If you’re wondering who we are, rest assured that you’re not the first one to wonder about us.

We are just a couple of cheap chicks – wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. We are just a couple of ladies who love expensive things when the price is reduced to 80% or less of original price. Our grandmothers called it being frugal or thrifty. For a period of time, that fine art of stretching the dollar was lost by most, but today, it’s the new cool.

Since you’re here at DailyCheapReads, you’re part of the new cool, too.

Every day, we list cheap reads available for your Kindle e-reader through Amazon. Almost all of the books we feature will not be priced over $5. At least once a day we post a SuperCheap read for less than $2. We also post a limited number of FREE books as soon as they become available. The only thing better than cheap is free.

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About Pricing

Working with Amazon to connect readers with bargains has been a rewarding experience for us. We don’t get to pick which books are on sale, but we ferret out the cheap reads in all types of genres – mystery, romance, history, how-to, business, young adult, you name it. We’ve done the hard work so you can start reading as soon as possible.

If you follow Kindle pricing very much, you know that the New York Stock exchange moves less often than some book prices. At the time of our post, the price on the post is the price Amazon is offering. If the price is right for you, we encourage you to grab it soon because it could go up without notice. Most books offered for free are usually only available for a limited time. Be sure to double check the price before one click buying!

Occasionally, an e-book will drop even lower than the price we list on our post. We don’t know what to call that buzz you get when you realize that something you want to buy is even cheaper than advertised, but calling it a cheap thrill seems crass. If you have a suggestion for that momentary feeling of euphoria when you realize you just saved $.15 or more, let us know. We might be able to use it on the site and we’ll give you credit.


We haven’t read 99.99% of the books that we will be putting on this website, so we can’t pass along our opinion on the read. We do take our own advice and buy lots of cheap books for our e-readers and post reviews of those we’ve read or recommend.

If you have anything you would like to tell us, please use the form via the Your Two Cents Worth tab. We love hearing from you and knowing what you think of DailyCheapReads.  We love to hear good things and we take seriously your suggestions for improvements and postings.

We love cheap and if we can find a book being offered in the Kindle store cheaper than a Jefferson (He’s the President on the $2 bill), we will post one of those daily. Look for those under the SuperCheap tab.

You won’t find certain books on our website. If there’s a warning about violence, language, sexual content, or anything of that nature, the price doesn’t matter. We choose not to put those books on our website.

We will note a limited number of independent authors and publishers. Our main emphasis will be mainstream publishers deeply discounted books. We do not post free books by indie authors.

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