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Vortex by Jon Land – A Vietnam special-forces veteran investigates a government conspiracy – Only $1.99 – Open Road Media’s daily deal 0 comments

A Vietnam special-forces veteran investigates a government conspiracy to build a superweapon that could alter the very fabric of reality.
In San Diego, a cadre of American scientists toils on a weapon with the power to make things flit in and out of reality. If perfected, Project Vortex will make the atomic bomb look like a bow and arrow. They test it on a 727 on its way into Kennedy airport, and the experiment is successful, save for two dangerous aberrations.
First is a passenger, a young man to whom Vortex gives strange powers over other people—powers he can control, but cannot understand. Second is an air traffic controller who calls in an old Vietnam buddy, Joshua Bane, to help investigate the plane that disappeared. When the controller vanishes, Bane is alone, staring down the barrel of government conspiracy that has the nation on the precipice of a third world war.
Buy this thriller today for only $1.99 as it is Open Road Media’s daily deal. Audiobook: $3.99.
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Ghosts of Manhattan – By turns hilarious and harrowing – $2.99 0 comments

It’s 2005. Nick Farmer is a thirty-five-year-old bond trader with Bear Stearns clearing seven figures a year. The novelty of a work-related nightlife centering on liquor, hookers, and cocaine has long since worn thin, though Nick remains keenly addicted to his annual bonus. But the lifestyle is taking a toll on his marriage—and on him.
When a nerdy analyst approaches him with apocalyptic prognostications of where Bear’s high-flying mortgage-backed securities trading may lead, Nick is presented with the kind of ethical dilemma he’s spent a lifetime avoiding. Throw in a hot financial journalist who seems to be more interested in him than in the percolating financial Armageddon and the prospect that his own wife may have found a new romantic interest of her own, and you have the recipe for Nick’s personal and professional implosion.
By turns hilarious and harrowing, Ghosts of Manhattan follows a winning but flawed protagonist as he struggles to find the right path in a complicated urban heart of darkness. Buy this novel today for $2.99.
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Inspirational fiction fans: Chasing the Wind – Contemporary fiction – Only 99 cents 0 comments

At 8:47 A.M. on Wednesday, October 12, 1977, new-to-town businessman Bingham Murdock flew his small plane into New Orleans, banking it in such a way that a ray of sunshine shot through the city at light speed.
Amalise Catoir saw the flash from her sixteenth floor law office window. Finally feeling alive after the death of her abusive husband, she imagined seeing the plane was a fate for her eyes only; a special connection between the unknown giver and she, the recipient of light.
But someone else saw it, a six-year-old Cambodian refugee in foster care for whom a sudden burst of brightness reminds him of artillery fire.
Destined to cross paths with the man and the child, Amalise doesn’t yet know the deeper spiritual lesson she will learn: that we are responsible not only for the things we do, but also for the things that we don’t.
You can purchase this inspirational mystery for only 99 cents today.
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Perish by Pedicure – Bad Hair Day cozy mystery – 99 cents 0 comments

Fire up the flatiron and break out the bulletproof blow-dryer, because Marla Shore—the sassy, South Florida beauty salon owner with a knack for fixing hair and finding trouble—is back. . . .
Beauty shows are not always known for cold-blooded murder, but that’s exactly the case when Luxor Products company director Christine Parks is found dead in her hotel room—facedown in a foot bath. It does not take long into Marla’s investigation to discover that everyone who worked with Christine had a reason to hate her.
From serial cheating to indulging in blackmail and bad investment advice, she was a walking bad hair day, and the list of possible suspects is longer than a pop diva’s hair extensions. If Marla is not careful, she just may end up on the wrong end of a murderer’s very skillful hands . . .
You can purchase this cozy mystery for only 99 cents today.
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Housekeeping: Pre-order confimation, Another improvement, A plea to Amazon and Cheap Reads 4 comments

broom.panPre-order Confirmation
Last week I complained that Amazon had sent a pre-order cancellation with only the order number in the e-mail. I was unable to locate the order on my account at Amazon and was disappointed that I didn’t know the book title.
When I pre-ordered a book this week, this email arrived (pertinent information only):

Pre-order Confirmation
Thank you for shopping with us. Your item will be automatically delivered on release day and we’ll send a confirmation when your item has been released. You will not be charged until your item is released.
Your estimated release date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Order Details
Order #D01-xxxxx
Placed on Friday, August 15, 2014
The Homecoming: Book 6 of Thunder Point series
Kindle Edition
$5.99 (or less)

