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Housekeeping – Worst Case Scenario, Manage Your Kindle and Cheap Reads 2 comments

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
Summer is such a fun time and the book bargains coming from the Kindle Store are making the month of June especially fun. I’ve been scrambling to get the posts together and out so you can take advantage of the sales prices as I don’t know how long the prices will hold. If you have spent the family vacation fund on books, you can always suggest staying at home for two weeks and reading your great purchases.
Your children might consider that a worst case scenario.
Several Worst Case Scenario books are offered in the Sunshine Deals. As avid Kindle readers, we’ve imagined some worst case scenarios and put together some polls for the summer that will cause you to shudder. Take a look at the first poll on the right sidebar.
Here are several Worst Case Scenario books available at supercheap prices. The first four are $1.99 each; the last two for children are 99 cents each.

Under Better Management
Amazon has updated and expanded the “Manage Your Kindle” page on their website. Your Kindle library loads first on the screen. If it contains many items (like mine) it may take a while to load. You can now select from the left sidebar all your content or by type, such as book, blog, or active content.
The “Pending Deliveries” category is particularly useful if you have more than one device. You now see what is pending and to what device is scheduled to receive the download. Pre-orders are included in this area and can be cancelled and viewed with just the click of the mouse.
The serial number of your Kindle is provided under “Manage Your Devices” along with a picture of your Kindle device. While that is new, the payment settings section is the same.
If you subscribe to a blog, newspaper or magazine, you can now send the past issues to another device. Before this you were limited to one device for any subscription and had to buy multiple subscriptions to read a blog or magazine on your Kindle and phone application. The improvement is fulfilling Amazon’s pledge that you can buy it once and read it anywhere.
Kindle Support and the Getting Started Guide are also on the page. Overall, it’s a great improvement in allowing the users to have better access to information and give them self-service. We all need a better management tool as books in the Kindle Store have now passed the 1 million mark.

Cheap Reads on the jr. edition
If you enjoyed all the great books we featured yesterday for only $1.99 and $2.99 each, you will want to go to our jr. edition today. At noon and 4:00pm today we will have two posts featuring $1.99 and $2.99 books for children, tweens and teens. If you enjoy young adult fantasy and fiction, you might find more great books for your summer reading.

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Book Review: Must’ve Done Something Good 0 comments

I’m trying to think of a word besides sweet. Charming? Touching? Uplifting?
Sweet, it turns out, is the best word I can find for Must’ve Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory that combines a coming-of-age story with romance, The Sound of Music and Pride and Prejudice.
A scary plane ride convinces 25-year-old Sylvie O’Rourke to quit her boring job as a newspaper reporter and do something “good” with her life, which leads to becoming an English teacher at St. Matthew’s, a financially strapped Catholic high school. The book title is taken from a song in the Sound of Music, the favorite movie of Sylvie and her two sisters.
Sylvie’s trials as a first-year teacher are entertaining with her witty narration. She becomes friends with Ben, another young teacher, but doesn’t understand why she is snubbed by the attractive fellow English teacher Evan Danes. Trying to figure out who she can trust in the school environment leaves her very confused. Discussions with her students sometimes energize her, while grading papers is deflating.
The relationships that develop between Sylvie and her students as they all try to understand themselves is truly wonderful. Sylvie’s realistic appraisal of herself and her teaching skills are both funny and uplifting.
At times, the interaction between the teachers seemed more suited for young teens than for adults and I had trouble seeing character development in anyone beside Sylvie and a few students. There were also a few times when the story hinted at other developments, but didn’t follow through. There were several times, though, that the story really pulled through with some sweet surprises than made it very worthwhile.
Must’ve Done Something Good is a good read for adults and I would highly recommend it for young adults, who would gain a lot of insight into their teachers. Today the book is selling for only $2.99.

Click here to purchase Must’ve Done Something Good

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Housekeeping – Beach Reads, E-Book Trends, and Cheap jr. Reads 1 comment

Who's ready for summer?!

