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Housekeeping: Born Reader, Free Audiobook, Graphic Novels for only 49 cents each and Cheap Reads 8 comments

broom.panBorn Reader
Were you born to be a reader? Or did you develop the habit? posted an article citing 14 signs you were born to be a reader. Not all of them were applicable to me, but a dozen were. I’ll consider that to be an affirmative that it was pre-determined that I would be a life-long reader.
One of the signs is “your family reads a lot.” Definitely true with us. We grew up reading and just kept right on through college and adulthood. Our sister who lives in New Mexico took a sabbatical from her job and spent five months last year caring for a relative. In that time, she read 180 books and novellas – that’s more than one a day.
The list includes research findings that reading reduces stress and links to this article in the United Kingdom’s Telegraph. “Even six minutes (of reading) can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds” studies have shown. That’s nothing short of amazing. Next time you feel stressed, grab your Kindle and take a 10-15 minute reading break.
Free Audiobook
Download the free Kindle version of The Three Musketeers and download the audiobook free, too.
Book Description: When d’Artagnan goes to Paris to become a Musketeer, he embarks on a swashbuckling adventure with the legendary Porthos, Athos, and Aramis. If they wish to trump the nefarious Cardinal Richelieu, it’s got to be “all for one, one for all.”
Justice League Graphic Novels
If you love superheros, now is the time to fill your Kindle or Fire with Justice League Graphic Novels. Nearly 100 graphic novels featuring the Justice League are selling for only 49 cents each. Some of the books are around 24 pages in length, while others are more than 200 pages. You might want to buy Justice League of America (2006-2011) #1, a 224-page over-sized first issue written by Brad Meltzer. It’s only 49 cents today!
You can also buy Injustice Graphic Novels for 49 cents each. There are 80 of these selling supercheap.
If you are really into comicx, browse these 1,872 graphic novels which are selling for only 49 cents each.
Cheap Reads
Read a suspense novel this weekend when you buy these two for only 99 cents each.
Never Tell a Lie (99 cents) It all started with the yard sale. Ivy was eight months and one week pregnant when she insisted that she and her husband, David, clean out the junk from the old Victorian house they’d bought three years before.
It turned out that the customer asking about the lime-green glass swan dish—the woman who looks just about as pregnant as Ivy—was Melinda White, a former high school classmate of David and Ivy’s. When Melinda was a child she used to play in their new house, she explained. Would it be all right if she took a look around? David took Melinda inside. And she never came out.
212 (99 cents Audiobook $3.99) When a student is murdered following a series of threatening messages posted on a college gossip site, NYPD detectives Ellie Hatcher and J. J. Rogan are assigned the case. As they dig deeper, however, they discover the victim was only one of many-and the killer isn’t finished.

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Housekeeping: Prime Day 2017 Analysis, Amazon Reports on Prime Day and Cheap Reads 8 comments

