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Housekeeping: Prime Day 2019 in the Rearview Mirror 4 comments
Prime Day 2019
Prime Day fatigue arrived well before Prime Day this year. The announcement, the pre-launch deals, the hype! I was exhausted and ready for a vacation before Monday. Am I the only one who felt this way?
The deals on Kindle Books were done right this year with a good variety of fiction and non-fiction. Recently published books with many reviews were offered at great prices. A few of the daily deals were re-runs, but still good finds if you missed them the first time around.
A few seemed a stretch as best sellers. Do you really think All the Way: My Life in Four Quarters by Joe Willie Namath with 31 reviews is a “must have” in Kindle books? At $4.99, I resisted the temptation to buy now with 1-Click. If you snatched it up, please let us know if it was worth the investment.
The offer for Audible members of 12 select books at $5 each was a pleasant addition to this year’s Prime Day offerings. Those who contribute to the bottom line every month should be rewarded. This was perhaps the only subscription-based service with an added Prime Day benefit for those who are already purchasing the service.
Amazon once again offered wonderful enticements for new subscribers to premium movie channels, Music Unlimited, Twitch Prime, Amazon Photos, Kindle Unlimited and more. Waiting for Prime Day is smart for anyone thinking about subscribing to an Amazon service.
Amazon sold Echo Dots cheaper than candy. Buy a Ring doorbell, get a free Dot. Sign up for Audible and get a Dot for 99 cents. Buy a Dot outright for $22 – less than half of list price. Tens of thousands of Dots will be zipping through the shipping channels as surely everyone ordered one for the guest bathroom – perhaps the only room in the house still Dot-less.
If you believe the conspiracy theorists, Amazon has solved the riddle of how to listen to every conversation in America AND make the spied-upon (or is that the spyee?) pay for it. I do not believe Amazon cares one twit about our house because our Echo doesn’t hear me three-quarters of the time. She doesn’t wake up until I speak up. The kitchen Dot has an even greater hearing impairment.
I hope each of you found great deals on items you wanted and/or needed and kept your enthusiasm through the two days. No doubt Amazon is already planning PD2020 which may be Three Days of Deals with a week and a half of sales before the main event. Heaven help us.
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Housekeeping: First Reads recommendation and $10 credit for Prime Day 0 comments
July Kindle First Reads
Prime members can select two First Reads in July as part of Amazon’s Prime Day celebration.
Although I have not read it yet, I want to recommend Julianne MacLean’s World War II historical fiction novel A Fire Sparkling. Julianne states that this book is “not a romance – it’s a dual timeline with a historical component – more of a straight historical fiction.”
Julianne is well known for her popular Color of Heaven series, an interwoven women’s series with romance.
After choosing A Fire Sparkling for one of my July First Reads, I pre-ordered the audiobook for just $1.99.


$10 Prime Day credit
Prime members who spend $10 or more at Whole Foods Market from July 3-16 will get $10 in Amazon credit to spend on on Prime Day, July 15-16.
All the details can be found here.
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Housekeeping: Name Change and Pre-Prime Day Deals 0 comments
Audible Escape
The Audible Romance Package has been renamed to Audible Escape. The program is the same – pay a monthly subscription fee and receive unlimited listening of great romance titles.
Through July 31 Audible members can buy an Audible Escape 3-month membership for only $3/month.
Your Audible Escape Membership Includes:
• Unlimited listening to a huge selection of love stories.
• Entire series and titles from your favorite authors.
• Original and exclusive stories produced by Audible that you can’t get anywhere else.
• Listen for one flat monthly fee. You can cancel anytime with no commitments.
After three months, the regular monthly subscription fee will apply.
Deals before the Big Day!
Prime members can find great deals for the next two weeks as Amazon is offering sales prior to Prime Day. Save on clothing, electronics, housewares, baby items, toys, groceries – just about everything! Save on Music Unlimited. Check out the links below to find the great deals.