In the Good Ole Summertime
June has arrived on the calendar and most of the United States is enjoying the weather and activities that come with the season such as water sports, outdoor dining, vacations, and beach reads – those delicious guilty pleasures that readers enjoy while on vacation or taking a vacation from the routine. Some consider a beach read a book that is light-hearted, fun, an easy read without a deeper meaning. Others consider a beach read a book outside their normal fare – a new genre or a new author. Have you read a book you would call a beach read that was a great read? One that surprised you as you read it? Drop us a note via the Your Two Cents Worth tab and tell us about your book. It doesn’t have to be a cheap read. We’ll share some of the favorites on the site over the summer months. Just yesterday Katie sent a note about A Dead Red Cadillac: This book was a LOT better than I expected it to be–it was a fast light read.
Amazon’s Sunshine Deals

Yesterday Amazon introduced its Sunshine Deals – over 600 books selling for 99 cents, $1.99, and $2.99. The books are history, mysteries, romances, Christian fiction, cookbooks, health and diet books, and much more. The sale ends at 23:59 (PDT) Wednesday, June 15, 2011. All of the books in the Sunshine Deal are books from publishers who do not participate in the agency model. I’ll be sifting through the many books and preparing posts that categorize the books by genre.
If video killed the radio star… does Kindle mean the death of print books?
In an article in The American, John Steele Gordon gives some interesting insight. He says the transformation taking place now is the biggest thing to hit publishing since Gutenberg. He also points out that reports of radio’s death were a bit premature. It’s changed, certainly, since the days of fireside chats with FDR, but radio persists. Speaking of fire, why is it that many new homes have fireplaces built in them? Didn’t central furnaces make them obsolete? Read here for some great observation on the e-book trends and modern life.
Great cheap reads from the jr. edition of DailyCheapReads
Here are some of the great cheap reads we have featured recently on the jr. edition of DailyCheapReads selling for 99 cents, $1.99, and $2.99:

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Housekeeping: Successful Authors, Post Times and Cheap Reads 1 comment

Electronic Book Publishing Companies
People love a success story. We cheer when someone does well; wish that all who are working toward noble goals achieve their dreams; and long for the same for ourselves and family.
Electronic books have given the opportunity for success to many authors who might not otherwise catch the eye of traditional publishers. An exciting success story has been the rise of Amanda Hocking, a 26-year-old indie author who has earned over $1 million.
She caught the eye of the traditional publisher and has signed a four-book deal with a traditional publisher. Many of you purchased Hocking’s books and helped her to success and recognition.
One of our readers recently sent a note about another indie author who became well-known through the e-book experience. Here are excerpts from her note:

One of the first books I starting reading and fell in love with was from an indie. I am one of those people who can look past some spelling, format, grammar issues to focus on a good story and loved the idea of getting cheaper prices and finding gems in the rough so to speak. This book I started reading was book one of a planned five-book series. Book one and book two were out with a third book out soon. . . I talked several people into buying it and using Kindle for PC if they didn’t have a Kindle just to get people to try [the author] out.

This author became quite famous and approached publishers to negotiate the sale of the remaining books in the series. To make a long story short, our reader still doesn’t have book three on her Kindle because the author sold her book to Sterling Publishing, a wholly-owned publishing company of Barnes and Noble. At this time B&N is not producing a Kindle version. Our reader has the option of buying the book in hardcover or buying the book for a nook (which she doesn’t own) or a nook application. The original two books in the series have been pulled from the Kindle Store, too.
Are we happy to see this author succeed? At best, we have mixed emotions. I am happy that the consumers have chosen the authors who will rise to the top. Our reader feels betrayed in that some of the very people who helped this woman succeed now must buy her books in a different format or through a different company to continue reading the series. We are probably all saddened that the e-book publishing companies are not making books available to all e-readers.

Amazon has several publishing companies – AmazonEncore, Amazon Crossing, and the recently announced Montlake for romance titles. I checked a few random titles from these publishing companies and the books were not available for the Nook.

Yes, we love a success story. We also want to have access to the books we want in the format we prefer. Print books, no matter who published them, were available to all to consume without expense beyond the book. Times are changing . . . . and these are the growing pains of emerging technologies and content. Hold on for the ride!
Speaking of Times Changing
Did you notice that we have re-arranged the posting schedule? One more post was added to our daily schedule for a total of at least eight posts every day of great cheap reads. You just aren’t going to find anything like us anywhere else on the web. Our post times are all Central US time (Chicago) with the first one at 6:00am and new post every two hours through 8:00pm. We’ll post free books that meet our standards as we learn about them.
A Note for the Weekend
The United States will celebrate Memorial Day this weekend – the unofficial start of summer. Our nation has been battered by natural disasters, seemingly one after another. We are praying for the many people across our nation who have lost family, friends, homes, possessions, health and security. May your strength and hope be restored.
Books by the Millionaire Author
Amanda Hocking still has many of her books available for 99 cents for the first book in the series and $2.99 for the next books in the series. Below are some of her most popular books, all great, cheap reads. The Trylle Trilogy is a young adult paranormal romance with mild language and mild sexual situations recommended for ages thirteen and up.