broom.panPrime Day 2017 Analysis
Prime Day 2016 was done right. Amazon heard the harsh criticism from last year and spent a year planning and implementing Tuesday’s event to quiet the detractors.
I think that in 2015 someone at Amazon had the Prime Day idea in mid-May and the company worked hard to get it together in a too-short time frame. Sadly, they patterned the day after the classic “lightning deal” without enough inventory or time during the deal for customers to complete the purchase.
In 2015, Amazon seriously underestimated the Prime buyer. We didn’t want cheap stuff at small discounts. Prime Day should be items we want at reduced prices. Don’t think: clear out crap from the warehouses. Think instead: reward us for investing $99 in Amazon.
Prime Day 2016 did these things right:
PD Options Crop1) The inventory of popular items was sufficient for the demand. No more embarrassment of having only one Kate Spade purse to sell (see this Housekeeping post from 2015).
2) The prices on Amazon devices were priced right. Selling the $49.99 Kindle Fire for $33.33 was well worth picking up a spare to have on hand for gift-giving or just because. The Echo and Fire TV deals were attractive, too. TVs were hot sellers for those in the market.
3) Customers didn’t have to wade through endless cellphone covers to find the worthwhile items. A buyer could narrow their search to specific broad categories; select products by average review and determine the price range desired.
4) Discounts were available across broad categories, such as up to 50% off luxury beauty cosmetics. Granted, the audience for this discount may be limited, but the buyer could quickly browse what was in the deal and move on.
I don’t particularly need or want for anything and bought four items this prime day. I purchased two $33.33 Kindle Fires for a friend who doesn’t Prime. Jigsaw puzzles are a weakness and I stumbled on a 15-minute deal that was 40% off.
The fourth item ordered wasn’t a smooth transaction. I received an e-mail advertising a price break on an Alexa Tap sling if I ordered through my Echo. I could use one because I ordered a Tap when it was greatly reduced in the Countdown to Prime Day sales. Buying through Alexa is easy and in 30 seconds it was a done deal. Alexa did tell me the total was the full price, but I assumed the discount would be applied later. When the email invoice arrived, no discount. OOPS!
I contacted Customer Care and the helpful lady there said that others had called with a similar issue. She quickly issued a $10 credit to make the price right. This year, ordering from Alexa is not quite ready for Prime Day. By the time Prime Day 2017 rolls around, Alexa ordering will probably give customers options for payment (gift card balance or debit/credit card); ship-to address and if the purchase is a gift.
Ever optimistic, here’s hoping the Oasis is discounted for Prime Day 2017.
What did you think of Prime Day? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Were you so burned last year that you didn’t even bother? Give us your impressions – including the good and the bad.
What Amazon said about Prime Day – From the Press Release

The second annual Prime Day was the biggest day ever for Amazon. Amazon today announced customer orders surpassed Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S. It was also the biggest day ever for Amazon devices globally and record Prime Day for each Amazon device category including Fire TV, Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers and Alexa-enabled devices. Prime Day was a great savings day too – members globally saved more than double on deals over Prime Day 2015.

Prime Day 2016 highlights globally:
Sold over 2.5x more Amazon Fire TV devices compared to Prime Day last year – Fire TV Stick was the best-selling Amazon device.
More than two million toys and more than one million pairs of shoes were purchased by customers on Prime Day 2016.
More than 90,000 TVs were purchased on Prime Day 2016.
Hundreds of thousands of Kindle e-readers sold on Prime Day.
Prime member orders on the Amazon app surpassed Prime Day 2015 mobile app orders by more than 2x.
More than a million customers used the Amazon app for the first time on Prime Day to shop and to watch-a-deal.
The Prime Photos sweepstakes had two million submissions worldwide during the lead-up to Prime Day, the winner will be randomly selected on or about July 14.

Prime Day 2016 highlights from the U.S.:
Amazon devices were up over 3x compared to Prime Day last year.
Biggest day ever for Amazon Echo – up over 2.5x compared to previous record day.
The most popular Amazon Dash Button brands purchased on Prime Day were Cascade, Charmin and Tide.
Members purchased over 215,000 Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cookers.
Members purchased over 200,000 headphones.
Members purchased over 24,000 Double Hammocks by Vivere.
Members purchased over 23,000 iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robots.
Members purchased over 14,000 Lenovo laptops.
Members purchased on average one Alexa-exclusive deal per second during Prime Day using their voice.

Cheap Reads
Buy these two books in the Christchurch Noir Crime Series for only $1.99 each today.
The Cleaner ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) Joe is in control of everything in his simple life—both his day job as a janitor for the police department and his “night work.” He isn’t bothered by the daily news reports of the Christchurch Carver, who, they say, has murdered seven women. Joe knows, though, that the Carver killed only six. He already knows he can outwit the police.
Five Minutes Alone ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) Carl Schroder and Theodore Tate, labeled “The Coma Cops” by the media, are finally getting their lives back into shape. For Schroder, things are neither good nor bad. The bullet lodged in his head from a shooting six months ago hasn’t killed him, but—almost as deadly—it’s switched off his emotions.
When the body of a convicted rapist is found, obliterated by an oncoming train, Tate works the case, trying to determine if this is murder or suicide. The following night, two more rapists go missing. It’s hard to investigate when everyone on the police force seems to be rooting for the killer.

