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Housekeeping: Happy Memorial Day Weekend 0 comments
We aren’t all in this together. We are apart. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this separation plan.
This holiday weekend we hope you are able to visit with friends and family; pay respects at the cemetery; enjoy a break at a park or open-air restaurant; have a few neighbors over for burgers and brats and start a great summer read.
Whatever activities you engage in, stay safe and healthy.


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Housekeeping: Re-opening and Audible 2-for-1 Ongoing Sale 4 comments
In the last two weeks several states have loosened restrictions and are allowing businesses and other entities to open to the public while still practicing social distancing and other recommended protocols.
My question is this: How do libraries ensure the safety of the public and their staff?
The Northeast Document Conservation Center advises libraries to quarantine returned books for 24-48 hours before recirculating. The wait time for a high-demand book will be extended considerably.
What about newspapers and periodicals? Will those be pulled from a common area? Does the library keep these items behind the desk and then quarantine them for 24-48 hours after the patrons returns them?
Should a staff member follow behind every person and pull any book that is touched?
What if a patron tries to sanitize a book and ruins it?
What is the future of today’s library?
Let me know your ideas and if you have or will soon return to the library.


Audible’s Ongoing 2-for-1 Deal
Audible recently announced a 2-audiobooks-for-1 credit sale for members. Users immediately noticed an oddity with this sale. It wasn’t ending for several months.
Audible announced that the promotion will run continuously and doesn’t have an end date. Every 2-3 weeks titles included in the deal will be replaced with new selections. This makes Audible membership even sweeter that your credits will give you even more great listens. Sign up here for Audible membership.
Current titles in the deal include:
Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard T. Kiyosaki
Four books in Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
And many more titles – more than 100 titles available now


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Housekeeping: Bon Voyage! and May Audible Originals 4 comments
Bon Voyage!
My Kindle Voyage appears to be fading into the sunset in a slow, frustrating way. The device no longer times out to the sleep screen. When in use, the light fades periodically for a few seconds and then recovers. If the Voyage is set to low-light, it brightens periodically and must be manually reset.
I’ve rebooted it several times yet the problem continues.
Looking back to when ordered, I have used this Voyage as my main reader since September 2014. Five plus years may be the most one can expect from an e-reader.
The good news is that I have another Voyage in reserve when this one takes its final journey.


Audible Members May selection
Audible is generously allowing Audible members to download all 10 Audible originals this month at no cost. Selections include the classic Treasure Island.
Check out The May Selection at
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Housekeeping: Romance Writer Goes Bad and Free Listens for Everyone 4 comments
Romance Writer Goes Bad
A romance author who published independently has been accused of killing her husband for insurance proceeds of more than $1 million.
In addition to her not-popular romances, she also wrote an essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband”. Not quite an admission of guilt she wrote, “As a romantic suspense writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about murder and, consequently, about police procedure.”
She recently was back in the news when she asked to be released to home detention because of the coronavirus.
Out of curiosity I searched for her books in Amazon. She has a six-book series titled: Wrong Never Felt So Right.
An early story of the murder can be found here. The story stating the large insurance payout can be found here.


Free Sleep Tracks for Everyone from Audible
During these troubling times, Audible has gathered a collection of soothing meditations, stories, sound baths, autonomous sensory meridian response, soundscapes and more. The collection of short listens is free to everyone to download. Membership is not required.
Audible states: A good night’s sleep is essential for keeping our mind and bodies strong, but it’s not always an easy thing to get—especially now.
Discover the collection, free for everyone.
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Housekeeping: Grammar exercise and Cool new feature 8 comments
Grammar Police cringe
Every week I read many book blurbs. Some are verbose; some are intriguing, some are just right. Then I read one that has a glaring error and I cringe.
I know that my website is not error free. Every evening and morning I work to put together these posts. Occasionally I’m pulling it together at the last minute. Other times I’m making posts while sitting in a hospital room, riding in a car or some other far-from-ideal location.
Book blurbs should be proof-read so many times that any mistake is found. See if you can find the errors in these two examples.


Cool new feature at Amazon
Have you noticed the new feature on Amazon that tells you if you have already purchased a book? I often look down the webpage on any Kindle book to view the books in the Customers who bought this item also bought section.
Amazon now shows you when you purchased a book in the list. The drawback is that only books bought since March 1, 2020, are showing the purchase month. Maybe other months will be labeled soon.

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Housekeeping: Free HBO shows for everyone and dayone blog 3 comments
Free HBO shows for everyone
Amazon has announced that more than 30 TV shows and movies from HBO including Big Little Lies, McMillion$, Ballers, Silicon Valley, Succession, and more have been added to their free streaming content. These shows are available now, for free, to Amazon customers in the US. To access this free content from HBO, customers just need to sign into their Amazon Account—no Prime membership required.
According to HBO, for a limited time both seasons of drama “Big Little Lies” — 14 episodes in all — has been added to its free-streaming buffet of some 500 hours of premium content available during the coronavirus pandemic.