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Housekeeping: Happy birthday! 12 comments
Where were you?
Where were you nine years ago today? June 20, 2010…..remember anything special about the day? Need a hint? It was Sunday. Father’s Day. And Paula’s birthday.
We officially launched our little blog that day. Originally known as Kindle Cheap Reads (Amazon required the name change), we bravely stepped out where we had never been before – naive and too inexperienced to make an impact.
Our first day’s post featured a welcome; a selection of Father’s Day books; several inspirational historical romances, a biography of Condoleezza Rice; a collection of Andy Rooney essays and deals on refurbished US Kindle 2 e-readers.
Here we are – 3,288 continuous days of posts later – still sharing with you the great cheap reads available for Kindle. We love doing it every single day.
You, the faithful site visitors, make it all worthwhile. A heartfelt thank you to each and every one.


Remember our first anniversary?
We made a big deal about our first anniversary, complete with a cake. Back then our posts went live throughout the day. Our birthday morning started with a pristine cake and progressed through the day. We gave the impression that our huge staff was enjoying the cake in the break room.
For the record, there are just two ladies – sisters – in this operation.
In preparation for the birthday posts, we staged the cake pictures earlier in the week. To show the cake had been eaten, large pieces were cut and stashed in Paula’s freezer. Tiger and Paula enjoyed that cake well into September. Well, maybe not September, but there was still cake in the freezer when July 1 rolled around.

Enjoy our posts from eight years ago featuring a darn good cake:
Today’s our birthday! One year ago today we went live with our website after several months of a blog that we had only made known to family and friends. What a wonderful year you have made this for us!

This post is to show you the cake we commissioned for the event. We asked the baker to refrain from overdoing the decoration and did that baker ever follow our request. White space and beyond. We will be cutting into this deliciousness later in the day when all the staff arrives. It’s still a bit early for some of them to be up and about.


What happened? We scheduled the cake cutting ceremony for 10:00am. Apparently some of the staff couldn’t wait that long.
I’ve got a fresh pot of coffee made and I’m going to enjoy a mid-morning break with a bite of this yummy confection. All of you are invited to stop by the conference room on the second floor of the DailyCheapReads world headquarters and enjoy cake with us.


Oh, my. Cake carnage is not a pretty site. Many of you must have dropped in to enjoy the cake.
I’m feeling a bit drained from the busy day so I’ll just eat that last piece for a pick-me-up.
What a great day for DailyCheapReads and we are glad you stopped by to celebrate with us.


Paula again in 2019: True story: That cake looked so appealing while writing this post last night, I made a quick trip to the grocery to buy a small cake. I’ve savored every bite!
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Housekeeping – Popsicle humor, a story about my dad and Father’s Day deals 2 comments
Popsicle Humor
My husband enjoys Popsicles this time of year. A riddle is printed on each wooden stick. This head-scratcher was on an orange-flavored goodie.

What did the author say about the novel when it was finished?

The answer is upside down at the bottom of the post.

For Dad and Everyone
Years ago our hometown newspaper included a section titled “For Women Only.” Engagement and wedding announcements; milestone anniversaries; social events; women’s organizational meeting notices, recipes and similar items were printed on this page.
My dad faithfully read the every day. Once I walked by when he was obviously reading the “For Women Only” page. With seven-year-old superiority I told him he couldn’t read that page because he was a man. He laughed. Loudly. Then he told me, “Well, I reckon I can!”
The Father’s Day sale on Kindle e-readers isn’t just for fathers. I reckon anyone can take advantage of these deals. If you want to give yourself an Oasis, then do it! Want a Paperwhite for your mom? Buy it! Be a rebel like my dad. Laugh loudly if anyone challenges you.

