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The Knights Templar Collection – Bundle of three murder mysteries – $ 2.99 0 comments

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR COLLECTION brings together three engrossing novels in the widely acclaimed and much loved Knights Templar series. Escape into the evocative medieval world of Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock, as you join them on the suspenseful trail of three murder mysteries. Buy the bundle for $2.99 today.
THE MAD MONK OF GIDLEIGH: As the winter of 1323 descends on Dartmoor, who could blame the young priest, Father Mark, for seeking affection from the miller’s daughter, Mary? But when Mary and her unborn child are found dead, Mark is the obvious suspect.
THE TEMPLAR’S PENANCE: It is the summer of 1323, and Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock have been granted leave to go on pilgrimage. When a beautiful girl is found murdered on a hillside en route to Santiago de Compostela, the friends are among the first on the scene.
THE OUTLAWS OF ENNOR: On return from pilgrimage, Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock’s ship is attacked by pirates, and Simon sees Baldwin washed overboard. On the island of Ennor, Simon must investigate the murder of the island’s hated tax collector.
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Twelve quick picks: Bob Skinner mysteries by Quentin Jardine – Just 99 cents each 0 comments

Twelve Bob Skinner Scottish crime mysteries by Quentin Jardine are selling for only 99 cents each today.
I recommend that you buy The Bob Skinner Collection – a bundle for the first three books priced at only 99p.
Fill your Kindle with great crime whodunits for late summer reading.
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Harlequin KISS June 2014 Bundle – Four contemporary romances – Just $1.99 0 comments

Experience the true art of flirtation that Harlequin KISS brings with four original stories in one, fun and sexy bundle!
Titles include Don’t Tell the Wedding Planner by Aimee Carson, The Best Man for the Job by Lucy King, Falling for Her Rival by Jackie Braun and More than a Fling? by Joss Wood.
Buy this bundle of four contemporary romances for $1.99 today.
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Jeopardy: A Game of Chance\Loving Evangeline – Romantic suspense by Linda Howard – $2.99 0 comments

Two fan-favorite tales of romance and suspense from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard in this bundle, selling today for only $2.99.
A Game of Chance: On the trail of a vicious criminal, agent Chance Mackenzie finds the perfect bait for his trap: the target’s daughter, Sunny Miller. Chance makes himself the only man she can trust, and then arranges for her elusive father to find out about them. But Chance doesn’t know that Sunny has her own reasons for hiding from her father. His deception puts them in danger of losing everything—including their hearts.
Loving Evangeline: There’s no doubt that the woman calling herself Evie Shaw is the key to the high-tech conspiracy that’s threatening Robert Cannon’s computer company—and he means to take her down personally. But trailing her into the heart of a long, hot Southern summer, he finds himself questioning everything he thought he knew. Can she really be innocent? Or are Robert’s feelings clouding his judgment when it comes to the woman who has to be guilty as sin?
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Take A Risk Bundle – Contemporary romance novellas – Just $1.99 0 comments

The Take a Risk bundle by USA Today bestselling author Robin Bielman includes three of her popular Take a Risk novellas plus an additional, never-before-published novella, One Night of Risk. Buy this bundle for $1.99 today.
Worth the Risk: Samantha Bennett put Dean Malloy out of her mind five years ago. But now he’s back in her life, and ready to steal a heritage protection contract that could make or break her career.
Risky Surrender: When Keats McCall catches Lucy Davenport at his latest project, he suspects she’s up to no good. He devises a plan to keep her close so he can watch her.
His Million Dollar Risk: Charlize Beckett is in deeeep trouble. This is her one chance to prove to her publisher dad that she’s a serious reporter, even if she has to pretend she’s someone else.
One Night of Risk: With her mom sick, good girl Malia Davis has returned to Kauai in order do something bad-retrieve a piece of crystal believed to have healing properties.
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Double Knit Murders – Knitting Mysteries, Nos. 1 & 2 – $1.99 for both cozies 0 comments

The first two books in the national bestselling Knitting mysteries- Knit One, Kill Two and Needled to Death. Buy this bundle of cozy reads for only $1.99 today.
In Knit One, Kill Two, Kelly Flynn returns to Colorado for her aunt’s funeral only to suspect that the woman’s death was not an accident. With the help of the knitting regulars at House of Lambspun, Kelly’s about to get a few lessons in creating a sumptuously colored scarf-and in luring a killer out of hiding.
In Needled to Death, Kelly visits her friend Vickie’s alpaca farm, and finds her splayed out on her original hand-woven rug, blood seeping into the design. Kelly can’t resist investigating-even if it means taking a break from the sweater she’s been knitting in the round.
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Capitol K-9 Unit Series Books 1-3: Protection Detail\Duty Bound Guardian\Trail of Evidence – $3.99 0 comments

Enjoy these three spine-tingling inspirational romantic suspense novels in one box set! Buy the bundle today for $3.99.
After a senator’s son is murdered, a Capitol K-9 Unit captain discovers a child may be a witness. But if he wants the child’s foster mother to cooperate, he and his loyal dog will have to protect her family.
A priceless artifact is stolen from a museum, and the museum’s curator is the prime suspect. But when the real thief returns set on silencing her, can a K-9 officer and his Doberman pinscher save her life—and clear her name?
When dangerous thugs come after his terrified teenager, a single father must trust the K-9 officer he once loved and her highly trained golden retriever to keep his son safe.
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The Ultimate Guide to the Names of God: Three Bestsellers in One Volume – $1.99 0 comments

Through learning God’s names, we can discover what He wants for us, how He provides for us, and learn new, deeper ways to approach Him in prayer. With this collection of bestselling books, Elmer Towns introduces you to the numerous names of God in the Bible.
Book one of this collection, My Father’s Name, shows you what the Old Testament names of God mean and how knowing these names can bring you closer to your Heavenly Father.
Book two, The Names of the Holy Spirit, explores the more than 80 names of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, and shares how each name reveals an essential truth about the Third Person of the Trinity.
Book three, The Names of Jesus, reveals the many names of Jesus in the Bible and how these can help you know Him more fully–as your Lord, Friend, Provider, Intercessor, coming King, and much more.
Buy this inspirational bundle today for only $1.99.
Click here to purchase The Ultimate Guide to the Names of God

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Jennifer Crusie Bundle – Four fun chick lit novels – Just $2.99 0 comments

“Wonderful, fresh, funny, tender, outrageous…” says Booklist of Jennifer Crusie, whose wry, witty romantic comedies have made her a New York Times bestseller. This bundle includes four ferociously funny, sexy romances, Getting Rid of Bradley, Strange Bedpersons, What the Lady Wants and Charlie All Night.
Buy the bundle today for only $2.99.
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Inspirational suspense: Peretti 2 in 1: Monster and The Visitation – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Monster & The Visitation are authored by Frank Peretti and bundled into a 2-in-1 collection. Buy these two inspirational suspense novels today for only 99 cents.
The Visitation: The sleepy, eastern Washington wheat town of Antioch has become a gateway for the supernatural—from sightings of angels and a weeping crucifix to a self-proclaimed prophet with an astounding message.
The Monster: Some monsters are real. Miles away from the hectic city, Reed and Rebecca hike into the beautiful Northwester woods. They are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and hundreds of acres of unspoiled wilderness. During their first night camping, an unearthly wail pierces the calm of the forest. Then something emerges from the dense woods.
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