interesting at Amazon from a pricing perspective. Several days this past week I have had great e-books prepared to post the next day for you, but when I confirmed prices at 5:45 the morning of the posts, the great prices were gone. I was disappointed that I didn’t post those books earlier so you could have gotten the price. Then, boom, next day, back to the great price! I’ve gotten whiplash trying to follow the pricing back and forth, up and down.

Case in point: July 19 we featured Home for the Holidays by Debbie Macomber. The price was $1.30 and many of you bought it at that great price. On July 26, another book by Ms. Macomber came up for $1.34, so we featured that book and reminded you that Home for the Holidays was still priced at $1.30. On July 27, I had to post a pricing update as Home for the Holidays had increased to $5.76. It’s Saturday morning, July 31, and guess what is selling for $1.30 again? Yes, Home for the Holidays! If you haven’t bought it yet, you might want to do so now!

Changing upward prices are frustrating for all of us. I would encourage you to check this website often, shrug your shoulders if you miss a good price, then come back to check the e-book price in a few days to see if the price has changed downward.

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Book Review: Seeds of Summer 1 comment

Deborah Vogts’ first release Snow Melts in Spring was one of my favorite books, so I was excited to read the second in the Seasons of the Tall Grass Series.
Seeds of Summer opens with Natalie Adams facing a daunting task: Her father died in a tractor accident and the former rodeo queen must manage the ranch and care for her teenage brother and sister. Like any good Kansas girl, she’s stubborn and independent, but grudgingly accepts help from Jared Logan, who happens to be the new pastor in town. Jared is kind and persistent. He’s also attracted to Natalie, but shows his true character in fighting his feelings because he knows it would be inappropriate to have a relationship with her. This is a refreshing plot line for Christian fiction.

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Just as Natalie seems to be getting on her feet, her step-mother, long presumed dead, shows up at the ranch. Natalie has so much to grieve and overcome, including giving up college and her rodeo career, that it was easy to empathize with her and understand the hardness in her heart. Jared was my favorite character, as the uncertain young minister gamely tried his hand at roping and discovered his own love for the land.
What I enjoy most about this series is that it relates so closely to life. It portrays the not-so-glamorous parts of ranch life, but also baling hay and fixing windmills.
Natalie and Jared both struggle and grow in their faith as they discover love in this book.
It is available now for the Kindle at $8.99.

The first book in the series is Snow Melts in Spring, which was offered free on Kindle earlier this year, but now sells for $8.99.

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Book Review: Daisy Chain 1 comment

Daisy Chain by Mary E. DeMuth was a captivating book that I read while on a recent trip and had plenty of travel time to read.

The book is set in a small Texas town in 1977. The author paints a vivid setting that draws the reader in. While feeling at home in 14-year-old Jed Pepper’s world, you also get the sense that things are not quite right and you’re eager to find out what things aren’t quite as they seem.

The story is told through Jed’s point of view and begins with the disappearance of his best friend, Daisy Chance. It takes some time to discover if she was kidnapped or ran away. Besides losing his best friend, Jed suffers abuse from his father. Hap’s abuse is sometimes physical, but is mostly psychological as he lectures his wife and children on their responsibilities to be the perfect pastor’s family. Just like Jed, the reader often questions what is right and wrong and who is telling the truth. It is a very powerful element within the compelling mystery plot line.

Some interesting characters emerge in the story: Jed’s lovable little sister who he tries to protect; his mother Ouisie who writes his notes on flower petals; bald Muriel and the mysterious Hixon.

This book was bit more heavy in tone than most books I read, so it was a pleasant surprise how I was compelled to keep reading. I raced through it til I got to the last page. Where I was disappointed to discover a very unsatisfying ending. I did not realize until then that this was book one of the Defiance, Texas, trilogy. I’d recommend getting the whole set at once and plan on reading to the end.

Most reviewers gave this book a positive review. I liked everything except the ending. Especially if you’re interested in family secrets and overcoming a painful past, this book would appeal to you.

I got this book on my Kindle when it was offered free. The price has now increased to $10.99.

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