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Quick picks: Two historical inspirational romance collections – Just 99 cents each 0 comments

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All’s Fair Complete Collection – Fair Game\Fair Play\Fair Chance – Romantic suspense – Just $1.99 0 comments

All three full-length novels in Josh Lanyon’s All’s Fair series, available now in this complete collection.
The novels in the romantic suspense series are:
Fair Game
Fair Play
Fair Chance
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Amish Fiction – The Abram’s Daughters Collection – Five Novels in One – Just $3.82 0 comments

This bestselling series from Amish fiction legend Beverly Lewis spans three generations, chronicling the sorrows, joys, faith, and relationships of the Ebersol family.
Collects the five novels of Beverly Lewis’ New York Times bestselling Abram’s Daughters series into one volume!
1 The Covenant
2 The Betrayal
3 The Sacrifice
4 The Prodigal
5 The Revelation
Buy this Amish fiction bundle for only $3.82.
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Katharine of Aragon – The Story of a Spanish Princess and an English Queen – Historical fiction bundle – $1.99 0 comments

All three of Jean Plaidy’s Katharine of Aragon novels in one volume. Add this set to your Kindle library for only $1.99 today.
Legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy begins her tales of Henry VIII’s queens with the story of his first wife, the Spanish princess Katharine of Aragon.
As a teenager, Katharine leaves her beloved Spain, land of olive groves and soaring cathedrals, for the drab, rainy island of England. There she is married to the king’s eldest son, Arthur, a sickly boy who dies six months after the wedding. Katharine is left a widow who was never truly a wife, lonely in a strange land, with a very bleak future. Her only hope of escape is to marry the king’s second son, Prince Henry, now heir to the throne. Tall, athletic, handsome, a lover of poetry and music, Henry is all that Katharine could want in a husband. But their first son dies and, after many more pregnancies, only one child survives, a daughter. Disappointed by his lack of an heir, Henry’s eye wanders, and he becomes enamored of another woman—a country nobleman’s daughter named Anne Boleyn. When Henry begins searching for ways to put aside his loyal first wife, Katharine must fight to remain Queen of England and to keep the husband she once loved so dearly.
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The Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Collection – 3-book inspirational suspense bundle – $4.99 0 comments

Shelley Shepard Gray’s Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Series is now available as an e-collection! Buy the bundle today for only $4.99.
Secrets of Sloane House: Against the backdrop of the 1893 World’s Fair, a young woman finds employment with an illustrious Chicago family—a family who may guard the secret of her sister’s disappearance.
Deception on Sable Hill: The World’s Fair has introduced many new ideas to Chicago society—but can two individuals from very different backgrounds find love together?
Whispers in the Reading Room: Lydia’s job at the library is her world—until a mysterious patron catches her eye . . . and perhaps her heart.
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The Cowboy Collection – Three 2-in-1 romances- $4.99 0 comments

Harlequin has a Western romance for every mood! Whether you’re feeling a little suspenseful or need a heartwarming pick-me-up, you will find a delectable cowboy who will sweep you off your feet.
The Cowboy Collection bundle includes the following 2-in-1 titles:
Buy this six-romance bundle for only $4.99 today.
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Jerusalem’s Undead Supernatural 3-in-1 Bundle – Inspirational fiction – $1.99 0 comments

Discover the Jerusalem’s Undead trilogy in this 3-in-1 eBook bundle from author Eric Wilson. Buy it today for only $1.99.
The suicide of Judas Iscariot in AD 30 left his blood seeping into the soil of the Field of Blood, in Aramaic the Akeldama. This tainted blood caused a counterfeit resurrection of the dead—the Collectors, who seek to corrupt and destroy. When Jesus was resurrected, ancient scripture says many rose from the grave. Today, 36 from this group of undead remain—the Nistarim, who are here to watch over the world and protect against the Collectors.
Read reviews of the books in the bundle here, here and here.
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Inspirational romance bundle – The Shores of Moses Lake Collection – Just $3.03 for four novels 0 comments

In these contemporary romances from Lisa Wingate, four women find love, hope, and unexpected adventures on the shores of Moses Lake, Texas.
Includes four novels in one volume:
1 Larkspur Cove
2 Blue Moon Bay
3 Firefly Island
4 Wildwood Creek
Buy this bundle for only $3.03 today.
Click here to purchase The Shores of Moses Lake Collection

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