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The Hometown Texas Girl Trilogy: A Three-Novel Collection of a Girl Coming of Age in the 1960s – $1.99 0 comments

Growing up in the West Texas Panhandle during the turbulent 1960s is challenging and wonderful at the same time for Jemmabeth Forrester. She has always been a good girl, but she is not afraid to learn from a truckload of mistakes. So she makes a few while waiting for Spencer Chase to come home from Vietnam and propose. Jemma will hear advice from many of Chillaton’s colorful citizens, but in the end, she’ll have to work out her own faith and choose her own path.
Readers will enjoy Jemma’s three-part story packed into a beautiful value-priced volume. Buy this bundle for today for $3.99.
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The Raintree Box Set – Paranormal romance bundle – $3.99 0 comments

Two hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated them, the Ansara wizards are rising up again to take on their bitterest foes. Buy this paranormal romance bundle for only $3.99 today.
Inferno: As king, it’s up to Dante Raintree to protect his clan, but when Lorna Clay walks into his life, suddenly fire, always his to control, defeats him, leaving him wondering whether Lorna is to blame. Will Dante’s strength be enough to win the fight of his life?
Haunted: Homicide detective Gideon Raintree must draw upon the gifts he’s kept hidden to stop a relentless serial killer unleashed by dark Ansara wizards. Now he and his alluring new partner, Hope Mallory, are in a race against time to save their love and their family.
Sanctuary: Mercy Raintree must assume her position as guardian of the sacred Raintree home, but doing so threatens to expose her most closely guarded secret…and pits her against Dranir Judah Ansara, who is personally determined to kill her. Will Mercy’s closely guarded secret change not only the outcome of the battle…but also Judah’s own bitter heart?
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The Accursed Kings Series Books 1-3: The Iron King, The Strangled Queen, The Poisoned Crown – Epic historical fiction series -$3.99 0 comments

The Iron King – Philip the Fair – is as cold and silent, as handsome and unblinking as a statue. He governs his realm with an iron hand, but he cannot rule his own family: his sons are weak and their wives adulterous; while his red-blooded daughter Isabella is unhappily married to an English king who prefers the company of men.
A web of scandal, murder and intrigue is weaving itself around the Iron King; but his downfall will come from an unexpected quarter. Bent on the persecution of the rich and powerful Knights Templar, Philip sentences Grand Master Jacques Molay to be burned at the stake, thus drawing down upon himself a curse that will destroy his entire dynasty…
This bundle collects the first three novels of The Accursed Kings: The Iron King, The Strangled Queen and The Poisoned Crown. Buy the trilogy for $3.99 today.
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The Last Chance Collection by Hope Ramsay – Contemporary women’s fiction – $3.99 when pre-ordered 0 comments

In this special four-book collection from bestselling author Hope Ramsay, travel to Last Chance, South Carolina, where love is just around the corner. . .Pre-order it today for $3.99 and receive it on your Kindle on May 19.
Dear Reader,
I’ve owned the Cut ‘n’ Curl beauty shop for years, and I’ve seen folks come for a visit, then stay for a lifetime. Yes, our town is way off the beaten path, but wonderful miracles happen a lot around here-and they’ve happened to all four of my children!
In Welcome to Last Chance, you’ll meet my son Clay who, ever since he left his country western band, has been playing everything too safe. But when he meets a pretty firecracker of a girl who’s new in town, well, he and Jane soon realize they’re singing the same tune.
My stock-car-driver son, Tulane, comes back to town in Home at Last Chance. And he’s brought a young lady by the name of Sarah. She’s just the sweetest girl you could meet-but mark my words, Sarah is tired of being a good girl.
Growing up, my beautiful daughter, Rocky, wasn’t much interested in the local boys, but who’d have thought she’d come home with English royalty? In Last Chance Beauty Queen, we meet Hugh, who’s classy and handsome-but what do we know about him, really?
And at long last, my prayers might just be answered for my oldest boy, Stone! He’s a widower who raises his daughters by himself but, in Last Chance Christmas, he meets a lovely girl named Lark.
Listen to me, going on and keeping customers waiting. I best get back to work, but next time you’re in Last Chance, be sure to swing by. We’ve got hot rollers, free coffee, and the best gossip in town.
See you real soon, Ruby Rhodes
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Two Wedding Veil Wishes Bundles – Contemporary romance – 2-book bundles for $2.99 each 0 comments

Legend claims this antique Irish wedding veil can grant your heart’s deepest desire. But be careful what you wish for…
Kiss the Bride: There Goes the Bride/Once Smitten Twice Shy ($2.99) There Goes the Bride: The moment Texas socialite Delaney Cartwright touches the veil, she envisions a stranger’s dark eyes and sexy lips. But she can’t disappoint her family and call off her nuptials to her nice, predictable childhood friend.
Once Smitten, Twice Shy: Tish Gallagher is a wedding videographer whose business is about to go bust. Then she makes a wish on the lucky wedding veil . . . and sees the man she never stopped loving: her ex-husband, secret service agent Shane Tremont.
Happily Ever After: Addicted to Love/All of Me ($2.99) Addicted to Love: Growing up in Valentine, Texas, can make anyone believe in happily ever after? Anyone except Rachael Henderson. After having not one but two grooms ditch her at the altar, Rachael commits an uncharacteristic act of rebellion-and gets arrested by sexy Sheriff Brody Carlton, her childhood crush.
All of Me: When a searing betrayal leaves Jillian Samuels heartbroken and wishing for a fresh start, her newly inherited cottage in Salvation, Colorado, seems like the perfect place to find it. It has a fireplace, a mountain view-and the most gorgeous and infuriating man she’s ever met already living inside!

