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Housekeeping: Two First Reads, 100 Years of Agatha Christie 0 comments
Prime Members First Reads
As part of Prime Day, Amazon is allowing Prime members to download two books from this month’s First Reads selections.
I usually wait until the second half of the month to choose my books when the titles have plenty of reviews. Hope you find two that interest you.


Agatha Christie, 100 Years
October marks the 100th anniversary of Agatha Christie publishing her first whodunit – The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Just 44 cents).
William Morrow just released a collection of Ms. Christie’s most puzzling winter-themed tales – Midwinter Murder: Fireside Tales from the Queen of Mystery ($11.99). This chilling compendium of short stories—some featuring beloved detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple—is an essential omnibus for Christie fans and the perfect holiday gift for mystery lovers.
A few of Ms. Christie’s short stories are selling for only 20 cents each. You can browse 40 pages of her writings available on Kindle here.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
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Housekeeping: Prime Day to Holiday 8 comments
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
Prime Day Recap
Prime Day 2020 – the day that almost wasn’t – is behind us. Here are a few of my thoughts:
• The Kindle books featured on Prime Day 1 were great selections; Prime Day 2 not so great.
• Audible’s deals during Prime Day were varied and a great price. Glad they joined the event.
• Amazon devices were selling at great prices too. Practically every reader, tablet, Alexa-enabled speaker, Ring security and more was on sale.
• Having the event in October and allowing most items to be returned in January may have spurred holiday shopping.
• Big vendors jumped on board giving coupons for multi-purchases. I bought a couple boxes of Bounce dryer sheets and saved $5.
• Amazon is pushing to be a big force in groceries and had some good deals. My husband snacks on dried cranberries so I grabbed two of these 3-pound bags of Ocean Spray Craisins for only $6.68 each. The price is still good today. For comparison, a 24-oz bag is $5.88.
If you had time to follow the lightning deals and look through the many categories, there were deals. My best deal was the $18 in credits for digital items because I passed on next-day shipping. Time to Kindle book shop!
Please tell us if you found great deals or if it was Prime Bust for you.
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Housekeeping: Sweet Audible Deal 4 comments
Sweet Audible Deal
Please read to the end!
Audible is offering a sweet deal for Prime Day – two years of Audible Premium Plus membership for $99.50/year (saving $50 a year). With this membership, you receive 12 credits immediately, access to the Audible Plus catalog to listen to thousands of titles free, access to members only sales and the daily deals. If you aren’t a member, go here to see the deal.

If you are an Audible member, you can get the deal, too. I started a chat session with a rep to ask about it.
Initial Question: 1::membership:::2::pause_switch_cancel:::
I have been a loyal member of Audible for years. I see there is a deal where new members can get 2 years of Audible membership for $99.50/year for 2 years. May I get that deal too? I would love to get a sweet deal like that!
09:42 AM PDT (Audible): Thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Xxxxx, I can certainly look into this for you.
09:43 AM PDT Xxxxx: Hi, Paula. Thank you very much for being a loyal listener with our service. We really really appreciate you. And thank you so much for showing interest with our new promotion.
09:44 AM PDT Xxxxx: You are correct that we are offering $99.50 which is good for a whole year and what you can get is 12 credits plus the membership benefits.

At this point I sent the link from Audible and the customer support rep checked to see if he could give me the 2-year deal. I also spent a bit of time emphasizing that this is a 2-year deal.
09:56 AM PDT Xxxxx: Sure. I can definitely enrolled (sic) you to that one and your next billing cycle will be on October 2021.
09:57 AM PDT Paula: Wonderful! Thank you for doing this! I will remain loyal to Audible with this special promotion you have extended to me.
09:58 AM PDT Xxxxx: Thank you so much for being a loyal listener. We really appreciate you.

My usual membership renewed in August and with this deal, I now have 24 credits. I’m hoping Audible has a 2-for-1 or 2-for-3 sale soon. Or I just might use them on a few Christmas novels.
A year from now if the renewal isn’t $99.50, I’ll be contacting Audible again and sharing the transcript of the call.
If you want this deal, I hope you are successful!

