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Housekeeping: A personal tale, Kindle Fire 2, How much for that book? and Cheap read to pre-order 3 comments

Gone with the Wind
The two ladies who bring you this website grew up on a farm in a rural Midwestern community. Our parents encouraged reading for our entertainment and we didn’t go to the movies like the kids who lived in town.
In the mid-70s, Gone with the Wind was re-released to theaters and our mother told us that it was one of the only movies she had seen as a teen. This was long before movies were readily available through mass-marketed video tapes or DVDs. Even though it had been more than 30 years since she had seen the classic, Mom remembered many details and she expressed a desire to see it again.
The Friday night the movie was showing in town, we jumped in the car, bought tickets at the same theater where Mom had seen it 35 years earlier and were enthralled by Scarlett O’Hara’s story on the big screen. We loved the splendor of Tara, laughed at Prissy’s “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!”, and agreed that Ashley was a wimp, Rhett was all man and Scarlett wouldn’t have lasted a week in the Midwest.
More than 30 years have passed since that Friday night adventure. Though the details of the movie have faded, I fondly remember the only time that Mom and I went to the movies together.
Margaret Mitchell’s beloved novel, Gone with the Wind was first released in 1936 and just became available for the Kindle earlier this month. You can purchase this nearly 1,500 page tome for $13.99. The sequel to the classic, Scarlett (800+ pages) is selling for $7.99. Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig is a modest 500 pages and sells for $4.99.
Is there a book that evokes memories for you that you would like to have on your Kindle? Tell us about it by posting a comment.
Kindle Fire 2? is reporting that the Kindle Fire 2 may be ready to launch soon – even as early as July 31. Rumors are that the new 7” tablet will have even better resolution, a camera and volume buttons replacing the touch volume control on the current Kindle Fire.
The article also reports rumors of the new tablet still being priced at $199 with the price of the current Kindle Fire being lowered to $149.
If the Kindle Fire 2 does launch later this summer, it should be a hot item.
You won’t see this happening with a Kindle book
It was used, but it was a first edition. This story in Publishers Weekly mentions that a physical copy of Live and Let Die, the second James Bond book written by Ian Fleming, sold for $21,258, exceeding the $6,000 estimate. That price may be cheap considering that Winston Churchill’s personal copy, with a personal message from Fleming to Churchill, sold for $71,700 in 2002. Are you feeling the need to scavenge through boxes of old books at garage sales now?
More than a dozen James Bond novels are available on the Kindle. None of them are priced cheap, but each is a classic.
Cheap read to pre-order – Painting Naked
Macmillan launched an imprint in 2006 known as New Writing with the aim of discovering superb new novelists writing in all genres. It publishes one novel per month. The perfect-for-the-beach novel here was originally published as Beachcombing in 2009. Hence, the cover has one title while the webpage has another.
Book Description: Jillian Hunter treasures her independence. She’s raised two sons by herself, launched a small business, and restored a tumbledown beach cottage in Connecticut. Finally, at fifty-two, she’s ready for another shot at love, but soon discovers most single men her age prefer women in their twenties. Then a trip to London reunites her with Colin – an old flame she hasn’t seen in thirty-five years – and Jill falls for him all over again. This could be her chance for a new beginning, one she never expected, and certainly not at her age. But Colin isn’t quite the boy Jill remembers and she ends up risking everything she’s worked for – her business, her home, and her two closest friends – to make a life with him. And when faced with the risk of losing Colin as well, Jill is forced to take an uncomfortably close look at the woman she’s allowed herself to become and figure out a way to win herself back.
Funny, sophisticated, and wise, Painting Naked is a coming-of-middle-age story about girlfriends when you’re no longer a girl, about growing up when you’re already grown up, and the price you’re willing to pay for the love of your life. Pre-order this summer read today for $2.98 and receive it on August 1.
Click here to purchase Painting Naked

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Housekeeping: What I love/not so much about my Kindle and Cheap reads for the longest day of the year 26 comments

