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The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival – A journey to hard-won wisdom – $1.99 0 comments

In June 1992, best friends Jim Davidson and Mike Price stood atop Washington’s Mount Rainier, celebrating what they hoped would be the first of many milestones in their lives as passionate mountaineers. Then their triumph turned tragic when a cave-in plunged them deep inside a glacial crevasse—the pitch-black, ice-walled hell of every climber’s nightmares.
A story of heart-stopping adventure, heartfelt friendship, fleeting mortality, and implacable nature, The Ledge chronicles the elation and grief, dizzying heights and punishing depths, of a journey to hard-won wisdom. Buy it today for $1.99. Audiobook: $4.49.
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Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch – Just 99 cents 0 comments

For twenty years Dan O’Brien struggled to make ends meet on his cattle ranch in South Dakota. But when a neighbor invited him to lend a hand at the annual buffalo roundup, O’Brien was inspired to convert his own ranch, the Broken Heart, to buffalo. Starting with thirteen calves, “short-necked, golden balls of wool,” O’Brien embarked on a journey that returned buffalo to his land for the first time in more than a century and a half.
Buffalo for the Broken Heart is at once a tender account of the buffaloes’ first seasons on the ranch and an engaging lesson in wildlife ecology. Whether he’s describing the grazing pattern of the buffalo, the thrill of watching a falcon home in on its prey, or the comical spectacle of a buffalo bull wallowing in the mud, O’Brien combines a novelist’s eye for detail with a naturalist’s understanding to create an enriching, entertaining narrative. Buy this book today for only 99 cents today.
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The Family That Couldn’t Sleep: A Medical Mystery – $1.99 0 comments

For two hundred years a noble Venetian family has suffered from an inherited disease that strikes their members in middle age, stealing their sleep, eating holes in their brains, and ending their lives in a matter of months. In Papua New Guinea, a primitive tribe is nearly obliterated by a sickness whose chief symptom is uncontrollable laughter. Across Europe, millions of sheep rub their fleeces raw before collapsing. In England, cows attack their owners in the milking parlors, while in the American West, thousands of deer starve to death in fields full of grass.
What these strange conditions–including fatal familial insomnia, kuru, scrapie, and mad cow disease–share is their cause: prions. Prions are ordinary proteins that sometimes go wrong, resulting in neurological illnesses that are always fatal. Even more mysterious and frightening, prions are almost impossible to destroy because they are not alive and have no DNA–and the diseases they bring are now spreading around the world.
In The Family That Couldn’t Sleep, essayist and journalist D. T. Max tells the spellbinding story of the prion’s hidden past and deadly future. And he eloquently demonstrates that in our relationship to nature and these ailments, we have been our own worst enemy. Buy this book for $1.99 today. Audiobook: $4.49.
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Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner – $2.99 0 comments

Just two months before the September 11 terrorist attacks, Dr. Judy Melinek began her training as a New York City forensic pathologist. While her husband and their toddler held down the home front, Judy threw herself into the fascinating world of death investigation—performing autopsies, investigating death scenes, counseling grieving relatives. Working Stiff chronicles Judy’s two years of training, taking readers behind the police tape of some of the most harrowing deaths in the Big Apple, including a firsthand account of the events of September 11, the subsequent anthrax bio-terrorism attack, and the disastrous crash of American Airlines Flight 587.
The body never lies—and through the murders, accidents, and suicides that land on her table, Dr. Melinek lays bare the truth behind the glamorized depictions of autopsy work on television to reveal the secret story of the real morgue. Buy this book today for $2.99. Audiobook: $3.99.
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Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being – $1.99 0 comments

A manual for relating to the brain in a revolutionary new way, Super Brain shows you how to use your brain as a gateway for achieving health, happiness, and spiritual growth.
Super Brain explains how it can be, by combining cutting-edge research and spiritual insights, demolishing the five most widespread myths about the brain that limit your potential, and then showing you methods to:
-Use your brain instead of letting it use you
-Create the ideal lifestyle for a healthy brain
-Reduce the risks of aging
-Promote happiness and well-being through the mind-body connection
-Access the enlightened brain, the gateway to freedom and bliss
-Overcome the most common challenges, such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, and obesity
The brain is not just the greatest gift that Nature has given us. It’s the gateway to an unlimited future that you can begin to live today. Buy this book for only $1.99 today.
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Warped Passages – The warped, hidden dimensions underpinning the universe we live in – $1.99 0 comments

The universe has many secrets. It may hide additional dimensions of space other than the familier three we recognize. There might even be another universe adjacent to ours, invisible and unattainable . . . for now.
Warped Passages is a brilliantly readable and altogether exhilarating journey that tracks the arc of discovery from early twentieth-century physics to the razor’s edge of modern scientific theory. One of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, Lisa Randall provides astonishing scientific possibilities that, until recently, were restricted to the realm of science fiction.
Unraveling the twisted threads of the most current debates on relativity, quantum mechanics, and gravity, she explores some of the most fundamental questions posed by Nature—taking us into the warped, hidden dimensions underpinning the universe we live in, demystifying the science of the myriad worlds that may exist just beyond our own. Buy this book today for only $1.99.
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Who They Were: Inside the World Trade Center DNA Story: The Unprecedented Effort to Identify the Missing – $2.99 – Today’s B&N price match 0 comments

