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The Cleanup – The unlikely tale of an unsuccessful cop – A gritty crime thriller – $1.99 0 comments

Matthew Worth is a mess. Somewhere between a good cop and a bad screwup, he botched a marriage and a career. His fellow officers think he’s a joke. His commanders are tired of cutting him breaks. Even his wife has left him for a flashy homicide detective.
Busted to night patrol at a robbery-prone Omaha supermarket, Worth is doing time, wearing his uniform and asking shoppers if they want paper or plastic. If that isn’t enough, he suspects he might be falling for Gwen, the shy checkout girl who may be an even bigger mess than he is. It couldn’t get any worse. Until it does.
When Gwen comes to him one night scared and desperate for help, Worth discovers just how far he’s willing to go to protect and serve. The next thing he knows, he’s driving a stolen car with a corpse in the trunk, a pistol in the glove box, and no way to turn back. Everything he doesn’t know could get them killed. And things haven’t even begun to get messy yet….
Buy this gritty crime thriller today for only $1.99. Audiobook: $3.49.
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Two quick picks: Two Carlton Withers mysteries only 99 cents each – No reviews, though – Think of this as a blind date 0 comments

Right Church, Wrong Pew (99 cents) By all reports Ernie Struthers got what was coming to him . . . But erstwhile reporter Carlton Withers sure wishes Struthers hadn’t turned up dead on his front porch. As the only person, presumably, in town with a motive to kill Struthers, Withers is hard pressed to prove his innocence.
With the evidence stacked against him and mounting by the day, Withers turns to his trusted neighbour, retired police inspector Hanson Eberley, and Hannah Klovack, a newly-arrived news photographer from Toronto, to help clear his name.
Hole In One (99 cents) When old Charlie Tinkelpaugh is killed on the third hole of the Bosky Dell golf course, a series of ever-more-strange events is set in motion, and only Carlton Withers, inept golfer and sometimes-employee of the Silver Falls Lancer, can put the pieces of the puzzle together.
With the help of his colleague-slash-girlfriend, Hanna Klovack, and local Ojibwa elder Joe Herkimer, a.k.a. Running Elk, Withers must unravel the complex web of clues that lead to Tinkelpaugh’s murderer . . . and that may also reveal who is behind the illegal sale of the Bosky Dell golf course to a local development corporation.

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A Far and Deadly Cry – A British crime novel – Just 99 cents 0 comments

The crime scene showed that a cunning mind and a passionate hatred lay behind the killing of Lisa Stillwell. But New Scotland Yard would not have been called to this remote Hampshire village if the baby-sitter’s employer hadn’t been Gale Grayson, a self-exiled American with a suspicious past.
Three years before, Chief Inspector Daniel Halford had watched helplessly as Gale’s husband put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger — seconds before Halford could arrest him for terrorism. Halford has never forgotten the scene or the pregnant young widow whose life was shattered — and as he questions her now, he finds past and present emotions blurring his judgment.
Yet piece by piece he is discovering some unsettling truths about the life of Lisa Stillwell… and a chilling picture is forming of a village that is not quite as sleepy as it seems.
Buy this British crime fiction novel today for only 99 cents.
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Deep Cover – Duty & Honor #3 – Military thriller – Just 99 cents 0 comments

On a secret assignment for MI-5, British SAS soldier Trevor Carswell is deep undercover with The Philosophy of Bedlam, a home-grown anarchist group responsible for several museum bombings. He’s on the brink of unearthing their motives when Scotland Yard foils their latest attack. Desperate to escape, the Bedlamites take civilian hostages—among them, a woman Trevor never expected to see again.
American political analyst Shelby Gibson is stunned when she recognizes Trevor, her one-time lover, brandishing a shotgun in the lobby of the August Museum of Modern Art. He’s the last man she’d ever trust, but Trevor is no criminal, and he may be her only hope of getting out of the building alive.
With the woman he once loved in serious danger, Trevor will risk everything to get Shelby to safety, even if it means blowing his cover. As they search for the truth behind the bombings, Shelby and Trevor expose the powerful, desperate man pulling the anarchists’ strings…and the half-century-old secret he’ll kill to keep quiet.
Buy this military thriller for only 99 cents.
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Killing Hour by Andrew Gross – A jaw-dropping crime thriller – $1.99 0 comments