What I love about my Kindle: Using the dictionary to instantly look up words I don’t know, instead of making a mental note that I should look that word up, but never doing so. Kindle makes me smarter!
Not so much: It’s really hard to skip ahead to see how a book ends, just to make sure the hero saves the day and the guy gets the girl.
Love: Nobody knows what book I’m reading.
Not so much: I can’t see the book cover and sometimes I forget what book I’m reading.
Love: Free books!
Not so much: I have 500 free books in my archive. I can’t stack them in a pile by the bedside in the order I want to read them.
Love: I can make the font size bigger. Not that I need to, of course, but every once in awhile, before bed after I take my contacts out, I may occasionally make the font size bigger. This is no indication that I’m getting older or my eyesight is getting weaker. It just means I want to use all the features on my Kindle. Because I can.
Not so much: I can’t read while taking a relaxing bath for fear of both steam and dropping it in the water.
Love: Highlighting certain passages that I like or want to use in a book review.
Not so much: That moment of panic when I can’t find my Kindle and thinking I didn’t lose a 25 cent paperback I bought at a garage sale, I lost every book I’ve ever purchased in the last two years.
Love Not having to hunt up a book mark and ending up sticking a flier from the carpet store in the book to mark my place.
Not so much: When reading in public, everybody wants to look at it and play with it. Do you mind, I’m reading here?
Love: “Borrowing” a book without having to wonder where the library book has been as I cradle it against my body reading in the recliner.
Not so much: Not being able to skim back through the book to re-check facts. I know this is possible, but it’s not easy.
Love: Tweeting lines of books that I really like and impressing the Twittersphere with my scope of reading.
Not so much: Talking about how much I enjoy my Kindle, then having to listen to someone rant for 20 minutes about how much they love the feel of books and they can’t understand why anyone would give them up.
What do you love about your Kindle? And what is not so much? Leave a comment and tell us.
Cheap Reads for the Summer Solstice
Google reduced the price on several books as a “longest day reading” promotion. Amaazon matched some of those reductions. The question in 2012 is which day really is the longest day – June 20 or June 21? The great price of $1.99 each for the books below may not last very long.

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Housekeeping: What book descriptions really mean; Big day next week; and Cheap Reads 5 comments

If the book description states. . .
. . . different from any book you have ever read, it means that all grammar, language, and plot structure rules have been abandoned.
. . . complex, interwoven tale, it may mean little or no plot.
. . . for fans of Famous Author, it may mean the book is a knock-off with a familiar plot.
. . . his long awaited book, it may mean he didn’t meet deadlines.
. . . full of twists and turns, it may mean the author wrote herself into a corner and had to get out somehow.
. . . a roller-coaster ride of an adventure, it may mean you will feel nauseous while reading the story.
. . . realistic characters, it may mean they are modeled after family and friends.
. . . written for adult readers, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy it more the older you get.
. . . suspenseful historical paranormal romance, see “full of twists and turns” above.
. . . a born story teller, it may mean the author is a liar.
. . . techno-thriller, it may mean that the technology will go right over your head.
. . . gritty coming-of-age novel, it may mean the protagonist experiences ten times more angst than the average person.
Feel free to leave a comment of any book description phrases that you have given a unique meaning.
Our big day is coming next week!
Daily Cheap Reads will be celebrating two years of our blog on Wednesday, June 20. We are working on special posts for the day. Not to give anything away, but think in twos.
The decision hasn’t been made yet of what birthday treats we are going to enjoy. Cake? Ice Cream? Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie? Snickerdoodles? Gooseberry Pie?
Take our poll and vote for your favorite birthday party treat.

A treat – cheap reads!
Three books – a biography, a mystery, and a romantic suspense – only 99 cents each.

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Housekeeping: Kindle upgrade, Avalon Books coming to the Kindle, and Very Cheap Reads 1 comment

Exciting update to the basic Kindle
A software update for the basic Kindle will make the device even more appealing for young readers and their parents.
Among the new features in the update is a parental control that will allow parents to restrict access to the Web browser and the Kindle store. This is a welcome feature so parents can let their children read on the Kindle without fear that they’ll discover materials not meant for young eyes or rack up a credit card bill buying video games.
In addition, the software will support children’s books with text pop up and comic book panels, as well as support for books with the more complex Kindle Format 8.
Children’s books are becoming increasingly popular for the Kindle, with extras such as video, audio, choose-your-own-adventure story lines and games. We feature these books on the Daily Cheap Read Junior Edition.
The software improvements and the affordable $79 price level will likely mean even more summer reading for kids. The update will be delivered automatically to Kindle owners via wi-fi in the coming weeks. You can also download direct following the instructions on the software update webpage.
Amazon buys Avalon Books
Amazon continues to purchase smaller publishers as Amazon grows to become a major player in the book world. Recently acquired Avalon Books, based in New York City, publishes romances, mysteries, and Westerns. The purchase includes more than 3,000 back-list titles which Amazon is going to publish under their imprints, such as Montlake Romance and Thomas & Mercer. Read more about the sale in this article.
Avalon’s website provides this information about their books based on the information in their author guidelines:

A. No cursing throughout all of our books. Nothing heavier than a “hell,” “damn” in Westerns and Mysteries. We don’t like cursing at all in our romances. We do not accept racial epithets, no harsh language, and no sexy talk.
A. In our Romances keep it minimal, if any. In our Westerns and Mysteries it is okay within reason.
A. Sexual tension is fine but not more than a kiss or embrace is allowed.