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1): (99 cents) When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn’t until eleven years later that Wendy discovers her mother might have been right. With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed – a world both beautiful and frightening, and Wendy’s not sure she wants to be a part of it.
Torn (Trylle Trilogy, Book 2): ($2.99) Wendy thought she finally understood who she was and what she wanted, but everything changes when the rival Vittra come after her. She’s caught between two worlds, torn between love and duty, and she must decide what life she is going to lead.
Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3) : ($2.99) With a war looming on the horizon, Wendy’s fate seems sealed. But everything she sacrificed might be in vain if she can’t save the ones she loves. Her whole life has been leading up to this, and it’s all coming to an end.

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Housekeeping – Telling Stories, Shorts Results, Charitable Giving and a Cheap Read 0 comments

Are you a storyteller when it comes to books?
Early in 2009 the BBC conducted an on-line survey asking their site visitors questions about what they read and what they claimed to have read. Two-thirds of the respondents on the survey confessed to lying about having read a book in an effort to impress someone. The classics, led by George Orwell’s 1984 and Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, were the most
popular chosen from a list of ten books to have been falsely claimed as read.
You can read the full article about the survey here.
When it comes to pleasure reading, I don’t ever recall outright lying about having read a book. More than once I have unsuccessfully tried to bluff my way through remembering the content of a book. A few times I’ve claimed not reading a particularly poorly written book.
Not counting school assignments, have you ever tried to impress someone by lying about what you have read? I’ve put a poll on the right side bar for you to vote on the most appropriate statement that describes you. We have no mechanism to track how a particular person responds so all confessions are secret.
Taking it in the Shorts
Exactly half of you who voted told us you prefer books over short stories. If you are going to read short stories, anthologies are preferred.
To me, a short story seems harder to write. The time to establish the plot; develop characters; and come to resolution has to be much more compact. I’ve read books that would have been better as short stories. I’ve also read short stories that left me wondering, “But what about this? And this? What happened next?” I’ve spent hours daydreaming about how the unanswered questions would play out. Perhaps that is the intent of a well-written short story.
With these survey results in mind, we will continue occasionally telling you about short stories, collections, and novellas available in the Kindle Store.
The picture above doesn’t relate to the subject, but it is finally spring where we live. We have the simple pleasure to sit in our backyard by the dogwood tree while reading from our Kindles.

1. I do not care for short stories at all. Give me a book. (50.0%, 238 Votes)
2. I like short stories; I prefer collections or anthologies to get a better value. (22.48%, 107 Votes)
3. I am kind of on the fence on this one. I can take them or leave them. (10.78%, 51 Votes)
4. I like short stories and will buy them for 99 cents – what a deal! (9.45%, 45 Votes)
5. I like short stories, but 99 cents for one story? It had better be an author I already love. (6.77%, 32 Votes)
6. Other – tell us in the comments what you do and do not like about shorts. (0.63%, 3 Votes)
Total Votes: 476

Charitable contributions and book sales
Periodically we receive requests from authors to feature their book during a certain time as the author will be donating sales proceeds to a charity or current relief effort. DailyCheapReads strongly supports charitable giving and as individuals give generously to organizations we support.
We do not have reason to doubt the sincerity of the authors and their intentions of contributing funds to their chosen charity. We also do not have the means to verify that the proceeds have been given as stated. Therefore DailyCheapReads will not include on its posts any statements regarding the author’s intentions with the proceeds from a book sale.

Board games and cheap read
Gary’s Adventures in Chess Country: Did you know that chess can also improve your child’s ability to learn? Studies have shown that by focusing on basic chess concepts, children as young as four can improve their reasoning and develop their problem-solving abilities.
Gary’s Adventures in Chess Country is designed to help children delve into the world of chess through an engaging adventure story. Spirited away by a mysterious young girl on a magic tricycle, Gary is taken to Chess Country, where he learns the rules of chess and the fundamentals of chess tactics. By following Gary on his adventures – and by solving engaging puzzles alongside him – your child will have a unique opportunity to improve focus, memory, and critical thinking skills, all while having fun. Learn while having fun for only 89 cents today.
Chess – A Classic Game for Kindle: The classic game of Chess is now available on your Kindle. In Chess you go head-to-head in a bid to capture your opponent’s King. Play against Kindle or challenge a friend with Pass ‘N Play mode. Choose between 10 levels of difficulty and choose whether you want to play with an optional time limit to increase the challenge. You can also take back a move if you have made a mistake, as well as save your game at any time.
Enjoy this classic game today on your Kindle 2, Kindle 3, and Kindle DX for only $2.99.

