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Likely to Die – An Alexandra Cooper Mystery – $1.99 0 comments

New York City’s oldest and largest medical center is the scene of a ghastly attack: top neurosurgeon Gemma Dogen is found in her blood-soaked office, where she has been sexually assaulted, stabbed, and designated by the cops as a “likely to die.” By the time Alex has plunged into the case, it’s a high-profile, media-infested murder investigation with a growing list of suspects from among those who roam the hospital’s labyrinthine halls. As Alex’s passion to find the killer intensifies, she discovers this hospital is not a place of healing but of deadly peril — and that she is the next target for lethal violence.
A high-style thriller that sweeps from Manhattan to London to Martha’s Vineyard, Likely to Die is an exhilarating tale from a justice system insider and provocative novelist. Buy this novel today for only $1.99. Audiobook: $3.99.
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Wedding Belles – Sexy Southern fun…with a hint of magnolia! – $1.99 0 comments

The Sassy Belles are back…and this time, wedding bells are ringing!
Seven months pregnant and head over heels in love, Vivi Ann McFadden is busy pulling together the final details for her wedding to Lewis Heart, famous play-by-play announcer for the Crimson Tide. But with two wedding-planners-gone-wild, a psychic giving her advice, and the ceremony happening on the same day as the wildly popular Crimson Tide kickoff game, chaos reigns supreme. Luckily, maid of honor Blake O’Hara Heart is on the job. She’ll tackle this wedding if it’s the last thing she does!
But not everyone is cheering for the happy couple. News of the upcoming nuptials has brought Lewis’s old flame back to Tuscaloosa—and she’s got a secret that could mean the end of Lewis’s marriage…before it even begins.
Sexy Southern fun…with a hint of magnolia! Buy this romance today for only $1.99. Audiobook: $3.99.
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Thrill Ride: 8 Pulse-Pounding Novels – by Brandilyn Collins, James Scott Bell, and more – Only 99 cents 0 comments

Murder, conspiracy, corruption, kidnapping, demons, fugitives and a world poised on Armageddon…
Grab a seat and hold on tight! Because this 8-book thrill ride by some of the most popular names writing thrillers today doesn’t let up till the very last page. Six hundred reviews with a solid 4.4 star average across the 8 individual novels. A nearly $30 value, available in this very special bundle for a limited time only. Buy the bundle today for only 99 cents.
SIDETRACKED – Brandilyn Collins: When Delanie Miller’s close friend, Clara, is murdered and a simple-minded man is falsely accused, Delanie must risk exposing her dark past and the lies of her current life–no doubt alienating everyone now precious to her–to clear him.
THE BLADE – Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore: While investigating the theft of a 4000-year-old biblical artifact, a federal agent runs up against an international fugitive threatening to destroy Las Vegas with a nuclear device unless the casinos pay a multi-million-dollar ransom.
THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACY (Tyler Locke 3) – Boyd Morrison: Combat engineer Tyler Locke races to unmask a decades-old conspiracy before Russian spy Colchev can find a mysterious object from the 1947 Roswell crash. With it, Colchev intends to unleash an electromagnetic pulse weapon of unprecedented power.
BLIND JUSTICE – James Scott Bell: Attorney Jake Denney has hit rock bottom, both personally and professionally. In a last-ditch effort to save his fading career he takes on a seemingly hopeless murder case–one that thrusts him square into the fight of his life.
Also includes: DESECRATION (London Mysteries – Book 1) – J.F. Penn; THE KILLING RAIN (Louis Kincaid – Book 6) – P.J. Parrish; DOUBLE VISION (A Quantum Suspense Novel) – Randy Ingermanson and THE CALL (Mythological Sam Chronicles – Book 1) – Kat Covelle
Buy this eight-novel bundle for only 99 cents today.
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The Dawn of Christmas: A Romance from the Heart of Amish Country – Only 99 cents 0 comments

Sadie enjoys her freedom away from home and her mission trips to Peru, but after four years, her Old Order Amish family insists it’s time to come home and settle down. Levi, a bachelor who distrusts women after a family heartbreak, also has no desire for romance. To keep their families from meddling in their lives, Sadie and Levi devise a plan—but soon discover that the walls around their hearts are breaking down. Can they let go of their prejudices, learn to trust each other, and embrace a future together?
This Christmas, experience learning to trust alongside the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania in this heart-warming tale of second chances when you buy this book today for only 99 cents. Audiobook: $3.99.
NOTE: Christmas? It’s not even September yet!
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Two Love Inspired romances – Romancing the Widow & Sweet on the Cowgirl – 1.99 each 0 comments