Speaking of romances. . . Cheap reads
June, the month of all things bridal, is here and the publishers are lowering the prices on romances. You will see quite a few on the site over the next few weeks. Here are six historical romances by Margaret Moore selling for only 99 cents each. In spite os the overwhelming similarity of the book covers, six different books are featured.

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Housekeeping: E-Advertisements with a Poll, Amazon Housekeeping, and a bundle of children’s books 7 comments

E-Advertisements, I mean, publisher samples
Publishers have developed the equivalent of grocery store samples of crackers and cheese. More and more short stories or prequels are being offered for the Kindle either free or for 99 cents or $1.99. The publishers have become clever in their titling of these unconventional pieces – introductory prequel, short story, bonus scene, thoughts on BOOK TITLE, and special e-book edition.
These short works usually include a sample of the larger book hoping you will have to know the resolution of the conflict and buy the complete higher priced book.
I think of these as advertisements – some thinly veiled, others obvious. Reader reviews have been very critical on some of these items:

I knew this was short, but I expect at least a bit of story.

While billed as a “bonus story,” it just stopped in the middle of the 24 pages.

Please do not give us a portion of a book and then ask us to buy the ending under a different title. Makes us not want to look at any of the other books you offer!

Publishers are also offering free samples of a particular genre or an author’s books in a compilation usually titled something similar to Mystery Teen Sample or The Author Name Sampler. These snippets of bundles are easy to produce and cost the publisher very little.
When you download a sample from Amazon, it is always the first bit of a book. When the publisher produces the sample, the best of the book is presented, usually stopping at a critical point, hoping the reader is enticed to buy the larger book.
Last week Microsoft offered a free book which was basically a user’s manual for one of their software products. A great way to get the user’s manual in the hands of the users, but also a clever way to advertise their product and allow potential users to read about the features.
Even if the publisher offers them free, are they worth it? I’ve read a few of the prequels and teasers. They weren’t groundbreaking, satisfying, or even worth the investment of my time when so many great reads are unread on my Kindle.
How do you feel about these optional items offered by publishers? Do you like them? Are they valuable to you in making reading choices? Or are they just annoying? UPDATE – Added an option to poll based on a comment.

Amazon is doing a little housekeeping, too
According to this article Amazon will be removing some books from the Kindle Store. We have written before about the books that anyone can download and market as their own – private label rights. Removing these and other readily available free content from the Kindle Store is a good move and we appreciate Amazon’s action.
Cheap bundle of books for children
The bundle description says stories. I wondered if this was just a collection of short reads and downloaded the e-file to confirm. Much to my surprise, this file is more than 6,400 locations. The books individually sell for $5.99 or $6.99 each. Written for children ages 9 and up, this bundle for $2.99 is definitely a great buy. The content sounds a bit yucky. . . but the bundle is still a great purchase.
Bundle description: What happens when your mother feeds you more roughage in a week than a health farm dishes out in a year? How will Macca “iron gut” Mactavish’s mates make him throw up? How will Gumby Mason score a boogie from his football Coach? If you’re a fan of cockroaches, vomit, boogie, and turds – then So Stories is the e-book for you. Three of the funniest and most revolting stories ever – So Gross, So Ferel, and So Sick. All three only $2.99 today – a SuperCheap price!
Click here to purchase Three Stories from the So series

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Housekeeping – Disappearing posts, Front lit Kindles, and a Cheap Read 4 comments

Where, oh, where, have our posts gone?
A reader brought a small technical issue to our attention. On days when we have several quick posts in succession such as on typical Monday, earlier posts disappear from the homepage. The most recent 10 posts are on the first page and the second page begins with posts from 24 hours before, dropping 4-6 posts. You can find the posts by selecting a category or searching on a title. If you wait patiently, the posts will reappear later in the day.
We don’t want you to miss a single posts! Our IT support is looking for a solution. If you know the answer to our conundrum, please leave a comment.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
A month ago Barnes & Noble released the NOOK Simple Touch™ with GlowLight™. IT apparently has been successful as the website states it is temporarily out of stock and will ship on May 30, 2012. B&N is marketing the e-reader in this way:

NOOK’s GlowLight illuminates your screen with a soft light that is perfect for bedtime reading. With advanced lighting technology not available on any other reader, GlowLight lets you stay up late reading in total comfort. . .