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Damaged, A Baby’s Cry and The Night the Angels Came 3-in-1 Collection – Just $3.99 0 comments

Bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass’ three inspirational memoirs, Damaged, A Baby’s Cry and The Night the Angels Came, now available for the first time in a single volume. Buy it today for $3.99.
Damaged is the heartbreaking bestselling true story of Jodie. Only eight years old, she is violent, aggressive, and has already been through numerous foster families. Her last hope is Cathy Glass…
What could cause a mother to believe that giving away her newborn baby is her only option? Cathy Glass is about to find out. A Baby’s Cry is a harrowing and moving memoir about tiny Harrison, left in Cathy’s care, and the potentially fatal family secret of his beginnings.
When Cathy receives a call about a terminally ill widower terrified of leaving his son all alone in the world in The Night the Angels Came, she is wracked with sadness and indecision. Can she risk exposing her own young children to a little boy on the brink of bereavement?
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Diva Detectives: Boxed Set of 3 Full Length Mystery Novels – Only 99 cents 0 comments

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gemma Halliday, and international mystery bestsellers Jennifer Fischetto, Stephanie Caffrey, and Traci Andrighetti comes a box set of three cozy mysteries featuring fabulous female private investigators. These diva detectives always get their man…and catch the killer too!
Included in this box set our 3 full-length mystery novels, including:
Unbreakable Bond (Jamie Bond Mysteries book #1) by Gemma Halliday & Jennifer Fischetto
Diva Las Vegas (Raven McShane book #1) by Stephanie Caffrey
Limoncello Yellow (Franki Amato Mysteries book #1) by Traci Andrighetti
Buy this bundle for only 99 cents today.
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Star Wars: Trilogy – 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition – $7.59 0 comments

Twenty-five years after the phenomenon was born, Star Wars remains one of the greatest fantasy sagas ever told. Here is the original, complete Star Wars trilogy, featuring the novels of all three classic films, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Read these stories and rediscover the wonder of the epic that begins:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . . .Luke Skywalker lived and worked on his uncle’s farm on the remote planet of Tatooine. But he yearned for adventures out among the stars — exotic travels that would take him beyond the farthest reaches of the universe to distant, alien worlds. But when Luke intercepted a cryptic message from a beautiful, captive Princess, he would be catapulted into the adventure of a lifetime.
Luke Skywalker, the proud Princess Leia, and headstrong Han Solo . . . merciless Darth Vader, wise Obi-Wan Kenobi, loyal droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, and the inscrutable Yoda . . . Chewbacca the Wookiee, shifty Lando Calrissian, and the vile Jabba the Hutt — all the vivid characters from the Star Wars universe spring to life in these thrilling pages.
The Star Wars Trilogy is a must-read for anyone who wants to relive the excitement, the magic, and the sheer entertainment of this legendary saga — now and forever. eatures a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!
Buy all this for $7.59 today.
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Love Blooms on Main Street – Ten romances for only 99 cents 3 comments

Every flower tells a story. Just as the first fragrant blooms of spring stir the senses, Love Blooms on Main Street is sure to touch your heart. Ranging from sweet to spicy, these stand-alone contemporary romances are inspired by the symbolism of flowers, with each story representing a different flower. Buy the bundle for only 99 cents today.
Small Town Hot Shot Bride by Stephanie Queen: Tammy is a hot shot in a small town, but she’s tired of getting left behind by guys just passing through.
Forever Your Valentine by Susan R. Hughes: Attraction crackles between Faith and Cole when they meet, but since Cole’s career takes him on the road most of the year, Faith resolves to keep their relationship platonic.
Perfect Match by Carol DeVaney: Sometimes love needs a little push. Can two lonely hearts re-kindle their abandoned passion the second time around?
Naomi’s Heart by Pepper Phillips: Delighted that Ben is back in Boggy Bayou, Naomi teams up with him to enter the Egg Knocking contest.
Heather of His Heart by Leigh Morgan: Heather has given up on the idea of finding romantic love. Billy never had the idea in the first place.
Also includes: Mother’s Day Babies by Mona Risk; To Have & To Hold by E. Ayers; Call Me Yours by Kelly Rae; Love at the Apple Blossom Inn by Kristy Tate and Old Enough to Know Better by Joan Reeves.
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Coming Home: Contemporary Christian Romance Boxed Set – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Three Contemporary Christian Romance Novels filled with love, faith, struggle and hope in a limited time collection! Buy today for only 99 cents.
The Coming Home Collection brings together the inspirational novels of three of today’s bestselling contemporary Christian romance authors. In these pages you will find stories that tug at heartstrings, characters that struggle for God and with God, and life lessons you will never forget!
Clean, sweet, intriguing, and inspiring, these three romances will show you how God’s love can lead to healing and renewed hope even in the midst of heartache, pain, and despair. We believe you will come away from each romance inspired and encouraged on your own walk with God.
The Coming Home Collection includes the following contemporary Christian romance novels:
Déjà vu Bride by Debra Ullrick: Olivia Roseman is done with love and with God. Can handsome, charming Erik Cole change her mind about both?
Deep in the Heart by Staci Stallings: Keith Ayers is living his life trying to make everyone else happy. When God-fearing Maggie Montgomery shows up, will Keith defy the two most powerful men in Texas to follow his heart?
Cowgirls Don’t Cry by Debra Lynn Collins: Sami Lawson believes love is just a cruel deception, but can a handsome stranger prove her wrong?
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