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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!: Over 150 Ridiculously Easy Recipes for the Super Busy – $1.99 0 comments

Devin Alexander lives by the motto that “twenty minutes in the kitchen can save you 3 hours on the treadmill!” The chef and author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook has maintained a weight loss of fifty-five pounds for almost twenty years by transforming the decadent dishes that we all crave into fantastic lo-cal indulgences. Now, she shows us how to make those mouthwatering favorites in mere minutes. Because—let’s face it, we want what we want and we want it NOW!
With simple, super easy-to-follow recipes for delectable dishes such as Unbelievable Easy Chicken Parmesan, Carmelized Apple Buuter-Topped Pork Chops, Bacon Cheeseburger, and even a Peppermint Brown “Pizza,” you can now whip up fantastic, slimming meals in the time it would take to go through the drive-thru.
Buy this cookbook for only $1.99 today.
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The Sustainable Vegetable Garden: A Backyard Guide to Healthy Soil and Higher Yields – $1.99 0 comments

From the author of our best-selling and widely beloved HOW TO GROW MORE VEGETABLES comes this “quick and dirty” introduction to biointensive gardening that shows it is not only possible but easy to grow astonishing crops of healthful organic vegetables and fruits, while conserving resources and actually helping the soil. A revolutionary approach to feeding ourselves and nurturing the land, this book includes:
– Step-by-step illustrations and instructions that make these techniques simple for even the novice gardener.
– Everything you need to know about planning crops, composting, harvesting, and more.
– Complete resources for seeds, tools, and other garden supplies.Feed a family of four on the bounty of your backyard, or just get more out of your garden with less effort with this wonderful resource.
Buy this book today for $1.99.
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The 30-Second Body: Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Live Hard. – Buy It. $1.99 0 comments

Ditch the gym membership and say goodbye to weights and machines! Take control of your shape and your weight at home with celebrity fitness trainer Adam Rosante’s three-tiered, simple-to-follow plan:
• Eat Clean: Feed your body right with simple meals designed to help you feel your best inside and out. No weird and wacky “diet” gimmicks; just an easy embrace of healthy whole foods.
• Train Dirty: Using compound movements, progress overload, and high-intensity 30-second interval training, Rosante’s exercises will skyrocket your metabolism, torch fat, and build lean muscle without requiring the use of a single piece of equipment.
• Live Hard: Strengthen the single most important muscle in your body: your mind. You’ll learn how “Lottery Mindset Marketing” has conditioned you to fail in your weight-loss goals—and how to overcome it.
Featuring inspiring testimonials, motivational advice, instructive photos, and a complete workout calendar, The 30-Second Body is a comprehensive one-stop solution, your road map to losing weight fast and taking charge of your life! Buy this book for only $1.99 today.
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The Best Recipes in the World – More than a thousand recipes – $1.99 0 comments

Mark Bittman traveled the world to find and bring back the best recipes of home cooks from 44 countries. This bountiful collection of new, easy, and ultra-flavorful dishes will add exciting new tastes and cosmopolitan flair to your everyday cooking and entertaining.
In more than a thousand recipes, Bittman compellingly demonstrates that there are many places besides Italy and France to which cooks can turn for inspiration.
The Best Recipes in the World is destined to be a classic that will change the way Americans think about everyday food. It’s simply like no other cookbook in the world. Buy it today for $1.99.
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Four quick picks: Health and science books – $1.99 each 0 comments

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American Heart Association Quick & Easy Cookbook – More Than 200 Healthy Recipes You Can Make in Minutes – $1.99 0 comments

Convenience and eating healthfully can go hand in hand, and with the American Heart Association Quick & Easy Cookbook, 2nd Edition, you can spend less time in the kitchen and still achieve great results at the table.
This revised and expanded edition of the classic cookbook includes more than 200 speedy dishes, of which 60 are brand new. Prep and cooking times are provided for all recipes, so you’ll know how much time you’ll need in the kitchen. And rest assured, no dish takes longer than 20 minutes to prepare, and many recipes can be made in 30 minutes from start to finish.
With this new edition of one of the American Heart Association’s first and most popular cookbooks, you’ll have a resource right at your fingertips for making your own quick and easy meals that will offer you fast, healthy food. Buy it today for only $1.99.
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Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life by Mally Roncal – $1.99 0 comments

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal has a message she wants to share with the whole world: What makes you different makes you beautiful! It’s the mantra that inspires her work with A-list clients and every single “bulletproof” item in her Mally Beauty cosmetics line. With her warm, generous spirit, infectious energy, and deeply rooted belief that with a positive outlook and a couple of genius makeup tricks every woman can be gorgois inside and out, Mally has created a legion of fans, a.k.a. Mallynistas, who faithfully tune in whenever she appears on QVC and follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
In Love, Lashes, and Lipstick, Mally tells her own story of growing up as the daughter of two Filipino doctors; smuggling blue eyeliner into her Catholic school; breaking into the business.
Buy this book today for only $1.99.
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Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions – $1.99 0 comments

They love nothing better than sipping free-trade gourmet coffee, leafing through the Sunday New York Times, and listening to David Sedaris on NPR (ideally all at the same time). Apple products, indie music, food co-ops, and vintage T-shirts make them weak in the knees.
They believe they’re unique, yet somehow they’re all exactly the same.
You know who they are: They’re white people. And they’re here, and you’re gonna have to deal. Fortunately, here’s a book that investigates, explains, and offers advice for finding social success with the Caucasian persuasion. So kick back on your IKEA couch and lose yourself in the ultimate guide to the unbearable whiteness of being.
Buy this book for only $1.99 today.
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More than 200 travel guides by Rough Guides – $2.99 each – Today’s B&N price match 0 comments

Need help planning your next getaway…or some inspiration? Today’s B&N price match is perfect for you—save on over 200 eBook travel guides! From the lush rainforests and thundering waterfalls of Brazil to the glaciers and hot springs of Iceland—no matter where you go, make the most of your time with this collection of Rough Guides, just $2.99 each!
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Four quick picks: Cookbooks for just $1.99 each 0 comments

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