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Housekeeping – Popsicle humor, a story about my dad and Father’s Day deals 2 comments
Popsicle Humor
My husband enjoys Popsicles this time of year. A riddle is printed on each wooden stick. This head-scratcher was on an orange-flavored goodie.

What did the author say about the novel when it was finished?

The answer is upside down at the bottom of the post.

For Dad and Everyone
Years ago our hometown newspaper included a section titled “For Women Only.” Engagement and wedding announcements; milestone anniversaries; social events; women’s organizational meeting notices, recipes and similar items were printed on this page.
My dad faithfully read the every day. Once I walked by when he was obviously reading the “For Women Only” page. With seven-year-old superiority I told him he couldn’t read that page because he was a man. He laughed. Loudly. Then he told me, “Well, I reckon I can!”
The Father’s Day sale on Kindle e-readers isn’t just for fathers. I reckon anyone can take advantage of these deals. If you want to give yourself an Oasis, then do it! Want a Paperwhite for your mom? Buy it! Be a rebel like my dad. Laugh loudly if anyone challenges you.

Give a gift, Get a credit
If you are a member, Audible is giving you a gift for choosing to give Audible this Father’s Day. Buy a gift membership of three, six or 12 months for your dad (or anyone) and Audible will give you credit to spend on Audible titles.
If you give the gift to someone who already has a membership, they will receive all credits immediately and have no changes to their current plan.
Give yourself TWO gifts
I contacted Audible via chat and asked if I could buy the Father’s Day deal for myself and get the credit. She said yes! I generously gave me the 12-month deal of a $40 credit and 12 credits. Assuming I can purchase four titles with the credit, that’s 16 audiobooks for $150 – less than $10 each.
Truly, this is a great buy for folks who are already members of Audible. Most deals are offered to non-members to entice them to join.
Terms and conditions apply that you need to read (scroll down!). The offer is good through Father’s Day.
Riddle Answer
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