Give a gift, Get a credit
If you are a member, Audible is giving you a gift for choosing to give Audible this Father’s Day. Buy a gift membership of three, six or 12 months for your dad (or anyone) and Audible will give you credit to spend on Audible titles.
If you give the gift to someone who already has a membership, they will receive all credits immediately and have no changes to their current plan.
Give yourself TWO gifts
I contacted Audible via chat and asked if I could buy the Father’s Day deal for myself and get the credit. She said yes! I generously gave me the 12-month deal of a $40 credit and 12 credits. Assuming I can purchase four titles with the credit, that’s 16 audiobooks for $150 – less than $10 each.
Truly, this is a great buy for folks who are already members of Audible. Most deals are offered to non-members to entice them to join.
Terms and conditions apply that you need to read (scroll down!). The offer is good through Father’s Day.
Riddle Answer
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Housekeeping: My Audible Want List and Why 4 comments
Audible is conflicted
Having an extensive audiobook collection, I spend quite a bit of time managing the titles on If I ran their website, things would be changing.
When I go to my Audible library, I can access the contents by when purchased and/or program type. The library is presented with the most recently purchased first. I can click on the DATE ADDED header to change that to the oldest purchased first.


What if I want to listen to a mystery? Or a young adult tale? Or a romance?
If I don’t know when I purchased the book I want to select next, I must scroll through the pages of my library. You can see below that I have 84 pages of titles in my library – at 20 titles per screen. I can change 20 to 50 to reduce the list to 34 pages.
I have suggested to Audible that they move the option of number of titles per page to the top of the screen so I wouldn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page, change the number to 50 and then scroll through those first 20 again because the page is reset to the top. They have not yet acted on my idea.
My wish list has different options for filtering the titles.
I can limit my wish list by genre if I want to buy a mystery or a young adult story or a romance. I can also filter by length.
Here’s my Audible Want List:
• I want to filter by genre and length in my library too.
• I want to be able to sort my library by author so I can find audiobooks in a series easily. Who buys all the titles in a series at the same time? When looking for the next book in a series, sorting by date added is not helpful.
• I want Audible to allow users to buy gift cards for their accounts.
• I want Audible to allow me to sort by customer rating so I can move 5-stars to the top of my TBLT (to be listened to) list.
• Which reminds me, I want to be able to create a “Next Listens” list with something like a check mark or some other designation. Then I want to be able to filter on just those titles.
What’s on your Audible Want List?
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Housekeeping: New Devices – Fire 7″ tablet and Echo Show and Story Sample 13 comments

All-New Fire 7 Tablet
Earlier this month Amazon announced the next generation of the All-New Fire 7 Tablet. The improved model has a faster processor; hands-free access to Alexa and 16 GB of internal storage (load up the games, apps, videos and books for summer road trips).
The starting price is still only $49.99 and is available in black and three trendy colors – sage, plum and twilight blue. These are muted finishes compared to the red and tangerine offered previously.
If you pre-order this Fire by June 6, you will receive a $10 credit to buy popular apps and games from the Amazon Appstore. Delivery is scheduled to begin June 6.


New Echo Show
Yesterday Amazon announced a new Echo Show 5 making it even easier and affordable for customers to add a smart display to every room of their house.
This Echo Show 5 is your one device for entertainment; smart home management; video calling and messaging and much more. The good news is that more skills and content will be added soon. The price is only $89.99 when you pre-order today. Delivery is scheduled to begin June 26.
The many features of this device are detailed in this press release.


A tough read
Every so often I read a title in the Kindle Store to save you from the experience. The following is a clip from a short story titled Seize Fire. Perhaps the author meant Cease Fire, but I’m not making any assumptions about this piece.

Exiting the Evil King’s chambers, the special messenger traveled in disguise as a priest. A few minutes later, he came into view of the front door. A common servant girl among one hundred elite soldiers recognized the priest’s visage as that of a VIP prisoner.
“Recapture the escaping prisoner!” she shrieked to the warriors.
With great stealth and speed, the messenger battled the guards hand to hand. He sprang through their midst. Then he turned and retreated through the front door. After a burst of energy, he raced from the stronghold into the city streets.
The wily messenger navigated past the wicked city’s marketplace. The frantic palace soldiers alerted the city officers. Soon, every armed man was on the watch for the escaped prisoner. The Evil King heard the news, yet he did nothing but sit on his throne and laugh endlessly.