Romancing the Widow ($1.99) The light went out of Martha’s soul when her husband fell to a bullet in St. Louis. Now, back in her hometown of Cañon City, she’s convinced she’ll never know happiness again. Until she crosses paths with a darkly mysterious Colorado Ranger.
Haskell Jacobs has a mission. And the beautiful, flame-haired widow sure isn’t it. But Martha is somehow mixed up in the crime that brought Haskell to the rough-and-tumble town…and soon, she’s entangled in the lawman’s heart. But the danger that lurks around them is all too real. Can they find strength and love in each other before it’s too late?
Sweet on the Cowgirl ($1.99) Laura has always dreamed of being a trick rider in her family’s Wild West show. But her father will only allow her to perform if she disguises herself as Mr. Buckskin Jones. When soda-pop king Guy Roberts shows up to do business with her family, Laura is torn between keeping her identity under wraps and revealing her growing feelings for Guy.
Guy is drawn to Laura’s poise and beauty, but he, too, guards a secret. As their affection for each other grows, Guy begins to think about a future that includes Laura. When both their secrets suddenly come to light, their romance will face the ultimate showdown.

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Three quick picks: Inspirational suspense and thrillers by Brandilyn Collins – Only 99 cents each 0 comments

Torn from the front lines of medical debate and the author’s own experience with Lyme Disease, Over the Edge is riveting fiction, full of twists and turns—and powerful truths about today’s medical field. Brandilyn Collins promises that the novel “carries my trademark brand promise: fast-paced, character-driven suspense with myriad twists and an interwoven thread of faith.”
Audiobooks available for all three suspenseful novels: $3.99 each.

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Why Science Does Not Disprove God – $1.99 0 comments

The renowned science writer, mathematician, and bestselling author of Fermat’s Last Theorem masterfully refutes the overreaching claims the “New Atheists,” providing millions of educated believers with a clear, engaging explanation of what science really says, how there’s still much space for the Divine in the universe, and why faith in both God and empirical science are not mutually exclusive.
In this much-needed book, science journalist Amir Aczel profoundly disagrees and conclusively demonstrates that science has not, as yet, provided any definitive proof refuting the existence of God.
Why Science Does Not Disprove God is his brilliant and incisive analyses of the theories and findings of such titans as Albert Einstein, Roger Penrose, Alan Guth, and Charles Darwin, all of whose major breakthroughs leave open the possibility— and even the strong likelihood—of a Creator. This book is selling for $1.99 today.
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Three quick picks: Inspirational romances from Summerside – 99 cents each 0 comments

From This Day Forward (99 cents) Penniless, pregnant, and newly widowed immigrant Rachel Gordon doesn’t believe her situation could get any worse… until she meets her new neighbors.
Love Finds You in Sun Valley, Idaho (99 cents) On shoot in beautiful Sun Valley for her newest film, rising starlet Emily Van Arsdale meets handsome stunt consultant Tracen Lake.
The Crimson Cipher (99 cents) A female Navy cryptographer seeks to save lives…and uncover her father’s killers. In 1915, German sympathizers escalated acts of sabotage in the United States to keep the nation from joining in the war.

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Dead Man Stalking – Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series # 5 by Karen Kantwell – Only 99 cents 0 comments

When Howard and the girls leave town, Barb thinks she’ll have some quiet, peaceful alone time. Of course, this is calamity-prone Barbara Marr. Her life doesn’t know quiet or peaceful. And forget alone. With her air conditioning on the fritz, Barb accepts an invitation from a famous thriller writer to spend a few days in a cool and comfortable lakeside house. There is just one problem: the house has a few odd characters lurking about. They aren’t after Barb, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming outrageously tangled in the lunacy and danger than ensues.
In this fifth installment of the Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series, Barb finds herself fumbling through another laugh-out-loud caper while making some new and interesting friends along the way. You can buy this just-released cozy for only 99 cents this weekend.
Click here to purchase Dead Man Stalking
Take the Monkeys and Run, the first Barbara Marr murder mystery is free today.

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200 Kindle Books, $1.99 Each – Now through September 8 2 comments

Now through September 8, you can purchase 200 Kindle Books for just $1.99 each.
Selections include romances, mysteries, paranormal and Westerns. All books are sold through Amazon imprints.
I would call this a “blind date” sale. Very few of the 200 books have customer reviews. Finding a great read is going to take a bit of work.
Three popular titles are:

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