Thanks, Amazon! Great improvement to the pre-order process. Amazon’s price guarantee is explained here.
Another improvement
Have you seen this improvement? When you scroll down on a Kindle book webpage, a banner now appears at the top of the screen of the book title and author.
Title Banner
A plea to Amazon
I’ve read your argument to publishers that more consumers buy a digital book when the price is lower. Sounds like you have my back to give me the best read for the money.
Because you have proven you are watching out for the consumer, I wanted to draw your attention to one of my concerns.
The Big Deal Sale is in progress and I’ve pored over the books looking for a gem to read this fall. Honestly, the selection is tired and repetitive (20 historical romances by M.C. Beaton). Ten percent of the titles were reader-rated at 3.5 stars or lower. The sale is more like The Big Dud.
The Daily Deal has been stale lately. It needs a shot of adrenaline.
While you are negotiating with the publishers, do some horse trading for more recent books for your sales and the Daily Deal. Customers would love to buy bestsellers from the last few years, Books of the Month and book club favorites. We’ll prove you right on increased buying at lower prices.
After you have negotiated great books at great prices, head over to the marketing department. Surely some creative soul can think of a better name than The Big Deal Sale. Maybe even sketch a fun graphic, too.
Keep fighting for the reader, Amazon!
Cheap Reads from The Big Deal Sale – only 99 cents each

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The Ellie Foreman Mysteries – Boxed Set – Four murder mysteries – Only $1.99 0 comments

Now, for the first time, the original four books in the series are available in a boxed set for only $1.99.
An Eye for Murder: August, 1944, Prague is where the story. Decades later, in contemporary Chicago documentary filmmaker Ellie Foreman gets a letter prompted by the success of her show “Celebrate Chicago.” One viewer was the elderly Ben Sinclair. When he suddenly dies, his landlady Mrs. Fleischman finds Ellie’s name among his effects and writes to her.
All too soon, Mrs. Fleischman dies. Then Ben’s things are stolen from Ellie’s suburban home. From the political present of the North Shore to the buried memories of the city’s ethnic neighborhoods, the components of Ben’s story eventually merge into an explosive climax.
A Picture of Guilt: The big news story in Chicago is the murder trial of Johnny Santoro, a dock worker whose girlfriend has been killed. Most Chicagoans are betting on a quick guilty verdict, but Ellie Foreman has doubts about his complicity. Santoro goes to jail.
Almost immediately, Ellie’s world begins to shift. Everything indicates that someone wants something from her, something bigger than the Santoro case. If only she could figure out what it is…
An Image of Death: Who knew that a career in video documentaries could lead to crime? Such is the fate of Chicago’s Ellie Foreman. Her plans get thrown for a loop when a mysterious package appears at her door one winter night. Inside she finds a surveillance video showing the murder of a young woman. Who was this woman and what is her connection to Ellie?
A Shot to Die For: The Chicago documentary filmmaker finds herself in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Ellie befriends a woman who claims her ride abandoned her at a highway rest stop. But Ellie’s kindness is brutally cut short when a pickup truck pulls up, the rear window opens, and the woman is shot dead.
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Dead Man’s Grip – Detective Superintendent Roy Grace novel by Peter James – A chilling psychological thriller – $2.99 0 comments

Carly Chase is still traumatized ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident that kills a teenage American student from Brighton University. Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been found tortured and murdered. Now Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police Force issues a stark and urgent warning to Carly: She could be next.
The student had deadly connections. Connections that stretch across the Atlantic to America and an organized crime group. Someone has sworn revenge and won’t rest until the final person involved in that fateful accident is dead. The police advise Carly her only option is to go into hiding and change her identity. The terrified woman disagrees. She knows these people have ways of hunting you down anywhere. If the police are unable to stop them, she has to find a way to do it herself. But already the killer is one step ahead of her, watching, waiting, and ready.
Buy this novel today for only $2.99.
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First Four Eve Dallas police procedurals by J. D. Robb – $1.99 each – Today’s B&N price match 0 comments

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Splendour Falls – by Susanna Kearsly – An ancient castle, a tragic love, and a web of secrets begins to unravel…$1.99 0 comments

Emily Braden has stopped believing in fairy tales and happy endings. When her fascinating but unreliable cousin Harry invites her on a holiday to explore the legendary own of Chinon, and promptly disappears—well, that’s Harry for you.
As Emily makes the acquaintance of Chinon and its people, she begins to uncover dark secrets beneath the charm. Legend has it that during a thirteenth-century siege of the castle that looms over the city, Queen Isabelle, child bride of King John, hid a “treasure of great price.” And in the last days of the German occupation during World War II, another Isabelle living in Chinon, a girl whose love for an enemy soldier went tragically awry.
As the dangers of the past become disastrously real, Emily is drawn ever more deeply into a labyrinth of mystery as twisted as the streets and tunnels of the ancient town itself.
You can buy this “action-packed mystery-romance” by Susanna Kearsley for only $1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Splendour Falls

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The Crime of Julian Wells by Thomas Cook – Suspense thriller – $1.99 0 comments

When famed true-crime writer Julian Wells’ body if found in a boat drifting on a Montauk pond, the question is not how he died, but why?
The death is obviously a suicide. But why would Julian Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime? These are the questions that first intrigue and then obsess Philip Anders, Wells’ best friend and the chief defender of both his moral and his literary legacies.
Anders’ increasingly passionate and dangerous quest to answer these questions becomes a journey into a haunted life, one marked by travel, learning, achievement and adventure, a life that should have been celebrated, but whose lonely end points to terrors still unknown.
Spanning four decades and traversing three continents, The Crime of Julian Wells is a journey into one man’s heart of darkness than ends in a blaze of light. Buy it today for $1.99. Audiobook: $4.99
Click here to purchase The Crime of Julian Wells

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