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Romances and women’s fiction by popular authors – Just 99 cents each 0 comments

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Flipped For Murder & Pane and Suffering – Cozy mysteries – $1.99 each 0 comments

Flipped For Murder ($1.99) Nursing a broken heart, Robbie Jordan fell in love with the tiny town of South Lick. And when she spots a For Sale sign on a rundown country store, she decides to snap it up and put her skills as a cook and a carpenter to use.
Everyone in town shows up for the grand re-opening of Pans ‘n Pancakes, but when the mayor’s disagreeable assistant is found dead, Robbie realizes that not all press is good press.
Pane and Suffering ($1.99) After Savannah’s father dies unexpectedly of a heart attack, she drops everything to return home to St. Petersburg, Florida, to settle his affairs–including the fate of the beloved, family-owned glass shop. Savannah intends to hand over ownership to her father’s trusted assistant and fellow glass expert, Hugh Trevor, but soon discovers the master craftsman also dead of an apparent heart attack.
As if the coincidence of the two deaths wasn’t suspicious enough, Savannah discovers a note her father left for her in his shop, warning her that she is in danger.

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The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society: A Novel – Contemporary women’s fiction – $1.99 0 comments

Welcome to Avalon, Illinois, Pop. 4,243. At Madeline’s Tea Salon, the cozy hub of the Avalon community, local residents scrapbook their memories and make new ones. But across town, other Avalonians are struggling to free themselves of the past: Isabel Kidd is fixing up her ramshackle house; Ava Catalina is mourning the love of her life and helping her young son grow up without his father; local plumber Yvonne Tate is smart, beautiful, and new to Avalon, but her past has a way of catching up. And Frances Latham, mother to a boisterous brood of boys, eagerly anticipates the arrival of a little girl from China.
Enter Bettie Shelton, the irascible founder of the Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society. Under Bettie’s guidance, even the most reluctant of Avalon’s residents come to terms with their past and make bold decisions about their future. By turns humorous, wise, and deeply moving, The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society is a luminous reminder that the things we hold most dear will last a lifetime. Buy this women’s novel for $1.99 today. Audiobook: $4.49.
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Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman – Organized crime fiction novel – $1.99 0 comments

Maggie Lee is not your average hitwoman. For one thing, she’s never killed anyone. For another, after hitting her head in the car accident that killed her sister, her new best friend is a talking lizard—a picky eater, obsessed with Wheel of Fortune, that only Maggie can hear.
Maggie, who can barely take care of herself, is desperate to help her injured and orphaned niece get the best medical care possible, so she reluctantly accepts a mobster’s lucrative job offer: major cash to kill his monstrous son-in-law.
Buy this organized crime novel for $1.99 today.
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The Ghosts of Belfast – An IRA killer in northern Ireland is haunted by twelve ghosts – $1.99 0 comments

Fegan has been a “hard man,” an IRA killer in northern Ireland. Now that peace has come, he is being haunted day and night by twelve ghosts: a mother and infant, a schoolboy, a butcher, an RUC constable, and seven other of his innocent victims. In order to appease them, he’s going to have to kill the men who gave him orders.
As he’s working his way down the list he encounters a woman who may offer him redemption; she has borne a child to an RUC officer and is an outsider too. Now he has given Fate—and his quarry—a hostage. Is this Fegan’s ultimate mistake?
Buy this suspenseful ghost story for $1.99 today. Audiobook: $3.99.
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The Winding Stair – Historical romantic suspense – $1.99 0 comments

Juana Brett’s hapless father has dragged her to England from her beloved home in Portugal. In Portuguese, she is not hindered by the stutter that plagues her when she speaks in English, and she is not at the mercy of her teasing stepsisters and icy stepmother. When Gair Varlow fixed his political machinations on her, he never expected to fall in love with her too. Pulling strings to get her an invitation back to Portugal, he knows he is sending her into danger.
For Juana, nothing could be better than going home. But as the threat of invasion by France hangs over her return, she has no idea how completely the political intrigue has taken hold of her Castle home, and soon finds herself amidst terrorists and spies.
Buy this historical romantic suspense novel for $1.99 today.
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More memoirs and biographies – Just 99 cents 0 comments

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History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time – $1.99 0 comments

It’s an irresistible combination: Brad Meltzer, a born storyteller, counting down the world’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries. And to make this richly illustrated book even richer, each chapter invites the reader along for an interactive experience through the addition of facsimile documents—the evidence! It’s a treasure trove for conspiracy buffs, a Griffin and Sabine for history lovers.
At the beginning of each story is a custom-designed envelope—a faux 19th-century leather satchel, a U.S. government classified file—containing facsimiles of relevant evidence: John Wilkes Booth’s alleged unsigned will, a map of the Vatican, Kennedy’s death certificate. The whole is a riveting, interactive adventure through the compelling world of mysteries and conspiracies.
Buy this book today for $1.99.
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Settled Blood – Kate Daniels Mystery #2 – Time is running out for one terrified girl – Just 99 cents 0 comments

When a young girl is found dead at the base of Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England, it’s not long before detective Kate Daniels realizes her death was no ordinary homicide. She was thrown from a great height and was probably alive when she hit the ground.
Then a local businessman reports his daughter missing. Her description fits the dead girl exactly. Has Daniels found the identity of her victim—or is a killer playing a sickening game?
As the investigative team delves deeper into the case, half-truths are told, secrets exposed. And while Daniels makes her way through a mountain of obstacles, time is running out for one terrified girl.
Buy this crime fiction novel for only 99 cents today.
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Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth – The ultimate guide for world travelers – $1.99 0 comments

1,000 travel adventures across all seven continents, gorgeous full-bleed images throughout, and short summaries of each adventure: With more than 500,000 copies sold, Make the Most of Your Time on Earth is truly the ultimate inspirational guide for world travelers and those who dream of hitting the road.
Make the Most of Your Time on Earth is the product of the combined travel experience of Rough Guides’ authors over the last 30 years, each an expert in his or her own territory. Our authors have chosen their favorite experiences from their travels to inspire yours – making this the perfect book for planning your next big adventure, or just dreaming of future travels.
Buy this book for only $1.99 today.
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