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Book review: More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer: Inspirational marriage of convenience tale 0 comments
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If you have read Karen Witemeyer’s Archer Brothers series, be warned: the novels in the Patchwork Family series are not witty historical romances. The characters in this series were brought together through tragedy while they are still children. With only each other for support, life is a struggle. More than Meets the Eye ($8.26) is the story of Evie, the only girl in the made-up family.
More Than Words Can Say ($1.59) is the story of Zach Harrison, who was 13 when he became the ragtag group’s leader. Now he’s 30 years old, has raised the other two to adulthood and marriage and values his freedom as a bachelor.
Abigail Kemp is set to lose the family bakery and jeopardize her younger sister’s welfare when the town council votes against her. With a deadline looming and encouraged by her sister, Abby proposes marriage to Zach, otherwise known as Bachelor #1. The two need each other even if Zach doesn’t realize it.
The tale is complete with damsels who need a hero, hurts that need to heal and well-meaning older women of the church who need to help things along (Don’t they always?). Even without Witemeyer’s familiar humor, this inspirational romance is still a very good read.
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