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Housekeeping: Adult Literacy; Stormy; and Free and Cheap Reads in a Series 0 comments

Adult Literacy and the Kindle
Years ago I was a Laubach literacy tutor. Two young adult men became proficient readers and I marveled that as they became better readers, they became more confident individuals. One of the men started dating a young lady and for the first time ever picked out a greeting card because of the message, not the picture.
To most of us, reading is a vital part of our lives. Sadly many adults cannot read beyond a sixth grade level. ProLiteracy estimates that 18 million Americans do not read at a level proficient to earn a living wage.
I believe that the Kindle is a tool that can be used to improve the reading skills of adults. There is anonymity in the Kindle. No one has to know what you are reading. You can read a book at your skill level and the world won’t know that you aren’t reading the latest best seller. No book cover gives it away. The Kindle has a built-in dictionary to assist with unfamiliar words.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Kindle is that affordable reading material at all levels is readily available. As reading proficiency grows, so can the Kindle library. If your teen or significant other is not a proficient reader, I would encourage you to explore the idea of a Kindle and appropriate level reading material. Our jr. edition site has books for all levels for less than $5. Today we are featuring books by Deborah Dee Harper who has written a fast-paced, wholesome, fun series called Laramie on the Lam about an 11-year-old boy. The series is designed for the reluctant reader and will have six installments when complete.
I read the first book Laramie and the Law. The story moves quickly; Laramie is a likable kid; and the predicaments are entertaining. As I read the story I remembered boys from my childhood who were like Laramie, Jake, and Prentiss. Adults could easily make a connection with the characters and have a good time reading it. Each installment is about 1,000 locations long and costs only 99 cents.
Laramie and the Law: You know you’re in trouble when you see your picture on the front page of the newspaper and discover you’re wanted by the local police for robbing a bank!
What happens when an unsuspecting sixth grader holds open the door for three men leaving the bank? The police accuse him of robbing it. The next thing Laramie knows, his mother is ready to scalp him, the police are hot on his trail, his dad’s going to blow his top when he gets home, and he and his dog Maestro are holed up in the tree house. Oh, and there’s the $30,000 in his backpack he didn’t have the day before. Worst of all, the robbers want it back. Laramie and the Law99 cents.
Laramie and the Land of Liberty 99 cents: Laramie Wyoming is in trouble again, but this time in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Laramie didn’t think things could get worse than the world’s worst bully being along for the ride, until the men who robbed the bank in Laramie’s hometown showed up.
And Windy has Stormy eyes. . .
I sang that little bit of song all day after I closed the poll on naming The Perfect Car 2. Voting was close, but Stormy is the name of our new car. Thanks for giving your input by voting in our poll. JoJo sent a comment suggesting Shadow. I love that idea, so the next car we buy will need to fit that name. The final tally:

1. Stormy – 85 Votes
2. Grayce – 82 Votes
3. Grady – 36 Votes
4. Ashley – 18 Votes

Here’s the picture of our car after the close encounter of the deer kind.
Free books and the next books in the series
Publishers offer the first book in a series free hoping that readers will buy the next books in the series. Today we are featuring two free books and the next books in series.
Almost Perfect , the first book in Julie Ortolon’s Perfect Trilogy is still free today, but won’t be for much longer. You can also purchase Just Perfect for $2.99 and Too Perfect for $3.99.

The Weddings of Bella series is written by Janice Thompson and published by Revell, a Christian publisher. The romantic comedy series is described as fun, fresh, and full of surprises.
Fools Rush In is free; Swinging on a Star and It Had to Be You are selling for $5.38. The three book series totals $10.76 or $3.59 each.

A Reader’s Comment
Yesterday we featured Accidents Waiting to Happen by Simon Wood and selling for only 99 cents today. Janet sent this comment to us:

I bought this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. An up-all-nighter! And now I am off to buy his other two books that were excerpted as I must read them!!!!
This is a very original suspenseful book. Glad to find it and have a new suspense author to follow!

