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Housekeeping: Health Update 4 comments
Husband Is Doing Great
I mentioned several weeks ago that my husband was having surgery August 7. All went well and he was in the hospital just one overnight. Once again we were blessed with amazing health professionals and praying friends and family.
Tiger hasn’t been doing handsprings and cartwheels but he is ready to get back to normal. Today we are traveling to his surgeon for a follow-up visit. He’s hopeful that restrictions on his activities will be lifted.
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Housekeeping: Eyeglasses 0 comments
When you need eyeglasses
Last winter I visited my optometrist as reading and computer work were causing eyestrain and frustration. I have worn multifocal contacts for decades and love them. Sadly the doctor told me that he is unable to get a pair that would satisfy my needs for distance and close work. Multifocal contacts are limited in how wide the range can be.
I settled for a pair of contacts that work for distance and add a pair of reading glasses for close work. I vowed to never be like my father who had only one pair of reading glasses. We children spent hours looking for his misplaced “cheaters.”
Perhaps extreme, I have three pair of readers in my purse, two pair in the kitchen, a pair on the nightstand, two or three pair at my work desk, two pair on the end table in the den, a pair in the bathroom, a spare pair in the laptop bag and a pair in the car I drive most.
Even with all those I do not have a pair of Echo Frames.
After watching this video I don’t think I want a pair. But then again maybe I could talk myself into giving them a whirl.
I requested an invitation here. I’ll let you know if I’m successful. If you complete the form and are successful, please tell us.
Maybe I should wait until other colors are available.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
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Housekeeping: Personal Note and Audible Podcasts 8 comments
Personal Note
The month of July has been busy but not because life has returned to normal in our part of the Midwest. My husband had a small medical issue that required a three-day stay in a hospital 120 miles from our home. A follow-up surgery will occur August 7 at the same hospital and he will stay a few nights as their guest.
We have been fortunate that I have been able to be with him during the day. That is, if I don’t have a fever or 6-8 other symptoms, wear a mask and leave promptly at 7:00 p.m.


Audible Podcasts
Bloomberg reports that Audible has been meeting with producers and talent agencies to “discuss acquiring potential new podcast projects—or, in the terminology that Audible prefers, ‘Audible Originals.'”
Analysts believe that Audible is seeing the success of shorter content that is fresh, created the same day as it is offered to listeners. Audible wants a part of the market that is dominated by Spotify and Apple.
According to an anonymous source, Audible may change its business model, possibly offering a lower-priced plan giving access to originals but not books. Another idea is to sell original shows individually so membership is not required.
Amazon Music is also adding podcasts to the app soon. The goal is to attract podcast listeners through the use of the Alexa smart speaker.
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Housekeeping: October Prime Day and First Reads 0 comments
Still not ready for Prime Day
Amazon has announced that Amazon Prime Day has been tentatively set for the week of October 5, subject to change as the national health situation changes.
Amazon sited increased demand for essential items during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as keeping their employees safe as reasons for the delay.


Prime Members double dip in July
In July, Prime members get early access to two Kindle books free and only $1.99 each for everyone else. Audiobooks are only $1.99 each when you download the Kindle book.
Choose from:
Trust No One by Debra Webb
Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing by Allison Winn Scotch
Her Final Words by Brianna Labuskes
Across the Winding River by Aimie K. Runyan
The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis
The Son and Heir by Alexander Münninghoff
White Out by Danielle Girard
Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten by Laura Purdie Salas
Tomboyland by Melissa Faliveno
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Housekeeping: Summer Slump, Garden and Packaging 6 comments
Summer Slump
Are you feeling the summer slump?
I am! The news continues to scream doom and gloom; vacations are fizzling as more entertainment venues delay opening or limit their offerings; baseball is going fanless and home dishwashers are overworked.
Apparently the publishers are in the slumps too. The books being offered at great prices have been pretty slim pickings the last few weeks.
Several years ago publishers tried to make $2.99 and $3.99 their best offerings. That campaign must have failed miserably because price came down after about six weeks. They have revived that strategy and we may have a summer of fewer choices at great prices.
I’m hoping for the best and will let you know all the great books that are going for value pricing when the publishers come to their senses.