Amazon has clearly left Kindle owners in the dark. Reuters has published an article stating that will be offering a “monochrome e-reader with front lighting” as one of its new versions of the Kindle e-reader and tablet. The new Kindles will be in the stores in July according to the article.
The downside of front lighting is that the battery will need recharging more frequently. That’s still preferable to the replacing the batteries in an external light.
A cheap read
In this second book of Kathryn Magendie’s much-praised series about the journey of a woman dealing with the ghosts of a dysfunctional family, Virginia Kate Carey seeks the loving commitment that eluded her in Tender Graces ($8.00 now; was offered free on May 10).
“Vee” is idealistic and naïve despite the witness she has served to the fractured heritage of her parents’ and grandmother’s dreams. Vee continues her journey toward wisdom, building small bridges over the chasms of hurt and longing. The inspiration of hope lingers in her.
Tender Graces and now Secret Graces explore three women’s lives: Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, and passes through the fulcrum of Virginia Kate’s emerging life as a lover and mother and storyteller, chronicling the heart ache and hope of her family and herself. You can buy this novel for only $1.99 today – a great price for a sequel.
Click here to purchase Secret Graces

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Housekeeping: Unsolicited advice for authors; Facebook; and Cheap reads 9 comments

Unsolicited advice for authors
Dear Author –
You have toiled and labored to bring your creative thoughts to your book. You have read, read, re-read, written and re-written repeatedly. You are to be commended.
You didn’t ask, but I wanted to pass along a little unsolicited advice. It’s free and my opinion only. Other readers may not agree.
You know all those wonderful comments you posted on the book’s webpage? The words of praise for your writing style and the plot and characters in the book have to be encouraging and points of pride for you. Well, first and foremost I want to know the book. If the book description doesn’t draw me in, then the reviews just won’t matter. Please make your book description the first item to read.
About that description. Please use a spell checker. Maybe you could ask a few friends to proofread. If you have spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors in the description, I immediately think that your book is chock-full of spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors. The description below was taken exactly from a web page in the Kindle Store:

Two stories in one;

Childhood Enemies: Nicolette had been bullied by Jay for most of her school life and that and a few other things had led to her leaving the small town she’d grown up in. Coming back five years later for the reunion and to visit her best friend, Tammy, she’s shocked to learn that some things havwe changed and others havent…

In the authors’ defense, updating descriptions can become a difficult task in the Kindle Store.
Do you have a pet peeve about book descriptions in the Kindle Store? Leave a comment with advice you would give authors about book descriptions. I’ll write more about descriptions in a few weeks.
Giving more to our Facebook friends
If you follow our site via Facebook, we have improved our look. For each of our posts, you will now see the bookcover. Please like a post every once in awhile to keep our posts coming to your page. We haven’t quite gotten the feed perfected, so you may want to visit the site periodically to see all the postings. Another way to see every post is to subscribe to our daily e-mail using the form in the right sidebar.
Beach Reads
The vacation season will officially start with the Memorial Day holiday later this month. We will be posting the great cheap reads that the publishers will be offering for your summer reading pleasure. Look for this summertime graphic to identify a lighter read at a great cheap price. Have you downloaded these cheap reads?
An Engagement in Seattle by Debbie Macomber (48 cents) – 2-book romance bundle
School for Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schrefer (52 cents) – young adult fiction
The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe by Andrew O’Hagan (59 cents) – a canine memoir
A Winter Discovery by Michael Baron (89 cents) – contemporary romance filled with irrepressible spirit
Olympic Fever
The 2012 Summer Olympics will open on July 28 in London, England. Publishers may offer books with an Olympics theme over the coming weeks. Let’s hope they are as cheaply priced as the book below – only 99 cents when you pre-order it today.
Book description: David Davis’s stunning account of how Merry Lepper became the first American woman to complete a marathon.
At a time when television was pushing male-dominated sports coverage into living rooms across America, women were struggling just to set foot onto the playing field. Barred from officially registering for long-distance running competitions, some women ran anyway, defying the authorities and the rules. Still, no American woman had ever successfully completed sports’ ultimate endurance test: the marathon.
That changed in December of 1963, when Merry Lepper became the first. Leaping out of her hiding place in the bushes at the start of the race, dodging cars and infuriating race officials, Merry Lepper challenged the status quo and defeated it, years before the ban on female competitors would be revoked. This is the story of the arduous journey women distance runners had to endure to reach equality with men, and the story of how one woman overcame tremendous hurdles to fulfill a shared dream, paving the way for generations of female marathon runners to come.
Pre-order this book today for only 99 cents and receive it June 5.
This ebook also includes a 17-page excerpt from Showdown at Shepherd’s Bush ($12.99) pre-order, the story of the epic clash at the 1908 Olympic Marathon that jump-started the first marathon mania and heralded the modern age in sports.