Amazon’s Response to Coronavirus
Amazon publishes a daily blog titled dayone that highlights the many actions Amazon is taking in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Subjects in the blog in the past week included:
• Amazon hiring for additional 75,000 jobs; has brought on 100,000+ new associates in the last four weeks
• Amazon supports computer science students with laptop donations and free online resources
• Amazon supports Seattle-area rental assistance program
• Amazon continues to support communities around the world through device donations
• Amazon delivers supplies to UW Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital
• Amazon donating $5 million in devices globally (Kindle, Fire tablets, Echo, Fire TV, and more)
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Housekeeping: Watching musicals 4 comments
Need something new?
During this unique and trying time, many companies and individuals have opened their wallets and hearts to provide value and opportunities to the world. Recently Andrew Lloyd Webber announced that he will be streaming his musicals online for free every week. The shows start at 7:00 Friday evening British summer time which is 1:00p.m. Central US time. The shows are available to watch for a 48-hour period.
We missed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 🙁 A new musical will be available tomorrow. Go here to connect to YouTube.


I’m having the darnest time keeping track of what day of the week it is. Last week I woke up one morning, figured out it was Friday and realized that I had totally forgotten to write a Housekeeping post for Thursday.
I work best in a routine and this sheltering-at-home has put a few kinks in that routine. Thankfully our weather has moderated and we have been outside enjoying the sun.
Hope you are all doing well, staying on top of your game, remembering what day of the week it is and taking care of yourselves. This will end and we are praying that the beginning of the end is soon.
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Housekeeping: Family Book Club and Popular Books 1920-2018 0 comments
A Family Book Club?
HarperCollins published an article suggesting that now is a great time to start a family book club, giving five compelling reasons to bring together the relatives to choose a book and have it read by this time next week.
Read the article 5 Reasons You Should Start A Family Book Club Right Now and send out that text or email to the fam.


My Fam Idea
Our family on my father’s side has a family reunion in March each year – until this year. I suggested to my sister that we needed to start a Facebook page, invite family members, upload vintage photographs and ask everyone to post an update of their lives. The response has been wonderful and many of the younger members of the family are following the page.
Our virtual family reunion is lasting long after our usual meeting on a Sunday afternoon.

Popular in Your Birth Year

Southern Living magazine posted a slideshow of the most popular book every year from 1920 to 2018. Check it out to see what everyone was reading in your birth year here. If you don’t want to go through the slideshow, scroll down the page to see the list.
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Housekeeping Extra: Free listens (not downloads) on 0 comments
Free listens for everyone from Audible
For a limited time while the nation’s schools are closed, Audible is offering great listens free to anyone – no membership required. The selections are for all ages groups and include classics. There are books available in five languages other than English.
The teen section has several books from one series as well as a couple to to help you learn Spanish and French.
This adult is going to listen to every book in the elementary and tween categories.
Go to this website to start listening:


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Housekeeping: Bright spot 2 comments
Bright spot in these uncertain times
As the concern over COVID-19 continues and we have been asked to shelter at home in an effort to stop this lethal virus. Organizations and businesses around the country are opening their virtual information vaults and sharing them with all of us via the internet.
Publishers Weekly, the trade paper of publishers, made this announcement Wednesday:

Everyone can now access the digital edition of PW from or from the PW app on iOS and Android.

Additionally, articles, past bestsellers lists and the reviews database, which includes a search feature and the reviews listed by genre, will be made available to all.

And last, we are very pleased to share access to our recently launched archive database. The archive includes 7,597 past issues, 676,133 pages, 400,000 book reviews, 5,000 author profiles and interviews and, beginning in 1895, bestseller lists.

Important links:
• Access your digital copy each week on Saturday here:
• Access the reviews database here:
• Access the archive here:


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Housekeeping: Thankfulness 6 comments
A Week Later
Last week I posted a few suggestions regarding how to prepare for the COVID-19 outbreak. The worldwide situation has worsened and the concern will probably continue for weeks or even months.
In all events, we have reasons to be grateful. Here’s my what-I’m-thankful-for list:

  • High-speed fiber services that were installed in last fall
  • The internet to receive news, chat with friends, and work from home
  • The internet to order items we need to be delivered to our home
  • Good health that increases our odds of recovery if impacted
  • Plenty of ways to entertain ourselves if we are quarantined at home
  • Faith that God is in control
    We have been praying for healing in our community, state, nation and around the world. Let us know if you or someone close to you has been impacted. Provide us first names and we will add them specifically to our prayer list.
    Please do all you can to protect yourself and your family. Our prayer is that life as back to normal in a short time.

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    Housekeeping: COVID-19 Impacts and Sandman Coming to Audible 8 comments
    COVID-19 Impacts Publishing Industry
    This year’s London Book Fair has been cancelled. Citing concerns about the potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Reed Exhibitions made the announcement at the last minute. The event was scheduled to start next week. Harpercollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette LIvre and Pan Macmillan had announced prior to the cancellation that their staffs would not be attending.
    Concerns of the increasing spread of the COVID-19 virus caused the organizers of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to reschedule to the first week in May. Publishers, authors and editors have been scrambling to rearrange their schedules to accommodate the change.
    More than 30 children’s book publishers exhibiting at Toy Fair New York in late February reported that they use Chinese factories to produce a significant percentage of their books. They anticipate a disruption in the supply chain because of the virus.
    All of us have heard the precautions we need to practice to minimize contracting the virus. This is my advice:
    1) Download 10-15 great books to your Kindle.
    2) Charge the battery and keep the charging cord handy.
    3) Both hands on your Kindle will keep you from touching surfaces that may have the virus.
    4) Avoid crowds – stay home and read.
    5) Download more books if the virus threat continues.

    The Sandman Audio Drama coming to Audible this summer, narrated by Neil Gaiman

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