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Driving Home for Christmas – A warm holiday tale – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Megan McAllister is home for Christmas…whether she likes it or not!
Christmas is about family…and for Megan family means two people: herself, and her daughter Skye. It doesn’t mean her parents who, ten years ago, saw her pregnancy as anything but a miracle. And it definitely doesn’t include her irresistible ex-boyfriend Lucas Bright.
So ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ has never been top of Megan’s festive playlist. But for Skye, she knows she needs to spend the holiday season with the people she’s left behind. She can do this. Even if the thought of meeting Lucas under the mistletoe still has her feeling like she’s drunk one-too-many Snowballs!
But somewhere between the hanging of stockings and the crackle of wrapping paper, Christmas starts to sparkle. And Megan begins to wonder if family could be bigger than her and Skye after all…
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His Convict Wife – Historical romance set in Australia – Just 99 cents 0 comments

For Irish convict Colleen Malone, being framed, transported to Australia and forced into prostitution seemed like the worst that life could throw at her. Then she fell pregnant to a client and was sent back to prison by her cruel owner. Now, her only hope of a decent life for her and her baby is to find someone to marry.
Widower and former London businessman Samuel Biggs arrived in Australia hoping to put his grief behind him. When James Hunter offers him a job on his Parramatta farm, he accepts eagerly. He’ll put his back into his new work, and bury any thoughts of new love and marriage in the rich earth of his new home.
However, all plans are compromised when Samuel is manipulated into visiting a workhouse to choose a new housekeeper, and Colleen seizes her chance — literally grabbing Samuel and begging for her life. The only way Samuel can oblige is by marrying her, but on one thing he stands firm — there is no way he will fall in love…
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An Outlaw’s Christmas -McKettricks #15 by Linda Lael Miller – $1.99 0 comments

With his wild heart, Sawyer McKettrick isn’t ready to settle down on the Triple M family ranch in Arizona. So he heads to Blue River, Texas, to seek a job as marshal. But in a blinding snowstorm, he’s injured—and collapses into the arms of a prim and proper lady in calico.
The shirtless, bandaged stranger recuperating in teacher Piper St. James’s room behind the schoolhouse says he’s a McKettrick, but he looks like an outlaw to her. As they wait out the storm, the handsome loner has Piper remembering long-ago dreams of marriage and motherhood. But for how long is Sawyer willing to call Blue River home?
As the gray skies clear, Piper’s one holiday wish just might bring two lonely hearts together forever.
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The Carousel Painter – Inspirational historical romance – Just 99 cents today only 0 comments

Without the means to support herself after her father dies, Carrington Brouwer receives the opportunity to use her artistic talent at her friend’s father’s carousel factory. But the men at the factory are not happy that a woman has been given the very desirable job of painting the elaborately carved horses.
When mishaps occur at the factory and jewelry disappears from the home of the factory owner, accusations swirl. Is the handsome young factory manager truly Carrie’s ally or will he side with those who believe she should be fired?
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Almost Home – Inspirational Christmas romance – $1.99 0 comments

The perfect road trip: 2 strangers, 1 truck, and 1500 miles to fall in love.
Detective Justin Hatcher and Cameron McAlister are in a hurry to leave North Carolina-for totally different reasons. He wants to confront his family about a five-year-old betrayal. She wants to escape the remnants of a failed marriage.
Thrown together as unlikely and unexpected travel partners, their trip is filled with both dramatic and humorous situations along the road. But, with God’s constant hand in their journey, can Justin and Cameron discover that…
Yes, you can go home again…especially at Christmastime.
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The Maxwell Sisters – A heartwarming romantic comedy about three extraordinary women – Only 59 cents 0 comments

All families have their problems. No more so than the Maxwells of Tawny Brooks Winery. Situated in the heart of the Margaret River wine region, this world-renowned winery was the childhood home to three sisters, Natasha, Eve and Phoebe.
Today all three women are enmeshed in their city lives and eager to forget their past – and their fractured sibling relationships. Until Phoebe decides to get married at home . . .
Now the sisters must all return to face a host of family obligations, vintage in full swing and interfering in-laws who just can’t take a hint. As one romance blossoms and others fall apart, it seems they are all in need of some sisterly advice.
But old wounds cut deep. Somehow, the Maxwell sisters must find a way back to one another – or risk losing each other forever. Buy this contemporary women’s novel for just 59 cents today.
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Kissing Under The Mistletoe – The Sullivans #10 by Bella Andre – Only 99 cents 0 comments

For Mary Sullivan Christmas is, and always has been, about family. And this year is no different. As she awaits the arrival of her eight children and their partners at the cottage in Lake Tahoe, she hangs the ornaments that they made for her over the years. Each decoration brings with it a tide of memories, all of which she holds dear to her heart.
But when she comes across the oldest ornament, the one her beloved husband, Jack, gave her on their very first Christmas together, Mary is immediately swept back to the first days of their whirlwind romance, to the love that would be the foundation on which they built the family she is so proud to call her own.
For just 99 cents, you can join the Sullivans this Christmas for a story that explores the wonder of the holidays, the meaning of family and a love that transcends time.
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Fabulous Firsts: A Boxed Set of Eleven Full-Length Series-Starter Novels – Pre-order today for only 99 cents 0 comments

Eleven full-length novels from eleven New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling authors! Each book is the first in a beloved series. From the majesty of medieval castles to the glittering ballrooms of the Regency, read an enchanting novel from each of the Jewels of Historical Romance. Pre-order this bundle for only 99 cents today and receive it December 16.
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Three quick picks: Romantic suspense novels – Just 99 cents each 0 comments

Cloaked in Danger (99 cents) When Aria Whitney’s father goes missing in Egypt, Aria must embrace the unknown. Armed with only the short list of highborn men who’d backed her father’s venture, she poses as a woman looking for a husband. As Aria’s father’s enemy draws near, Adam Willoughby, Earl of Merewood, must convince Aria that she can trust him with her own secrets…before it’s too late.
Risking Trust (99 cents) Roxann Thorgesson’s world is out of control. She must take over as publisher of Chicago’s second-largest newspaper. Then her ex-boyfriend Michael Taylor shows up needing a favor. He offers exclusive access to his headline-making murder accusation, in exchange for her help in uncovering the true killer. Both their lives and their newly reignited flame could be permanently extinguished…
Betrayed by Trust (99 cents) Catherine Morrissey is devastated when her sister’s body is found on a tiny wooded island on the Potomac. Determined to put pressure on the police to catch the killer, Catherine flies to Washington, D.C.
Joseph Rossi, an investigative reporter for the Washington Herald, broke the story of Blair’s murder–and ruined his chances with Catherine in the process.
Now together in D.C., Catherine and Joe are thrown into a world of lies, scandal and deadly political intrigue.

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Rules of the Game – Contemporary romance – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Kathryn West has it all–she’s a confident, bestselling author living it up in New York City. Too bad she doesn’t actually exist, and is only timid Maddie Sawyer’s pseudonym. Determined to attend her high school reunion with a man right out of one of her racy romance novels, she plots to find a sexy bad boy who’s up to Kathryn’s standards.
She finds Mr. Perfect shooting pool in a biker bar. He’s a blue-collar hunk who just happens to look great in leather. But the mysterious Scott Brady has some rules of his own: he won’t agree to her deal unless she poses as his girlfriend in front of his family and friends first.
As the reunion nears, Maddie tries to maintain her carefree façade, knowing she’ll soon face some old ghosts. She’s torn between her growing attraction to Scott and the nagging feeling that he’s hiding something important. Will she still want him when she finds out his secret? What about when he discovers hers?
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