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Housekeeping: Prime Day 2016 Cometh; Hold the Page! and A Cheap Read 6 comments

broom.panPrime Day Cometh!
Clear the calendar, call in sick, set the alarm and drink caffeinated beverages. You don’t want to miss a minute of the great deals on Prime Day 2016, Tuesday, July 12.
Then again, if it is like last year’s Prime Day, there may not be much to generate excitement.
Amazon is doing a better job of setting expectations this year by issuing this notice:
Prime Day Spotlight Deals feature top brands and popular items with deep discounts that last until we run out of stock. These are the best deals you’ll find on Prime Day.
A Lightning Deal is a promotion that lasts for a short time, usually just a few hours. When a Lightning Deal is available, you’ll see this on the product page:
• A status bar indicator showing the percentage of items held by others.
• A timer showing how long you have to add the deal to your Cart.
You can set a reminder for an upcoming Lightning Deal by adding a push notification in your smartphone’s Amazon App
If all items are held by others (the status bar indicator shows “100% claimed”), you can sign up for the waiting list by clicking the Join Waitlist button, if there is an open slot available in the waitlist. You’ll be notified on your Smartphone when you can claim an item if it becomes available.
Prime Savings and Deals are promotions that run all day or within Prime Day. When you browse the Prime Day Deals page for Prime Member promotions, click the See Details button to view the discount amount. When you add an item to your cart and check out, the discount is applied in the checkout page.
Whatever Prime Day is this year, we’ll be here and will let you know if we find any great deals. We will analyze the event on the next Housekeeping, too.
Stop moving the page!
I was ready to rant and rave about the practice Amazon had implemented this week when every webpage in the Kindle Store shifted upward before the loading was complete. Did any of you experience the herky-jerky movement? The page would load as normal then shift upward to hide the search and advertising ribbons at the top. As I write this, the page is shifting upward to hide the advertising ribbon, but still showing the navigational ribbon.
The irritating thing is the jerky movement – the page loads, the page jumps and my eyes have to adjust. Annoying, that’s what it is.
I’m not sure what Amazon is trying to accomplish, moving the page up does not provide any additional valuable information for me.
Do any of you have ideas why it happens? Is this something that helps folks on mobile devices or tablets?
This is the webpage I have seen for forever:

The view that I was getting as I type this (no advertising ribbon at the top):

The view that I was getting earlier this week (no advertising or search ribbon at the top):

A Cheap Read for Grammar Police
This fun book is one mis-statement, typo, or grammar disaster after another. You will laugh, groan and proofread your next email at least twice after reading what others have done. Check out the list of actual book titles in the description below. Buy this today for only 99 cents.
Stupidest Things Ever Said (Just 99 cents) Not just stupidity, but obsessive stupidity! Not just random stupidity, but organized stupidity! Here, from the celebrated collectors of the stupidest things ever said, it’s the créme de la créme of stupidities, made even funnier and more compelling in an irresistible top 10 list format. Like this one:
The Top 10 Stupidest Actual Book Titles:
1. A Toddler’s Guide to the Rubber Industry
2. Constipation and our Civilization
3. Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers 4. The Secret of Sphincters
5. A Pictorial Book of Tongue Coating
6. Life and Laughter ’midst the Cannibals
7. Be Bold With Bananas
8. Hand-Grenade Throwing as a College Sport
9. Collect Fungi on Stamps
10. A Study of Hospital Waiting Lists in Cardiff, 1953–1954
Plus lost-in-translation moments. Doubles entendrés. Political speeches, foreign menus, traffic signs. Celebrities on literature, on homelessness, on revealing too much about themselves. Mangled clichés and bizarre analogies, the wit of the witless and comedy of the clueless—never before have so many said something so dumb, now in one book.