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Housekeeping: THAT’S customer service 6 comments
Customer service above and beyond
As you know I’ve come to love audiobooks. I listen while working on this site, exercising, preparing meals, commuting and just about every other opportunity I find.
My library is ridiculously large. Probably 10% of the titles are less than three hours and I’ve listened to more than 800 of the other books.
A year and a half ago a discount site began selling great audiobooks at great prices – The site doesn’t require a subscription and they tell you when the deal ends. Some audiobooks are as low as 99 cents. I tend to purchase books priced $3.99 – $5.99 – a significant savings over
I use the Chirp app on my phone and loved it. Well, loved it right up until September 17th. Chirp tech support updated the app that stopped it dead in its tracks. After uninstalling and reloading the app several times, rebooting my phone, doing the install/uninstall dance a few more times, waiting a couple of days, trying again, confirming the right version of Android and more, I was frustrated. I sent an email to Chirp support.
Yesterday a very kind woman named Grace sent an email telling me that this was a known issue and that the app developers were working day and night to resolve it. To apologize for the inconvenience, Grace refunded my last three purchases. She didn’t mean the last three audiobooks I bought, she meant the last three carts of audiobooks. The total credit was $106 for 27 books. THAT’S customer service.
If you haven’t giving Chirp a look-see and you want to buy audiobooks at great prices, click here. I am not an affiliate of Chirpbooks.
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Housekeeping: Prime Day Rumors 2 comments
Prime Day Rumors
According to, Prime Day 2020 is going to happen.

An internal Amazon email seen by The Verge confirms that its Prime Day shopping event will take place October 13th and 14th, and that the company will make an official announcement September 27th.

In a separate internal email, Amazon warehouse workers were told no new vacation requests would be accepted between October 13th and October 20th, which suggests that the company needs all hands on deck for Prime Day.

An Amazon spokesperson said in an email to The Verge that the company has not announced any dates for Prime Day. “Stay tuned for more details on Prime Day,” the spokesperson said, adding that customers can ask Alexa devices to keep them updated about Prime Day.

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Housekeeping: Audible has stirred up a hornet’s nest 2 comments

Audible’s Possible Mistake
Two weeks ago Audible announced a re-structuring of their subscription service to include streaming of many free books. With this change, the two free Audible originals per month ended. This wasn’t a big loss as those short listens are in the new Audible Plus catalog for free.
I looked through the streaming selections and noticed the romance category was weak with few popular authors. I assumed that Audible didn’t add but a few romances because the Audible Escape subscription was available for those who wanted only that genre.
Today I received this notice:

First, we’re saying hello to the new Plus Catalog included with your Audible membership (now called Audible Premium Plus), which gives you access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, originals, and more—no credits needed. All available to stream or download.
And we’re also saying goodbye. Starting November 1, Audible Escape will no longer be available. You can now listen all you want to all kinds of stories with the Plus Catalog.


I searched on the web and Audible Escape customers are livid. Audible customer support has stated that 800 romance titles will be added to Audible Plus. Compare that to Audible Escape with 10,000 titles.
Petitions are being circulated; complaints are being filed and tweets are flying.
I believe Audible will lose customers over this move. Those who love to listen to romance won’t be happy when the options are only little known authors and formulaic novels.

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Housekeeping: Audible Plus 0 comments
New progam from Audible
Audible announced a new listening program with the addition of Audible Plus – a streaming service of books, podcasts and Audible originals. You can download and listen later, too. More than 11,000 titles are in the catalog now and Audible promises to add new titles weekly.
If you aren’t an Audible member, you can sign up for Audible Plus for $7.95 a month. Try it free for 30 days before committing.
If you are an Audible member paying $14.95 a month, the plan is now known as Audible Premium Plus. You will have access to the Audible Plus catalog, a credit each month for a free title and 30% discount on purchases.
The down side of this new service is that free Audible Originals monthly selection for members has been discontinued. Look for those titles in the Audible Plus selection going forward.
The Audible Plus catalog doesn’t have the hottest authors, current bestselling titles or major new releases. However, the catalog is extensive and has many great listens. Take the time to browse through it and find the hidden gems.