A young man’s suicide.
An elderly woman’s murder.
A conspiracy stretching back decades.
Dr. Jay Erlich’s life is perfect: a wife and children he loves; a successful career. But a call comes that changes everything. His troubled nephew, Evan, has killed himself and Jay’s brother is in despair.
Jay flies to California to help out, and is soon convinced Evan’s death was no suicide. The police want him to leave the matter alone but he is determined to dig deeper. When his investigation takes him on a journey into his brother’s shady past, Jay finds himself caught up in a world of dangerous secrets and ruthless killers…
Buy this crime thriller for only $1.99 today.
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Harm’s Reach – Entangled in two seemingly unrelated mysteries – Just 99 cents 0 comments

FBI Agent Ren Bryce finds herself entangled in two seemingly unrelated mysteries. But the past has a way of echoing down the years and finding its way into the present.
When Special Agent Ren Bryce discovers the body of a young woman in an abandoned car, solving the case becomes personal. But the more she uncovers about the victim’s last movements, the more questions are raised.
Why was Laura Flynn driving towards a ranch for troubled teens in the middle of Colorado when her employers thought she was hundreds of miles away? And what did she know about a case from fifty years ago, which her death dramatically reopens?
As Ren and cold case investigator Janine Hooks slowly weave the threads together, a picture emerges of a privileged family determined to hide some very dark secrets – whatever the cost.
Buy this crime fiction novel today for only 99 cents.
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Body and Bone: A Novel – He wants to destroy . . . her. – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Nessa Donati used to be a happily married mother with a successful music blog and satellite radio show. But that was before her husband John relapsed on drugs and went missing. That was before he was presumed dead. And before she was framed for his murder.
When a commenter on Nessa’s blog starts harassing her online, Nessa shrugs it off. Trolls are a part of internet life. But eventually the troll begins threatening her safety and releasing personal details . . . details only her husband would know.
As Nessa’s life is dismantled piece by piece, her only option is to find John and put a stop to the lies. But when their son becomes a pawn in his twisted game, she must face a disturbing truth: Maybe John isn’t tormenting her, after all. But if he’s not . . . who is? And how far will this monster go to exact revenge?
Buy this crime fiction novel for only 99 cents today.
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Running from the Devil – High-octane thriller by Jamie Freveletti – Just 99 cents 0 comments

A race against evil . . .Emma Caldridge, a chemist for a cosmetics company, is en route from Miami to Bogota when her plane is hijacked and spins out of control into the mountains near the Venezuelan border. Thrown unhurt from the wreckage, she can do nothing but watch as guerrillas take the other passengers hostage.
An endurance marathon runner, Emma silently trails the guerrillas and their captives, using her athletic prowess and scientific knowledge to stay alive. She discovers an injured passenger, secret government agent Cameron Sumner, separated from the group. Together they follow the hostages, staying one step ahead by staying one step behind.
Meanwhile, as news of the hijacking breaks in Washington, the Department of Defense turns to Edward Banner, former military officer and current CEO of a security consulting firm, for help. But finding Emma and Sumner is only the beginning, as Banner starts to realize that Emma was on a personal mission when the plane went down.
Buy this thriller today for only 99 cents.
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Two inspirational suspense novels – Gwen Marcey, Forensic Artist series – $1.99 each 0 comments

A Cry from the Dust ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) In 1857, a wagon train in Utah was assaulted by a group of militant Mormons. The Mountain Meadows Massacre remains controversial to this day—but the truth may be written on the skulls of the victims.
When renowned forensic artist Gwen Marcey is recruited to reconstruct the faces of recently unearthed victims at Mountain Meadows, she stumbles on the ritualized murder of a young college student. Her work on the massacre takes on a terrifying new aspect, and research quickly becomes a race against modern-day fundamentalist terror.
The Bones Will Speak ($1.99) When Gwen Marcey’s dog comes home with a human skull and then leads her to a cabin in the woods near her Montana home, she realizes there’s a serial killer in her community. And when she finds a tortured young girl clinging to life on the cabin floor, she knows this killer is a lunatic.
Yet what unsettles Gwen most is that the victim looks uncannily like her daughter.

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How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think – $1.99 0 comments

How do you kill 11 million people? Or, to be precise, 11,283,000 people.
Andy Andrews believes that good answers come only from asking the right questions. Through the powerful, provocative question, “How do you kill eleven million people?” he explores a number of other questions relevant to our lives today:
• Does it matter that millions of ordinary citizens have checked out of participating in the decisions that shape the future of our country?
• Which is more dangerous: politicians with ill intent, or the too-trusting population that allows such people to lead them?
• How are we supposed to tell the difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”?
• How does the answer to this question affect not only our country but our families, our faith, and our values?
• What happens to a society in which truth is absent?
Andrews issues a wake-up call: become informed, passionate citizens who demand honesty and integrity from our leaders, or suffer the consequences of our own ignorance and apathy. Buy this book today for $1.99.
Click here to purchase How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

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