Click here to purchase Marathon Crasher

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Housekeeping – All things taxing and Cheap reads for young adults and young-at-heart adults 3 comments

Taxes in Texas
Those of you in Texas will have to start paying sales tax on Amazon purchases July 1. The state had been in a dispute with Amazon for over a year regarding sales taxes.
As part of the deal, Amazon will also create 2,500 new jobs in Texas over the next four years and the state will drop its efforts to collect back taxes. Amazon currently collects sales tax in Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota and Washington and is in a dispute over the issue with the state of Arizon.
Considering the condition of state budgets, the sales tax issue will continue to bubble up around the country.
Taxes, the Agency Model and Amazon
When the agency model was implemented, many of you began paying taxes on e-books you purchased from publishers who had a presence in your state, such as a printing plant, a distribution warehouse, or corporate offices. With the announcement of the Department of Justice settlement and the anticipated end of the agency model, the tax collection by Amazon will probably end. You may still be responsible for remitting taxes to your state for purchases made on the internet. Some states, such as California, exempt e-books from sales tax.
Back in November, Amazon officials appeared before Congress to support The Marketplace Fairness Act, legislation that would provide a way for states to require online sellers to collect state and local sales tax in some cases. This article has much more information concerning the legislation.
The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, issued their opinion of the legislation on April 12. You can read here why this group opposed the tax. supports the tax and states their reasons for the bill being enacted., a federal bill tracking website, states that the bill has a 1% chance of being enacted. You can read the full bill here.
Cheap Reads for Young Adults and Young-at-heart Adults
Many young adult books are being offered at great prices now and we are posting the cheap reads daily on the jr. edition. Encourage the young adults in your life to read this summer by gifting a few of ebooks.
For a limited time, Hereafter, the first book in Tara Hudson’s haunting trilogy, is available as a special promo ebook, available to pre-order for only 99 cents. Delivery is May 22. The ebook includes an excerpt from the captivating sequel, Arise ($9.99 pre-order), along with an exclusive “love letter” from Tara to the city of New Orleans, where the trilogy takes place.
Can there truly be love after death?
Drifting in the dark waters of a mysterious river, the only thing Amelia knows for sure is that she’s dead. With no recollection of her past life—or her actual death—she’s trapped alone in a nightmarish existence. All of this changes when she tries to rescue a boy, Joshua, from drowning in her river. As a ghost, she can do nothing but will him to live. Yet in an unforgettable moment of connection, she helps him survive.
Amelia and Joshua grow ever closer as they begin to uncover the strange circumstances of her death and the secrets of the dark river that held her captive for so long. But even while they struggle to keep their bond hidden from the living world, a frightening spirit named Eli is doing everything in his power to destroy their newfound happiness and drag Amelia back into the ghost world . . . forever.
Thrilling and evocative, with moments of pure pleasure, Hereafter is a sensation you won’t want to miss. Pre-order for only 99 cents today.
Click here to purchase Hereafter with Bonus Material
These three books are selling for $1.99, $2.99 and $2.99 each:

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Housekeeping: In the Clouds, One Crazy Tablet, and Cheap Reads 14 comments

In the Clouds
Lately, I’ve had my books in the Cloud. The Kindle Cloud Reader is probably Amazon’s least understood offering for reading ebooks. It’s basically an online replacement for the Kindle for PC/Mac app. Go here to download it for free. Sadly, the Cloud is only available for Firefox, Google, and Safari browsers. Support for additional browsers is coming soon.
I’ve been utilizing the Cloud to store books I really have no interest in reading any time in the near future – as in the next 25 years, considering how many books are on my waiting list.