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Housekeeping: Page Flip, Echo Alexa Upgrades & Cheap Reads 2 comments

broom.panPage Flip
On Tuesday Amazon announced an upgrade coming to Kindles, Fire tablets and the Kindle App – Page Flip. The feature was described in the press release:

Page Flip, a reimagined Kindle navigation experience that makes it easy to explore books while always saving your place. With Page Flip, readers can easily flip back and forth between pages to reference different parts of the book while they read. Page Flip will be delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update starting today to Kindle E-readers, Fire tablets, and the free Kindle app for iOS and Android.
Explore your book
Zoom out to get a bird’s eye view of the book and quickly find what you’re looking for. At a glance, easily recognize specific pages as you jump around. Pictures, charts, your highlights, and the layout of each page are easy to see with Page Flip’s pixel-accurate thumbnails that automatically adjust as you change your font and margin settings.
Save your place
Page Flip automatically saves the page you’re reading in a book, pinning it to the side of your screen for easy navigation. Flip back and forth in a book with confidence, knowing you can instantly jump back to reading with a simple tap of your pinned page.

When I receive the update I will test the feature and post about my experience. If any of you receive the update and give Page Flip a try, please let us know your impressions whether it is useful, easy to use, or just another gimmick.
Finally – Amazon Echo Alexa skills easy to add
On Tuesday Amazon announced a much-needed improvement to the Echo Alexa device ($179.99). From the press release:

As the selection of skills continues to grow, Amazon is introducing new, simple ways to discover and enable Alexa skills. The skills section of the Alexa app is now completely redesigned. Starting today, customers can browse Alexa skills by categories such as “Smart Home” and “Lifestyle” in the Alexa app, apply additional search filters, and access their previously enabled skills via the “Your Skills” section.
Also available today, Alexa customers can use their voice to enable skills: simply say “Alexa, enable NBC News” or “Alexa, enable 7 minute workout” and access them instantly.

For anyone who owns an Echo, adding skills through the Alexa app has always been cumbersome. I’m thrilled with this upgrade.
Cheap Reads for the Independence Day Holiday Weekend
America’s Women ($1.99) America’s Women tells the story of more than four centuries of history. It features a stunning array of personalities, from the women peering worriedly over the side of the Mayflower to feminists having a grand old time protesting beauty pageants and bridal fairs. Courageous, silly, funny, and heartbreaking, these women shaped the nation and our vision of what it means to be female in America.
How the States Got Their Shapes ($1.99 Audiobook $3.99) How the States Got Their Shapes is the first book to tackle why our state lines are where they are. Here are the stories behind the stories, right down to the tiny northward jog at the eastern end of Tennessee and the teeny-tiny (and little known) parts of Delaware that are not attached to Delaware but to New Jersey.
Give Me Liberty ($1.99) For thirteen–year–old Nathaniel, an indentured servant in colonial Virginia, life is hard. Though things improve with the help of a kind master named Basil–who shares music, books, and philosophies on equality–around him the climate is heating up.
It’s 1775 and colonists are enraged by England’s taxation. Patrick Henry’s words “give me liberty, or give me death” become the sounding call and the American Revolution is about to errupt. Nathaniel and Basil must make a choice about joining the fight and face a larger conundrum about the true meaning of liberty.

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Housekeeping: Prime Day 2016; Throwback Thursday and Cheap Reads 6 comments

broom.panPrime Day 2016
Amazon has announced Prime Day 2016 is Tuesday, July 12. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss a minute of the deals. Or take a deep breath, remember last year’s Prime Day and keep your wits about you. I’ll be reading up on this year’s event and post more information on next week’s Housekeeping.
Amazon is promising Lightning Deals and all-day deals for a total of over 100,000 Deals.

