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Tell My Sons: A Father’s Last Letters – The best advice a dying hero has to offer – $1.99 0 comments

At the pinnacle of a soaring career in the U.S. Army, Lt. Col. Mark M. Weber was tapped to serve in a high-profile job within the Afghan Parliament as a military advisor. Weeks later, a routine physical revealed stage IV intestinal cancer in the thirty-eight-year-old father of three. Over the next two years he would fight a desperate battle he wasn’t trained for.
When Weber realized that he was not going to survive this final tour of combat, he began to write a letter to his boys, so that as they grew up without him, they would know what his life-and-death story had taught him—about courage and fear, challenge and comfort, words and actions, pride and humility, seriousness and humor, and viewing life as a never-ending search for new ideas and inspiration.
This book is that letter. And it’s not just for his sons. It’s for everyone who can use the best advice a dying hero has to offer. Weber’s stories illustrate that in the end you become what you are through the causes to which you attach yourself—and that you’ve made your own along the way. Through his example, he teaches how to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.
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Free now: Fiction and non-fiction from faith-based publishers 0 comments

Free now: Fiction and non-fiction from faith-based publishers
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.

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The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer – Just $1.21 0 comments

Athlete. Runner. Marathoner. Are these words you wouldn’t exactly use to describe yourself? Do you consider yourself too old or too out of shape to run a marathon? It doesn’t have to be somebody else crossing the finish line. You can be a marathoner.
The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer is based on the highly successful marathon class offered by the University of Northern Iowa, which was featured in a Runner’s World article titled “Marathoning 101.” This book follows the same 16-week, four-day-a-week workout plan.
This is marathon running for real people, people with jobs and families and obligations outside of running. The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer has proven successful for men and women of all ages. Now let it work for you. Buy the book today for only $1.21.
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Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure – $1.99 0 comments

For the 100 million people worldwide dealing with high blood pressure, bestselling author Dr. Herbert Benson and cardiac wellness expert Aggie Casey have created a proven plan for lowering blood pressure.
Based on the groundbreaking work done at the Mind/Body Medical Institute, the authors’ program goes beyond advice about nutrition and exercise to incorporate a proven stress-management program–including the relaxation response.
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The Family of Jesus – Life-Changing Bible Study Series #1 by Karen Kingsbury – $1.99 0 comments

America’s favorite inspirational novelist offers a fictional view of six of the family members of Jesus, all anchored by Scriptural truth, creating a life-changing and unprecedented emotional connection to the Bible.
Through The Family of Jesus, readers will develop an emotional connection to the family members of Jesus, learning about their lives and falling in love with Scripture along the way. Karen Kingsbury will make you laugh, cry, and ultimately care more deeply about the Bible by helping you grasp the truths in Scripture not just with your mind, but with your heart.
The Family of Jesus not only provides a deeper understanding of the relatives of our Savior, but also helps readers acquire tools that will draw them closer to Christ, to the Scriptures, and to each other. Buy this book today for only $1.99.
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Get Thin, Stay Thin: A Biblical Approach to Food, Eating, and Weight Management – $1.99 0 comments

Do you find yourself preoccupied with food? Do you eat when you feel depressed? Has food become your best friend or your worst enemy? Have you failed repeatedly in your weight-loss efforts?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Get Thin, Stay Thin can help.
Get Thin, Stay Thin goes beyond trendy, short-term weight-control plans to treat the root issue of most eating problems: We try to satisfy our souls, as well as our bodies, with food. We all crave intimacy, security, and acceptance. When these needs are not met, we often turn to substitutes–like food.
Get Thin, Stay Thin shows you how to satisfy your emotional and spiritual hungers so that you don’t have to turn to food. As these issues are resolved, you will gain a freeing perspective on hunger and food and will live a more fulfilling life as a result.
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Homespun Memories for the Heart: More Than 200 Ideas to Make Unforgettable Moments – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Homespun Memories for the Heart offers more than 200 inventive ideas and examples to help you make unforgettable moments, from growing sunflower playhouses to creating alphabet prayers and garden parties. You’ll find:
– inventive gift ideas
– mouth-watering recipes people will want to gather around
– creative ways to observe holidays
– imaginative crafts for snow days and sleepovers
Plus, learn how to celebrate “just because” events like rainy days, road trips, bedtime, and book-reading-because even ordinary moments are enough reason to celebrate.
Buy this book for only 99 cents today and create a memory with your family today.
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Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939–1945 – $2.99 0 comments

Country of Ash is the starkly compelling, original chronicle of a Jewish doctor who miraculously survived near-certain death, first inside the Lodz and Warsaw ghettoes, where he was forced to treat the Gestapo, then on the Aryan side of Warsaw, where he hid under numerous disguises. He clandestinely recorded the terrible events he witnessed, but his manuscript disappeared during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. After the war, reunited with his wife and young daughter, he rewrote his story.
Peopled with historical figures like the controversial Chaim Rumkowski, who fancied himself a king of the Jews, to infamous Nazi commanders and dozens of Jews and non-Jews who played cat and mouse with death throughout the war, Reicher’s memoir is about a community faced with extinction and the chance decisions and strokes of luck that kept a few stunned souls alive.
Buy this biography today for $2.99. Audiobook: $3.99.
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Let’s Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition – $1.99 0 comments

Too often, when struggling to find just the right turn of phrase, exclamation of joy, or witty barb, it’s easy to forget that history is positively brimming with rich words deserving of rejuvenation. Lesley M. M. Blume gathers forgotten words, phrases, names, insults, and idioms, plus fascinating and funny anecdotes, etymologies, and occasions for use.
Let’s Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition takes readers on a philological journey through words from the not-too-distant past. From all-overish to zounds, the vintage vernacular collected here will make any reader the cat’s meow among friends, relations, and acquaintances.
Buy this book today for $1.99.
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However Long the Night: Molly Melching’s Journey to Help Millions of African Women and Girls Triumph – Only 99 cents 0 comments

In However Long the Night, Aimee Molloy tells the unlikely and inspiring story of Molly Melching, an American woman whose experience as an exchange student in Senegal led her to found Tostan and dedicate almost four decades of her life to the girls and women of Africa.
This moving biography details Melching’s beginnings at the University of Dakar and follows her journey of 40 years in Africa, where she became a social entrepreneur and one of humanity’s strongest voices for the rights of girls and women. Buy it today for only 99 cents.
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