Before the Cloud, when I ordered a book, it would load automatically to the Kindle. If it’s been awhile since I’d turned on the wireless, or if lots of free books were offered, this could really clutter up the device. It also made no sense to me to have to load a book before you could remove it to the archive.
Enter the Cloud, that happy place in the sky where free books go to live out their lives. When you “one click purchase,” you can choose an option to send the book to whatever devices you have registered. When you choose the Cloud, it doesn’t automatically send to any device, but waits in perpetual storage, like an automatic archive option. The book does show up on the Kindle Fire carousel, but won’t download until you click it.
The Cloud also makes it possible to read a book directly in your web browser. This is a good option if you don’t want to use a lot of memory on your computer with the Kindle for PC/Mac app. Or if you’re on a computer (at work, perhaps?) where you don’t necessarily want to have your books downloaded.
This may also be a helpful technique to avoid hard restarts on the Kindle. Several users have reported that their devices have been shutting off and restarting frequently. One possible cause is the number of books stored on the device desktop that could overload the memory. If this has been a problem, you might try sending books to the Cloud and see if it helps.
This page on Amazon is the Cloud help page.
How have you used the Cloud and what user tips can you pass on?
One Crazy Tablet
That didn’t take long. PC World is reporting that since the end of February, the Kindle Fire accounts for more than half (54%) of android sales. The article calls the Fire the non-tablet that changed the market and is outsold only by the iPad.
Users report the Fire’s best feature is its ability to be used as an e-reader. Two thumbs up from Daily Cheap Reads! The comparative low price of $199, a simple interface and useful functions have made it the top seller.
National Day of Prayer
Today is the National Day of Prayer in the United States. We posted earlier about the event.
Stormie Omartian’s book on prayer is selling for the great price of only 99 cents.
Stormie Omartian has led millions to pray—parents, wives, husbands, women, teens, and kids. Each of her best-selling books have opened up the mystery of prayer and helped readers approach God with confidence and experience His power. With transparency and biblical depth, Stormie now shares what it means to connect with God in a deep and meaningful way through every circumstance that presents itself. In 30 short chapters, Stormie helps every reader find the freedom, wholeness, and success they want as they discover the simple steps to powerful prayer.
Click here to purchase The Power of a Praying® Life
Crazy Day and Cheap Reads
Yesterday was one crazy day with all one-day-only special prices on refurbished Fires and the Kindle DX. Rumors are that the next Kindle Fire announcement is imminent and the Kindle DX will be discontinued. When the rumors are confirmed, we’ll let you know.
In the meantime, whatever Kindle device or application you are using you will want to consider these 99 cent cheap reads. Topics include military history; true crime including Greentown about the Martha Moxley murder; dieting, a travelogue; and historical fiction.

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Housekeeping – Traveling, What’s in a name and Very cheap reads 3 comments

OR, this may be a case of you need to check again tomorrow morning. Prices fluctuate down overnight and then up in the late afternoon.

UPDATE: As of 4:25am Central US time on Friday, all of the books below are back at the cheap prices. It pays to shop in the mornings on Amazon.
On the road with Kindles
This last week was just a bit busier than normal as Tiger and I traveled to the Southeast United States to attend his class reunion. What did we see when we traveled? Kindles! At the airport, on the airplane, in the hotel lobby, at a restaurant, just about everywhere.
Three years ago when Kindles were just getting a good start the expression was that a Kindle had been spotted “in the wild.” Today they are the norm for the traveling public.
What’s in a name?
I browse through the books in the Kindle Store every day and have noticed something that just doesn’t sit right. Some independent publishers are being a bit misleading. In the cooking section of the Kindle Store, you can find books that are written by authors whose names are very, very similar to celebrity chefs from television networks. A reader who doesn’t notice the variation in spelling might buy the book, thinking they had gotten a great price on a book by this chef that would normally cost $9.99 or more.
Inspirational books are being authored by people with names so similar to well-known spiritual leaders you would have to look two or three times to realize the difference.
No doubt these publishers are making similar changes to book titles, hoping for sales from unsuspecting readers who don’t realize that they are being duped.
I’m not going to provide the names of the authors because I don’t want to give them any attention or business. That’s how strongly I feel about their behavior.
If my name honestly is Agatha Christy and I write mysteries, shouldn’t I be able to use my real name? (The famous writer is Agatha Christie.)
Do you see this practice as misleading or inappropriate? What about unethical? Should Amazon try to control this near-spelling or is it caveat emptor and the reader should be more careful? Tell us what you think about these near names and if you have been duped by one of these books or authors.
Some very cheap reads
Every book below is selling for less than $1.00 – as cheap as 57 cents and 95 cents on the high end.
Diana Palmer fans, the book below is a two-book bundle selling for only 63 cents. For those of you who can’t stand Diana Palmer, it’s still too much to pay, isn’t it?

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