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An honest review of inspirational romance Hope’s Highest Mountain 8 comments

Hope’s Highest Mountain, Less the Hope
I love inspirational fiction. I listen to around 100 audiobooks and read 30 or so titles most years. I’ve enjoyed great novels and stayed with not-that-great novels.
Hope’s Highest Mountain ($1.59 Kindle version) was a torturous listen. When it finally ended, I emailed my sister this synopsis of the book.
Warning: Spoilers and no hope ahead.
• Hero in story lost his wife and daughter to small pox and is living as a recluse in the mountains of Montana.
• Heroine in story, her father (a doctor) and a loving maid leave their fancy home in Boston to deliver small pox vaccines to a remote fort in Montana.
• A driver/guide takes heroine, doctor, maid into the snowy mountains where the wagon slides backward and crashes.
• Doctor, maid and driver/guide perish.
• Heroine breaks thigh bone.
• Heroine is found by hero, a trained doctor.
• Heroine insists they deliver vaccines.
• After days of hero pulling broken-thigh heroine over the mountains, they come upon the cabin home of couple with grade-school age son.
• Man has an infection with high fever and soon dies.
• Hero, heroine, woman and boy continue toward village.
• Boy breaks arm playing on rocks.
• Woman who lost husband develops chicken pox.
• Hero leaves heroine, woman and boy to fend for themselves as he goes to village.
• Hero becomes disoriented in blizzard – nearly freezes before found by village men.
• Hero and village men return to rescue women, boy.
• While hero is away, boy falls down ravine and heroine falls in trying to rescue him.
Other than all this, the book was uplifting.

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