In Who They Were, Dr. Robert C. Shaler, the man who directed the largest and most groundbreaking forensic DNA investigation in U.S. history, tells with poignant clarity and refreshing honesty the story behind the relentless effort to identify the 2,749 victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center.
No part of the investigation into the 9/11 attacks has taken as long or been less discussed than the daunting task of identifying the victims — and the hijackers — from the remains in the rubble of Ground Zero. In Who They Were, Dr. Robert C. Shaler, former director of the Forensic Biology Department at the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, tells the inside story of the relentless process of DNA identification and depicts the victories and frustrations that he and his team of scientists experienced during more than three years of grueling work.
With compelling prose and insight, Who They Were reveals the previously untold stories of the scientists determined to bring closure to devastated families in the wake of America’s largest disaster. Buy this book today for $2.99 as it is the B&N price match.
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The Map That Changed the World – A chart of the hidden underside of the earth – $2.99 0 comments

In 1793, a canal digger named William Smith made a startling discovery. He found that by tracing the placement of fossils, which he uncovered in his excavations, one could follow layers of rocks as they dipped and rose and fell—clear across England and, indeed, clear across the world—making it possible, for the first time ever, to draw a chart of the hidden underside of the earth. Smith spent twenty-two years piecing together the fragments of this unseen universe to create an epochal and remarkably beautiful hand-painted map. But instead of receiving accolades and honors, he ended up in debtors’ prison, the victim of plagiarism, and virtually homeless for ten years more.
The Map That Changed the World is a very human tale of endurance and achievement, of one man’s dedication in the face of ruin. With a keen eye and thoughtful detail, Simon Winchester unfolds the poignant sacrifice behind this world-changing discovery. Buy this book for only $2.99 today.
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Housekeeping – Another lawsuit about book prices, Paula’s Top 4 to date in 2015 and Cheap Reads 0 comments

broom.panAnother lawsuit about book prices
Only in America.
Two groups, The American Booksellers Association and Authors United, have filed complaints with the Department of Justice requesting that the DOJ begin an anti-trust investigation into the activities of Amazon for their book prices. The two groups claim that Amazon charges consumers too little for books.
The complaints state that Amazon is a monopoly in the book business and threatens the book marketplace. According to this article in TheDailySignal, Amazon sells 40% of print books and 65% of the e-book market. That’s not a monopoly.
For those of us who purchase many e-books and print volumes from Amazon, we enjoy those low prices. Authors should be paid a fair price for their product, but markets drive prices. I’ll let you know how this request to the DOJ proceeds.
Paula’s Top 4 reads from first half 2015
I’ve read many books so far this year. These are my favorite reads in the first 6 months of 2015.
Maybe it’s my age, but Ove’s story tugged at my heartstrings.
Billed as a “delightfully quirky debut novel from Sweden,” A Man Called Ove ($10.99) is a commentary of the loneliness of older citizens.
Ove, seen as grumpy and anti-social to many, struggles with a deep void in his life. He transforms from a shell of a man to one with purpose and a reason for living. Ove’s story is revealed slowly, but it’s worth the wait.
This novel has humor; quirky, lovable characters of all ages and a few twists.
I purchased the book when it was a Daily Deal. It was also an Audible Daily Deal.
Last winter my husband and I attended a cowboy poetry reading by Baxter Black. We shared a table with a young rancher who said he enjoyed C.J. Box’s Joe Pickett series about a crime-fighting game warden in Wyoming. I bought Force of Nature ($7.99) and had my socks scared off with non-stop action and suspense. Great read for guys.
Nic Tatano has become a favorite author of quirky romantic comedy. Wing Girl (99 cents) is a sweet story of the young lady who blossoms with the help of her friends. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and a great read for new adults and anyone who wants to learn about today’s dating scene.
If you live in a state that has a strong and bitter rivalry between two major universities, you might enjoy A House Divided ($3.99) by Jennifer Peel. A great summer read, it’s a sweet, clean romance about second chances. Two teens succumb to family pressure and end their relationship. One goes to Auburn; one to the University of Alabama. The story is their reunion years later.
Cheap Reads
Enjoy these three non-fiction reads for only 99 cents each.
Shop Your Closet (99 cents) Just when you feared your overstuffed, eyesore of a closet was a lost cause, here’s the antidote to all your closet woes. Closet expert and style maven Melanie Charlton Fascitelli is here to help you whip your closet into shape, refreshing your wardrobe and saving you time along the way.
The 24-Hour Turnaround (99 cents) With a glut of health information assailing readers, there’s never been a better time to bring the best, most reliable facts together in one source. Jay Williams provides a proven, quick ‘jumpstart’ action that will give you results within 24 hours – and inspire to keep going with more valuable lifestyle changes.
The Genome War (99 cents) On May 10, 1998, biologist Craig Venter, director of the Institute for Genomic Research, announced that he was forming a private company that within three years would unravel the complete genetic code of human life—seven years before the projected finish of the U.S. government’s Human Genome Project.
The long-awaited story of the science, the business, the politics, the intrigue behind the scenes of the most ferocious competition in the history of modern science—the race to map the human genome.

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Food: Your Miracle Medicine – Amazing new discoveries about the medical powers of food – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Food — Your Miracle Medicine is the breakthrough book on food and health for the nineties. This comprehensive guide, based on more than 10,000 scientific studies, reveals how you can use the extraordinary powers of food to prevent and alleviate such common maladies as headaches and hay fever, as well as to ward off major killers, including heart disease and cancer.
Jean Carper, the bestselling author of The Food Pharmacy, has now translated the amazing new discoveries about the medical powers of food into practical advice and information that you can use every day to conquer disease, increase your mental energy, and live longer.
Buy this book today for only 99 cents.
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