Throwback Thursday: I write the stories for our 5,000th post
I’m on the road today and will have limited time to moderate comments. Below is a throwback post from November 2011. I’ll be posting another Housekeeping post tomorrow – Friday, July 1.
Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!
As I’ve stated before, I’ve fallen in love with the short story. This literary form has been reborn with e-readers and hurried readers. Fifteen minutes and a story has gone from cradle to grave. A tidy gift in a small package.
I came upon The World’s Shortest Stories Of Love And Death in the Kindle Store. It’s not cheap at $8.99, but every story is only 55 words long and the idea of a 55-word story was fascinating. I purchased the story collection and quickly read through the pages.
The stories are about the general topics of love and death. Some were dark, others poignant, a few were funny, and some I didn’t understand, but that could be a reflection of my lack of life experiences. The story titled Late Charge by Jennifer Saylor is the most clever story. I still chuckle thinking about it.
The idea of a 55-word story so intrigued me that I grabbed a notebook and started penciling my thoughts. After numerous word counts, re-writes, and input from Tiger, here are my first four 55-word stories, one each in the adventure, suspense, contemporary fiction and true romance categories.
Young men. Face to face. Nearly nose to nose. Heavily drawn breath, but no retreats, no flinching. At the signal, they charge, each determined to be victorious. They struggle against each other, muscles bulging, teeth gritted. They stop, step back to do it all over again.
The referee’s whistle has blown. Second down and five.
Jim looked over his shoulder – again. He felt nervous, sweaty, pained in his stomach. Why had he behaved so recklessly? Someone would find out. His career could be over. He had to live with this for forever.
He looked over his shoulder, saw the Harley tattoo, smiled. “Let the congregation talk,” thought Reverend Jim.
In fairness, this story probably should have been labeled Christian fiction, but that would have given away the ending. I apologize for any offense.
Girl Crazy
“You sure?”
“Yes, I’m a doctor.”
“Too early to tell. You hoping for two more girls?”
“Yeah. Emily and Anna are heading off to college in two and three years.”
“I understand,” the vet said as he pulled off his gloves and stepped out of the barn. “You will need the milk money.”
“I do.”
“I will”
“Till death do us part.”
He held her hand, grinned at her. She smiled. Guests at the wedding, they had known poorer, now were comfortable. They had weathered sickness, enjoyed years of health.
“You may kiss your bride.”
He squeezed her hand. Newlyweds. They are still today, twenty some years later.
Preparing this post, I realized I had written nothing about the Kindle. Out came the notebook and the pencil. Here’s a Kindle story that I’m categorizing as chick lit:
Kindle + Me = Forever
I bought a Kindle, named it Jason. I love him. Free books? Cheap books? Games? More love for Jason.
Jason is always with me. I said to Mother, “Evenings and weekends, I’m with Jason.”
She misunderstood. She thinks I’m dating a nice young man. Mom’s happy. There’s no more nagging.
I love Jason even more.
Cheap Reads – Historical mysetries for just 99 cents each
Two John Shakespeare historical thrillers are selling supercheap today. He is The Elizabethan Bond.
The Heretics (99 cents) An exorcism … a siege … a stealthy killer … What else could go wrong?
John Shakespeare—intrepid private detective and brother to a rising young playwright in Elizabethan London—is approached by a condemned Jesuit priest with an unusual proposition: the Father is haunted by the memory of Thomasyn Jade, a teenage girl subjected to brutal exorcism rites a decade past. He wants Shakespeare to track her down and offer reparations for her treatment.
Traitor (99 cents) Under the threat of a second Spanish Armada, John Shakespeare is sent to Lancashire to guard over England’s secret weapon and its inventor, the maverick magician Dr. Dee.
But nothing is so simple when the country is a hotbed of secret loyalties and civil unrest. During his mission, Shakespeare stumbles upon Catholic priests in hiding, a mysterious Bohemian seductress, and—of course—murder.

