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Housekeeping: Cracking up and BBC’s List 0 comments
Just a little bit cracked
A couple of weeks ago I experienced my first cracked screen ever. I’ve actively used a half dozen or more Kindles and the same number of Fires. For 10 years my record was spotless.
Then I noticed a small crack on my 10″ Fire, just an inch or so long. I should not have set a bowl of hot oatmeal on it….self-inflicted wounds hurt.
Returning home last weekend after listening to an audiobook while traveling, I noticed the crack had grown across the screen in an odd pattern.
The good news is that the device works just fine. I intend to buy myself a Valentine’s Day gift – as long as Amazon offers a deal.


BBC’s Genre-Busting Books
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) asked a group of writers, curators and critics to choose 100 genre-busting novels that changed their lives. Read the complete list here.
The top book in each of the unique categories follows:
Identity: Beloved – Toni Morrison
Love, Sex & Romance: Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding
Adventure: City of Bohane – Kevin Barry
Life, Death & Other Worlds: A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin
Politics, Power & Protest: A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini
Class & Society: A House for Mr Biswas – V. S. Naipaul
Coming of Age: Emily of New Moon – L. M. Montgomery (Just 99 cents)
Family & Friendship: A Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth
Crime & Conflict: American Tabloid – James Ellroy
Rule Breakers: A Confederacy of Dunces – John Kennedy Toole
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Housekeeping: Audible Challenge for $20 Amazon credit 0 comments
Audible Challenge
Audible members are being offered a very sweet deal to earn a $20 Amazon credit. Just listen to three books that are at least three hours long before March 3, 2020.
You need to read the complete page at Audible for the FAQs and terms and conditions.
My personal opinion is that Audible has stepped up the benefits for members as competition has taken root and continues to grow their audiences. Chirp, and Kobo offer great listens for less than $5 every day.
If you are a member of Audible, listen to 3 books of 3 hours or more length by 3/3/2020 and get that $20 Amazon credit!


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Housekeeping: Chronicles of Narnia bundle at Audible 0 comments
Chronicles of Narnia bundle
If you love the Chronicles of Narnia and are a member of Audible, you might want to use a credit to purchase the seven-book bundle of the series.
Description: For over 60 years, readers of all ages have been enchanted by the magical realms, the epic battles between good and evil, and the unforgettable creatures of Narnia.
This box set includes all seven titles in The Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Battle.
Click here to purchase The Chronicles of Narnia Adult Box Set Audiobooks
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Housekeeping: Audible Gift Cards 0 comments
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
Convenience Store Shopping
While traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I spent longer than anticipated at a convenience store. I wandered around the short aisles, stopping at the gift card display. Much to my surprise it included a card for Audible.
I occasionally peruse these types of displays, but had never seen an Audible card. I purchased one for $30.

Good news is that to buy an Audible gift card you do not need to lock your keys in the pickup and spend 20 minutes wandering through a convenience store waiting for the tow truck.
The Audible Gift Card is available through Amazon. With it you receive either three months of membership or three book credits if you are already an Audible member.