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Housekeeping! Libros en Espanol, Kindle with Ads and Cheap Reads 0 comments

Ahora en dailycheapreads – libros en espanol
DailyCheapReads is happy to announce the addition of Spanish language books. We have added two posts per week for those who read Spanish or want to improve their Spanish language skills. The books will be from the US Kindle Store and will post at 4 a.m. Central US (Chicago) time on Sunday and Wednesday. Please help us spread the word about this newest feature.
Our first Spanish book post is an international thriller by Javier Giménez Sasieta, an author from Spain who contacted us about reaching the Spanish language readers. The book is in the post directly below this one. We welcome Spanish authors to contact us via the Your Two Cents Worth tab.
Kindle with Special Offers
Amazon announced earlier this week the addition of the wi-fi only Kindle with Special Offers. The price is reduced by $25 to $114 with the tradeoff being advertisements on the home page and screensavers and special offers such as dollars off Amazon purchases.
This Kindle’s intent is to lower the price point to attract new customers. Amazon regularly sells advertising space on its web pages. On a customer book review webpage I just visited was an ad for Metamusil, probably because I earlier looked at a book about healthy aging. When a click is made on, data mining occurs in the background to target market products of interest to you.
I believe this will be the wave of the future. Publishers want to maximize profits. Those with a product want to reach their target audience in creative ways. More and more books will have product names that the advertisers have paid to have included. The automobile driven by the hero may have the same level of description as the setting for the story.
Another example of how this could occur: A yarn company develops a new yarn. Debbie Macomber is a very popular women’s fiction and romance author who knits and advocates knitting for charity. Her popular Blossom Street series is set in a yarn shop. Bring these all together: the next installment of the book series, the introduction of the new yarn, and the characters in the book use this new yarn as part of the story. The book includes the knitting instructions; traditional print copies include coupons for the yarn; digital copies include links to Amazon to buy the yarn.
Independent authors might frame their novels around a particular product if it meant they would receive $25,000 from the product’s company immediately and a nickel more for every copy sold over a set number.
Does this mean that a book will no longer be written for just the book’s value? That may depend on what we demand as consumers. If we want the prices to remain low, we might have to tolerate the name brand products and perhaps sacrifice the artistic story to accommodate the product. If we are willing to pay a higher price, then authors and publishers will provide ad-free publications.
DailyCheapReads has not and does not intend to sell ad space on our site. We have banners to easily connect you to Kindle-related products and books in the Kindle Store. Our goal is a clean, uncluttered easy-to-use site. We appreciate that you buy through us so we can keep it that way. Please comment with your thoughts on advertisements in books and on the Kindle.
Cheap Reads
Divine, Christian fiction by popular author Karen Kingsbury is back free again. This book has been on-again-off-again free for several weeks. If you want it, get it now.
We are begun featuring independent authors on our jr. edition. Three books for older children and tweens selling for only 99 cents each are featured below. Books for tweens transport me back to when I first fell in love with reading.

Page Truly and The Journey To Nearandfar: What if … a girl and her tooth fairy flew away to the realm called Nearandfar and the girl discovered she had more power than the fairies? Page has to save Nearandfar, and discovers that a magic wand is only as powerful as the gifted one who knows how to unlock its secrets and use it wisely.
Dust: Seven-year-old Matthew disappears one day on a walk into Horshoe, a dust bowl farm town in Depression-era Saskatchewan. Robert, his older brother, is determined to find Matthew, even when the grownups seem to give up. Supernatural suspense!
Glasruhen Gate: This sequel to the free book The Golden Acorn follows the adventures of Jack, now armed with the golden acorn, his wand and newly acquired skills. Jack must fulfil his promise to ensure that Glasruhen Gate is opened before it’s too late. His new friends are depending on him.

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2010 Top Four Reads: Scott Pack of the Friday Project 1 comment

Scott Pack is a publisher; he runs the Friday Project imprint of HarperCollins in the UK. He also blogs daily about the book world and other matters at Me And My Big Mouth. He has chosen a diverse collection for his 2010 Top Four.
The Mr Gum books are my family’s favourite bedtime stories – anarchic, surreal and very, very funny. Only the first in the series is currently available as an ebook but that is naturally the best place to start. For my money, Andy Stanton is the new Roald Dahl. You can purchase this book today for $4.32 and make it a family favourite, too.

The Housekeeper and the Professorby Yoko Ogawa: A charming Japanese tale of a young woman who starts work as a housekeeper for a genius mathematician who has no short term memory. Every morning when she turns up she has to introduce herself and their relationship starts all over again. Short, bittersweet and really rather special. Today this book is available for the Kindle for $9.99.

The Swansong of Wilbur McCrum by Bronia Kita: A rambling Western that tells the story of an unfortunate young man who ends up a wanted criminal and wanders from one curious adventure to another. Imagine Forrest Gump crossed with Bonanza. You can purchase this fun fiction today for $8.90.

Stairway to Hell by Charlie Williams: With one of the finest closing scenes I have ever read, this book takes some of the greatest rock legends of the past 50 years and plonks them right in the middle of an urban crime novel. Via reincarnation and souls possessed. Completely over the top and all the better for it. Today you can buy this book for the Kindle for $8.70.

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