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Housekeeping: All-New Kindle eReader, Tracking your Credit and Cheap Reads 24 comments

broom.panAll-New Kindle eReader
Exciting week in the world of Kindle – huge credits from the Apple Settlement and Amazon announced an All-New Kindle, 6″ eReader.
The new device is not remarkably different. It’s like most of us would like to be – thinner and lighter. The price is $79.99 with Special Offers; $99.99 without. Choose black or white. Pre-order today for delivery beginning July 7.
Amazon highlights these features:
• All-new design is thinner and lighter than the previous-generation Kindle, and available in your choice of black or white
• Touchscreen display that reads like real paper
• Unlike tablets, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight
• Battery lasts weeks, not hours
• Indulge your love of reading without e-mail alerts or push notifications
• Massive selection, low prices – over four million books including latest bestsellers, Kindle exclusives and more

Track your Kindle Credit
If you haven’t used all of your Apple Settement credit yet, you will want to bookmark this page. Amazon provides a succinct review of your remaining credit.

Available for use starting: June 21, 2016
Total Credit: $317.79
Unused Credit: $317.79
Expiry Date: June 24, 2017

Just below this information are several suggestions on how to use that credit including: Best Books of the Month; Select 25 (Amazon Editor’s Choices); NYTimes Bestseller List; Books to Read in a Lifetime List; sales and new releases. Most of these lists will change over the coming weeks to give you more options for how to use your credit.
Just for E-Books?
About that Apple credit, the e-mail I received from Amazon included this sentence:

We will automatically apply your available credit to your purchase of qualifying items through Amazon, an Amazon device or an Amazon app. [snip] In order to spend your credit, please visit the Kindle bookstore or Amazon.

From these sentences I assumed that the credit could only be used for Kindle books.
However, yesterday I purchased stationery, envelopes and refrigerator filters. When checking out I could choose to have the entire purchase of about $100 paid using my gift card balance which was $6 purchased previously + $317 Apple credit.
I did not want to use my credit to buy mundane items and put the charges on a debit card.
Has anyone used this credit for non-Kindle items? Please let us know.
UPDATE: Charleen left a comment that Amazon rep said credit could be used for anything except subscriptions and gift cards.

Cheap Bundle – Baseball-themed Mysteries
Alison Gordon Two-Book Bundle: The Dead Pull Hitter and Safe at Home (99 cents) Trouble has a way of finding sports journalist Kate Henry. And with her natural curiosity and nose for a good story, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Purchase this two-book bundle of the first two Kate Henry mysteries for only 99 cents today.
The Dead Pull Hitter: For the first time in their history, the Toronto Titans are on a winning streak and headed for the World Series—a dream come true for sports reporter and baseball fan Kate Henry. But when a pair of murders hits the team at its very heart, Kate finds herself in the middle of the investigation.
Safe at Home: As the baseball season heats up, a serial killer stalks young boys on the streets of Toronto. While her boyfriend, Sergeant Andy Munro is at the heart of the investigation, Kate herself is working on the scoop of a lifetime—one that will rock the baseball world to its core. Kate’s world collides violently with Andy’s as the killer suddenly threatens those closest to her. With time running out, can Kate save those she loves the most?

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Housekeeping: Carol has a question, Father’s Day reads and Cheap reads bundle 15 comments

broom.panCarol has a question
Amazon has cut the price on the Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, to just $39.99 through Saturday. You can choose the fun colors of magenta, tangerine and blue or basic black.
This very inexpensive Fire is feature-rich, but please remember it is will be slower than a $300 tablet.
For those of you who have been using this Fire, Carol has a question or two:

This has to do with the $40.00 Fire Tablets? Anyone have one? What do you think? Roughly, in example-terms, how much does the 8G hold? Thought about getting one to use with my piano students so I don’t have to use my tablet with the 4-5 music training apps. I have an HDX, just wondering how it compares to that?

If you have an opinion or advice to offer, please click on the READ MORE button below and leave a comment. Carol and I thank you!
Reads for and/or about Fathers
Sunday we will pause to honor the fathers and father-figures in our lives. These four books are published by faith-based publishers and are selling for $1.99 each today.