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Housekeeping: Subscription box savings 0 comments
Get a box in the mail!
You can score some great deals on the first box in subscription boxes offered through Amazon. You might find your new favorite food and drink obsession through a subscription service. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee or tea, healthy snacking options, or some sweet indulgence, there’s a subscription box for you.
I am amazed at the boxes available – for children, college students, men, women, cats and dogs. You can get murder mystery boxes, socks boxes (men and women’s styles), barbecue boxes, succulent boxes, how-to-be-a-readhead boxes and more.
Please read the reviews as some of these services have not been popular.


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Housekeeping: Health Update 4 comments
Husband Is Doing Great
I mentioned several weeks ago that my husband was having surgery August 7. All went well and he was in the hospital just one overnight. Once again we were blessed with amazing health professionals and praying friends and family.
Tiger hasn’t been doing handsprings and cartwheels but he is ready to get back to normal. Today we are traveling to his surgeon for a follow-up visit. He’s hopeful that restrictions on his activities will be lifted.
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Housekeeping: Eyeglasses 0 comments
When you need eyeglasses
Last winter I visited my optometrist as reading and computer work were causing eyestrain and frustration. I have worn multifocal contacts for decades and love them. Sadly the doctor told me that he is unable to get a pair that would satisfy my needs for distance and close work. Multifocal contacts are limited in how wide the range can be.
I settled for a pair of contacts that work for distance and add a pair of reading glasses for close work. I vowed to never be like my father who had only one pair of reading glasses. We children spent hours looking for his misplaced “cheaters.”
Perhaps extreme, I have three pair of readers in my purse, two pair in the kitchen, a pair on the nightstand, two or three pair at my work desk, two pair on the end table in the den, a pair in the bathroom, a spare pair in the laptop bag and a pair in the car I drive most.
Even with all those I do not have a pair of Echo Frames.
After watching this video I don’t think I want a pair. But then again maybe I could talk myself into giving them a whirl.
I requested an invitation here. I’ll let you know if I’m successful. If you complete the form and are successful, please tell us.
Maybe I should wait until other colors are available.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read the full disclosure here.
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Housekeeping: Personal Note and Audible Podcasts 8 comments
Personal Note
The month of July has been busy but not because life has returned to normal in our part of the Midwest. My husband had a small medical issue that required a three-day stay in a hospital 120 miles from our home. A follow-up surgery will occur August 7 at the same hospital and he will stay a few nights as their guest.
We have been fortunate that I have been able to be with him during the day. That is, if I don’t have a fever or 6-8 other symptoms, wear a mask and leave promptly at 7:00 p.m.


Audible Podcasts
Bloomberg reports that Audible has been meeting with producers and talent agencies to “discuss acquiring potential new podcast projects—or, in the terminology that Audible prefers, ‘Audible Originals.'”
Analysts believe that Audible is seeing the success of shorter content that is fresh, created the same day as it is offered to listeners. Audible wants a part of the market that is dominated by Spotify and Apple.
According to an anonymous source, Audible may change its business model, possibly offering a lower-priced plan giving access to originals but not books. Another idea is to sell original shows individually so membership is not required.
Amazon Music is also adding podcasts to the app soon. The goal is to attract podcast listeners through the use of the Alexa smart speaker.
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Housekeeping: October Prime Day and First Reads 0 comments
Still not ready for Prime Day
Amazon has announced that Amazon Prime Day has been tentatively set for the week of October 5, subject to change as the national health situation changes.
Amazon sited increased demand for essential items during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as keeping their employees safe as reasons for the delay.


Prime Members double dip in July
In July, Prime members get early access to two Kindle books free and only $1.99 each for everyone else. Audiobooks are only $1.99 each when you download the Kindle book.
Choose from:
Trust No One by Debra Webb
Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing by Allison Winn Scotch
Her Final Words by Brianna Labuskes
Across the Winding River by Aimie K. Runyan
The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis
The Son and Heir by Alexander Münninghoff
White Out by Danielle Girard
Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten by Laura Purdie Salas
Tomboyland by Melissa Faliveno
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