The Garden Overflows

Love the garden but when the produce starts coming in simultaneously, but there are days it’s a bit overwhelming.
In another 3-4 days, the raspberries will be done for the year. For more than two weeks I’ve been picking them 2-3 times a day.
We grew broccoli for the first time this year and the beef and broccoli stir fry was divine. Food does taste better when you grow it.
The peas came ready at the same time even though I planted them two weeks apart. I’m convinced peas are why God made gardens. Don’t even try to prove me wrong. You will fail.
The cucumber vines suddenly burst forth. This evening I picked nine wonderful, long English cukes. From the looks of the plant, I’ll have that many more in a couple of days.
The yellow squash vines are putting out 3-4 a day. The zucchini plants are bearing fruit but the little guys aren’t growing yet. One day soon I’ll check under the big leaves and find 15 squashes about 3′ long – it’s the zucchini way.
The onions are fat and juicy and should be pulled in a couple of weeks. The green beans are blooming; a few tomatoes are starting to turn red and several green peppers are ready to harvest.
Five cakes and three happy neighbors later, the rhubarb still produces.
This is the time of the year I love carrots and beets. They don’t need attention for a couple of months.


Packaging Overload
I’ve read of Amazon customers who have received orders from Amazon in oversized boxes. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten two oversized envelopes.
The pair of tweezers was nearly lost in this envelope. At first I thought a tired Amazon warehouse worker had forgotten to put in the product.


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Light Housekeeping: Amazon outlet 0 comments
Light Housekeeping this week
Never prepared, I’m scrambling this week to do all that needs to be done. The raspberries are ripening and I pick them three times a day to keep the birds at bay. Tonight Tiger helped as we picked a huge bowl of peas that is waiting to be shelled. Zucchini and summer squash will be ready to pick by the weekend and the rhubarb needs to be harvested – again!
Love the garden even when the produce comes all at once.


Amazon Outlet
Have you ever shopped the Amazon Outlet? My mother affectionately called a clearance section of a store “the rat rack” because you rat around in it looking for something you want.
Amazon’s on-line clearance aisle provides categories and you don’t have to dig.
If you are looking for a bargain, there’s an Under $10 section plus the usual categories of Electronics, Toys, Pet Supplies, Shoes and much more. Check it out to see if there is something you just have to have!
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Housekeeping: Ad Overload and Summer Sale 0 comments
Ad Overload
Searching for books in the Kindle Store has become frustrating. In recent months Amazon has increased sponsored ads. When you search by a title or author name, in addition to 16 books that apply to the search criteria, the first page includes six paid ads that may or may not be related to your search criteria. A large paid banner ad may also be displayed at the top of the page.
In the example below where I asked for books by John Grisham, the first six pages of search results included paid ads.
This aggressive marketing does not prompt me to buy. It’s promotional clutter that slows down finding the books I really want. Have you seen these advertisements? How do you feel about them?
Summer Sale
Amazon is hosting a Fashion Summer Sale Event later this month on June 22. The event is intended to jump-start excitement and sales post-pandemic. Only those who receive an invitation will be able to buy during this 7-10 day shopping spree.
If you aren’t invited to this event, Prime Day 2020 is coming in September – which is invitation only for Prime members. Amazon is becoming quite exclusive.


New colors for Kindle Paperwhite!
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Housekeeping: Emergency Kit and a Sad Book 4 comments
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
Home Emergency Kit Kindle
Kiplinger is a publisher of personal finance advice. Well-known for their lists of helpful ideas, Kiplinger’s is popular for its money management tools, calculators, columns, quizzes, slideshows and other educational and entertaining features.
One recent column was 14 Must-Have Items for Your Home Emergency Kit. Once you scroll through the ads (many, many ads), item #10 is a waterproof e-reader. The Kindle Paperwhite is specifically mentioned.
The reasoning is: Add some emergency-specific content. A first aid guide, survival guides, home repair guides, how-to manuals, recipe books, and road maps. You won’t be scrambling to find books — they’re all in one place — and you don’t need to worry about them getting wet, or torn.
If you needed an excuse to buy a new or another Kindle, you now have it. You’re welcome.