Cheap romance bundle
Lose yourself in a great series when you buy this contemporary romance bundle for only 99 cents today. Hours of entertainment.
Footloose Bundle: Feet First\Underfoot (99 cents) Designing footwear is Jenny Prillaman’s life, so getting the plum assignment to create a socialite’s wedding shoes is a dream come true. Dealing with the heiress is another story. So is staying away from her dreamy new boss, a man too hot to deny for long, despite Jenny’s best intentions of keeping her business away from his pleasure.
Making Bellagio, Inc. an international success is executive Marc Waterson’s career ambition. But his life’s desire is to find the right woman and settle down. Too bad Jenny would rather follow in his corporate footsteps than try on the glass slippers of a company wife.
At least Marc’s got one thing going for him— the way to a woman’s heart is through a really great pair of shoes!

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Housekeeping: Cheap Fire in New Colors; Summer Reading for Tweens and Teens and Great Cheap Reads 0 comments

broom.panColorful World
Amazon had a sale recently on the $49.99 Fire Tablet. I bought a red and a blue one as they make great gifts and cost just a few dollars more than a nice card expressing birthday or graduation sentiments.
One of the most obvious hints that Amazon is going to introduce something new is a sale on the product that might be replaced. With the introduction of new colors of magenta and tangerine, the sale made sense. Out with the red, in with magenta and tangerine!
If you want to add a splash of color to your summer, pick up one of these Fire Tablet ($49.99) in a color to match your swimsuit, beach towel, deck chair or the island apparel you might be sporting this summer.
You might even want to purchase this Fire cover . Let summer begin!
Summer Reading for Tweens and Teens
June is the month that publishers of young adult fiction drop prices to entice tweens and teens to take time from their water sports, baseball/softball, hanging out at the mall with their friends, sleeping late and goodness knows what else to read great books. Our jr. site will be featuring great books in the next few weeks. Here are four popular books selling for only $1.99 each:

Great Cheap Mysteries
Enjoy a great novel this weekend when you buy these two murder mysteries for only $1.99 each today.
The Eagle Catcher ($1.99) When the Arapaho tribal chairman is found murdered in his tepee at the Ethete powwow, the evidence points to the chairman’s nephew, Anthony Castle. But Father John O’Malley, pastor of St. Francis Mission, and Vicky Holden, the Arapaho lawyer, do not believe the young man capable of murder. Together they set out to find the real murderer and clear Anthony’s name.
Remains of Innocence ($1.99) An old woman, a hoarder, is dying of emphysema in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Her daughter, Liza Machett, discovers a fortune in hundred dollar bills hidden in the tall stacks of books and magazines. Tracing the money’s origins will take Liza to Sheriff Joanna Brady who is embroiled in a personal mystery of her own. A man she considers a family friend is found dead at the bottom of a hole in a limestone cavern. Are the two disparate cases connected?

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Housekeeping: Amazon search problems; Audio outsells print; Mercy Street review and Cheap Reads 4 comments