I’m grateful I’m not a language arts teacher. There’s just not enough red ink for all I want to express.

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Housekeeping: $20 will get you $5 and Memorial Day Kindle Sale 6 comments
Spend $20 to get $5
Amazon is offering a great deal for Kindle book buyers. Raise your hand if this is a deal for you!
Spend $20 on ebooks between now and end-of-day Monday, May 27, Amazon will give you a $5 ebook credit.
Go here to activate the offer. Within 4 days of spending the $20, you will receive an email stating your credit has been applied to your account. The credit expires 30 days after application to your account. Terms and conditions apply.
Also, Amazon is asking for feedback to make the next offer even better.
Please let them know if you have ideas!


Memorial Day Kindle Sale
To help you spend the $20, Amazon is having a Load Up Your Kindle Memorial Day Sale through Sunday, May 26.
Nearly 80 titles are on sale, starting at just 99 cents. Selections include popular authors and bestselling books.


Had to throw that hissy fit
Last week I did have to throw a hissy fit because the doctors would not release my husband from the hospital. The medical staff was sympathetic but unmovable. He was released Monday and still has a long recovery ahead but we are grateful he is home.
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Light Housekeeping: On the mend 6 comments
Hoping for Release
Several weeks ago I shared how my husband had undergone an unplanned major surgery while we were more than 500 miles from home. Two weeks later when we were back home, a small issue arose.
Due to a fistula in his bowel, Tiger was admitted to a regional hospital 45 miles from our home. For four weeks he could not have anything by mouth – no food, no drink. Late last week he was able to start the process of reintroducing food while his external wound continued to heal.
I’ve spent the last five weeks working my day job, visiting Tiger and doing only the necessary. There just hasn’t been time left over to write Housekeeping posts. One positive is that I have listened to many books during the daily commute, including several books from the Joe Pickett series by C. J. Box.
We are hopeful that Tiger will be released Friday or Saturday. He has received wonderful care by a host of amazing professionals. However, he is very ready to be at home to hear his own dog bark.
If he is not released this week, I will throw a hissy fit the likes of which the staff here has never seen.
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Housekeeping: Return to Kohl’s and Being Prepared 4 comments
Returns to Kohl’s
Tuesday Kohl’s announced that beginning this July all of their stores will accept returns for items purchased through Amazon. The concept has been piloted in more than 100 stores and will now roll-out to 1,150 locations across the nation this summer.
Kohl’s says it’s accepting “eligible” Amazon items — without a box or label — at no additional cost for the customer. Accepted items will be bundled and sent to an Amazon return center.
Kohl’s currently sells Amazon products including Fire TV and Echo devices in more than 200 stores.
Prepared or Fumbling
With Tiger’s latest medical concerns, a home health nurse has visited our home. As expected forms had to be completed. One had a question that Tiger and I had not considered. The question was: If your family became separated in a disaster, do you know where you would meet?
We discussed the question and determined a place to meet if we were separated at home and a second place if we were separated and one or both were away from the house. We identified a place that was close enough to our home that a person could walk there and also has access from four directions.
We have always had a medical bug-out-bag (BoB) that we take to the basement when tornado warnings are issued. It includes LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, High-Speed Charging Power Bank similar to this one and 5 pounds of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda because of its many uses for hygiene, first aid and cleaning.
If your family hasn’t discussed the question or if you are single and need to identify a neighbor or someone to watch out for you, I would encourage you to develop a plan.
If you are concerned about medical issues, this book may be helpful to you. Throw your Kindle and a charger into your BoB to have the information readily available.
Book Description: This unique medical book is meant to enable the average person to handle injuries and illness in situations in which modern medical facilities and professionals aren’t available due to a disaster.
This book is written by America’s top medical preparedness experts: Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP. Their mission: to put a medically prepared person in every family for when medical help is not on the way. Using decades of medical experience, they address, in plain language, dozens of medical issues associated with surviving disasters and epidemics.
Click here to purchase The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster
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