A Sad Book
Have you read a book that was just one tragedy after another? No sunshine, no hope and very little to be happy about?
I’m not going to mention a title or author. Here’s a short list of the events in a book I read recently:
• Hero was a doctor; his first wife and child died of scarlet fever
• Heroine’s mother died when she was a child
• Heroine’s doctor-father and others die in an accident in the mountains
• Heroine suffers broken thigh in accident; is found by recluse Hero
• Heroine insists they take scarlet fever vaccine to small village
• Find a family living in the mountains – husband dies from infection
• Hero, heroine, wife of couple and son continue trip to village
• Wife of couple develops chicken pox
• Son breaks his arm
• Hero goes alone to village but is lost in a snowstorm, found by villager just before death
• Hero and villagers return for women and boy
• Boy falls in deep ravine; heroine falls in trying to rescue boy
• Hero and villagers rescue them; the book ends
Perhaps the greatest tragedy was the time spent reading a book that had very little happiness.
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Housekeeping: No appetite and Prime Day delay 7 comments
Just no appetite!
Book sales in recent months have shown that the reading public is taking a pass on dystopian novels.
Sales of the popular genre had grown since the last presidential election. Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments was a best-seller last fall; sales have plummeted since the coronavirus outbreak.
Adults are mostly reading light and escapism fiction including romantic comedies, family dramas and historical fiction. People want to read uplifting books over dark thrillers and tear-jerkers.
Also popular are non-fiction books about historic plagues through the ages. One editor did caution authors not to write about coronavirus just yet. There’s just no appetite.


‘Tis the Season of Postponements
Weddings, sports leagues and vacations aren’t the only events facing rescheduling. Amazon announced that the popular July sale known as Prime Day has been postponed until September 14.
The pandemic has caused a surge in online orders which has strained Amazon’s warehouses and staff. For weeks during the peak demand period Amazon halted deliveries of non-essential items. Unlimited deliveries are now being accepted so the warehouses will be bursting at the seams by September.
I’m thinking that Prime Day may be presented differently this year. It’s time to shake it up anyway.
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Housekeeping: Happy Memorial Day Weekend 0 comments
We aren’t all in this together. We are apart. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this separation plan.
This holiday weekend we hope you are able to visit with friends and family; pay respects at the cemetery; enjoy a break at a park or open-air restaurant; have a few neighbors over for burgers and brats and start a great summer read.
Whatever activities you engage in, stay safe and healthy.


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Housekeeping: Re-opening and Audible 2-for-1 Ongoing Sale 4 comments
In the last two weeks several states have loosened restrictions and are allowing businesses and other entities to open to the public while still practicing social distancing and other recommended protocols.
My question is this: How do libraries ensure the safety of the public and their staff?
The Northeast Document Conservation Center advises libraries to quarantine returned books for 24-48 hours before recirculating. The wait time for a high-demand book will be extended considerably.
What about newspapers and periodicals? Will those be pulled from a common area? Does the library keep these items behind the desk and then quarantine them for 24-48 hours after the patrons returns them?
Should a staff member follow behind every person and pull any book that is touched?
What if a patron tries to sanitize a book and ruins it?
What is the future of today’s library?
Let me know your ideas and if you have or will soon return to the library.


Audible’s Ongoing 2-for-1 Deal
Audible recently announced a 2-audiobooks-for-1 credit sale for members. Users immediately noticed an oddity with this sale. It wasn’t ending for several months.
Audible announced that the promotion will run continuously and doesn’t have an end date. Every 2-3 weeks titles included in the deal will be replaced with new selections. This makes Audible membership even sweeter that your credits will give you even more great listens. Sign up here for Audible membership.
Current titles in the deal include:
Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard T. Kiyosaki
Four books in Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
And many more titles – more than 100 titles available now


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Housekeeping: Bon Voyage! and May Audible Originals 4 comments
Bon Voyage!
My Kindle Voyage appears to be fading into the sunset in a slow, frustrating way. The device no longer times out to the sleep screen. When in use, the light fades periodically for a few seconds and then recovers. If the Voyage is set to low-light, it brightens periodically and must be manually reset.
I’ve rebooted it several times yet the problem continues.
Looking back to when ordered, I have used this Voyage as my main reader since September 2014. Five plus years may be the most one can expect from an e-reader.
The good news is that I have another Voyage in reserve when this one takes its final journey.


Audible Members May selection
Audible is generously allowing Audible members to download all 10 Audible originals this month at no cost. Selections include the classic Treasure Island.
Check out The May Selection at
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