broom.panAmazon search problems
Starting around 5:00a.m. Central time today, Amazon has experienced search problems. If something is typed into the search bar, an error message is given. For our site, direct links to books work just fine. But a link I have below to pull in the three dozen books on sale, the error appears.
The search failure appears to be occurring across all Amazon sites around the world. Hopefully things will be righted soon and we can access all the great deals today.
NOTE: As of 8:37a.m. Central time, the issue has been resolved.
Audio outsells print, sort of
MarketWatch, an on-line business site owned by Dow Jones & Co, posted an article earlier this year claiming that audiobooks are outselling print versions. On some books. But not all books. Some authors have experienced sales of their audiobook exceeding the print version by as much as four times.
Jeremy Ohshan, the author of the article offered his thoughts on why audio would be more popular than print. I have an idea, too. With the advent of the ereader, many authors have targeted that market for promoting their work. Audiobook popularity has risen with the immersion reading options of moving from audio-to-ebook-to-audiobook.
Authors can make their books available in print through Amazon’s print-on-demand option, but most give minimal effort in attracting print buyers. What is marketed is what sells and audiobooks and ebookssoon outsell print verions. On some books. But not all books.
Mercy Street – A Review
Last month I read Mercy Street (Just 99 cents), a contemporary tale set in Melbourne, Australia, written by Tess Evans.
Reminiscent of A Man Named Ove ($11.99), the book revolves around George, a lonely, widowed pensioner whose life is saved by Angie, a 19-year-old mother. Feeling indebted to her, George consents to Angie and her 5-year-old daughter Rory staying with him when they hit a rough patch.
George’s life takes on a new purpose when he assumes the roll of Rory’s Poppy, providing security that she has never had in her nomadic short life.
Throughout the story of George and Rory, we learn of George’s life with his wife Pen and the life he imagined they would have.
Ms. Evans’ novel is tender and touching, giving a vivid picture of the life many young children lead. Secondary characters give life to the book – a bossy sister; a sympathetic friend at the pub and neighbors on Mercy Street who support George and Rory.
I enjoyed this emotional story and recommend it for summer reading. I paid $1.99, but you can buy it for only 99 cents today.
Cheap Reference Books
McGraw-Hill has reduced the price of three dozen reference and education books to just $1.99 each. Choose from business, parenting, health and diet, science, psychology and more. Click here to check out all of the McGraw-Hill nonfiction titles selling for $1.99 each. NOTE: Link may not be working!
Four books with high reader reviews are:

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Housekeeping: Ten reasons a Kindle book may be better than a vacation and Cheap Reads 2 comments

broom.panTen reasons a Kindle book may be better than a vacation
1. After the book is loaded, you won’t have departure delays.
2. No personally-intrusive security screenings. Keep your shoes on or not.
3. Packing takes no time at all.
4. Weather will never spoil your plans to read.
5. You don’t have to tip Jeff Bezos for prompt service.
6. Your personal hygiene items don’t have to be in small bottles.
7. You don’t need a coupon to download free books.
8. Posting selfies on Facebook or SnapChat is optional.
9. Hotel staff won’t be interrupting you, wanting to clean the room.
10. Who needs the senior discount or early bird deals when you have Daily Cheap Reads?
Mini-vacation Reading
Take a mini-vacation this weekend and download a book you bought in 2012, but still haven’t read. I’ve chosen My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great ($6.99 Audiobook $3.99) which was purchased January 24, 2012. It’s a fun mystery-romance mash-up set in Salt Lick, Texas – home of big hair, big ranches, and two of the biggest busybodies ever to wield a blow-dryer.
Closing the Kindle

Wholesome Collections
Zonderkidz is selling three bundles for pre-teen girls for only $1.99 each. These inspirational, wholesome books are popular for ages 8-12.
The Boarding School Mysteries Collection ($1.99) In this four-eBook collection of Boarding School Mysteries, brought to you by Faithgirlz, readers meet super-sleuth Jeri McKane and her middle-school classmates at the Landmark School for Girls. Follow Jeri as she uses her head and heart and her trust in God to solve mysteries. Bundle includes: Vanished, Betrayed, Poisoned and Burned.
Finding Her Way: The Lucy Collection ($1.99) Lucy is a feisty, precocious tomboy who questions everything including God. Understandably, especially after an accident killed her mother, blinded her father, and turned her life upside down. Follow Lucy in this four-book Faithgirlz bind-up as she navigates life and learns about the young lady that God wants her to be. This eBook collection includes: Lucy Out of Bounds; Lucy’s Perfect Summer; Lucy Finds Her Way and Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink.
The Sadie Sketchbook Collection ($1.99) In this four-eBook bind-up of the Faithgirlz Sadie’s Sketchbook series by Naomi Kinsman, readers meet twelve-year-old Sadie Douglas. Sadie is a regular girl struggling with everyday things like friendships, moving, family, and faith … and relying on that faith to survive. This eBook collection includes: Shades of Truth, Flickering Hope, Waves of Light and Brilliant Hues.

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