The accountant in me quickly realized that this option is cheaper than buying a membership through Audible. If you buy month to month, the price is $14.95/month. I pay once annually for $149.95 – which is $12.50/month. This card brings the price to only $10/month.
When an Audible non-member redeems the gift card, credits are received once each month for three months. During that time, you have the privileges of Audible membership including access to the Daily Deal and members-only sales. It is a sweet deal.
Current Audible members will receive three credits immediately.
When applying my gift card, I tried to redeem it through the GIFT tab at which gave me an invalid code error. I found that it is imperative that you go to the website address on the gift card:
I still want an Audible gift card that can be applied on account and used to purchase audiobooks. Maybe some day.
Click here to purchase Audible Gift Card
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Housekeeping: Black Friday Deals 0 comments
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
Ready to shop?
Amazon has announced that the deals included below – and many more – will be available on various dates and times between November 22 and November 29 (Black Friday), while supplies last, at
You can find print book deals here.
With so many deals, I encourage you to use the menu on the left side to limit your search.
Amazon Devices
• Echo Dot is $27.99 off – just $22.00 or get a 3-pack for just $64.97
• All-new Echo Dot with clock is $25 off – just $34.99
• Echo Show 5 is $40 off – just $49.99
• All-new Echo is $40 off – just $59.99
• Get a Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote and Echo Dot for just $46.99
• Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is $20 off – just $19.99
• Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote is $25 off – just $24.99
• All-new Fire TV Cube is $30 off – just $89.99
• Ring Video Doorbell Pro is $70 off – just $179.00
• All-new Echo Dot Kids Edition is $30 off – just $39.99 OR get a 3-pack for just $119.97
• Fire 7 Kids Edition is $40 off – just $59.99
• All-new Kindle Kids Edition is $30 off – just $79.99
• Fire 7 Tablet is $20 off – just $29.99
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Housekeeping: You’ve come a long way, Kindle 4 comments
A dozen years ago today
Twelve years ago today Amazon announced the Kindle 1, forever changing how many readers consume books, newspapers, blogs and more.
Though other companies introduced e-readers before the Kindle, Amazon’s large following and marketing power quickly moved Kindle to the most popular device. The Kindle 1 held 200 medium-length books and sold for $399. The Kindle Store bragged 88,000 titles.
Read the complete Kindle timeline here at a site named


Check out the original webpage for the K1. Read the product overview. If you can download the correct Flash Player you can view videos by Jeff Bezos and authors giving their support for the K1. You can also watch the famous “drop test” (remember that?).


I had forgotten several events that are mentioned in the history and remembered others that weren’t in the timeline. In 2009 skins were all the rage for personalizing the K2.
Blogs were big with the K2 audience. The novelty of getting an update every day when I turned on the Kindle was heady. After just a few weeks the bloom was off the rose. The blogs were stacking up unread and I canceled the subscriptions.
The timeline does not mention the day that games were available on the K2. The Kindle Forum (remember that before Amazon ended it) was all atwitter about the games.
Please share your story with us – about your first Kindle; how the device changed your reading habits or anything you want to tell us about your Kindle experience.
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Housekeeping: On the road again and Throwback Thursday 14 comments
About that one day delivery….
Each fall my husband and I spend several weekends traveling to away games for the local university football team. We have spotted several Amazon 18-wheelers on the interstate. We were behind one at a truckstop that proclaimed on its back doors: There’s more to Prime. A truckload more.
Last Saturday we passed a semi-trailer hauling three smaller delivery trucks with Amazon logos. The company must be prepping for the holiday season.
Several weeks ago winter weather arrived in our state and this Amazon rig didn’t make its destination as planned. The newspaper reported no damage and only a few hours delay.
Have you seen Amazon delivery trucks and/or semi-tractor trailers in the wild? Or in the median?



Throwback Thursday
In recent weeks I’ve been de-cluttering magazines. I admit to leafing through every single one of them before boxing them to pass along. I found this blurb in the May 2009 edition of Bon Appetit. Remember paying $359 for your first Kindle 2?


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Housekeeping: Prime deal for vets and military and MacMillan vs. Libraries 8 comments
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
Prime deal for veterans and active military
Amazon is offering a very sweet Prime membership deal for all veterans and active military personnel. Now through Monday, November 11, a year of Prime is available for only $79.
If you already have Prime, the deal extends your membership for one year.
Learn more about how Amazon supports the military here.


MacMillan limits sales of ebooks to libraries
MacMillan Publishing, one of the five big publishing houses, has drastically reduced the number of newly-released ebooks to libraries. Under the new process in the first eight weeks after publication only one copy of an ebook is sold to libraries. Prior to the change a library could order limitless copies.
MacMillan defends the action as the first eight weeks being critical to all book sales and that they feel that libraries are cannibalizing sales. Today 45% of MacMillan books are borrowed through libraries. CEO John Sargent says that that number is growing and action had to be taken.
Libraries are not happy with MacMillan’s decision and are seeking remedies. Read more about the controversy here.
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